Colourpuncture for Spring Cleanse

Colourpuncture light therapy is a bright new choice for traditional Spring Cleanse to restore vitality and make a fresh start after a long spell of Winter. Colourpuncture will help you to support your Liver/Gall Bladder system addressing many facets on physical, emotional and informational energy levels: current personal (body-mind detox), developmental personal, ancestral.

Colourpuncture light therapy offers you a very comprehensive cleanse as it will help you to cleanse deeper, faster and deal with possible emotional upsurges gently and with positive side-effects: you will have a chance to use new insights to broaden your horizons and craft a new take for the whole year ahead.


Preparation for spring cleanse

    • De-clutter, clean and reorganize your house, donating anything that you no longer use, love or wear
    • Get active outside; as the liver controls the tendons in the body so stretch often during your spring cleanse
    • Start going to bed early and give some rest to your Liver/Gall Bladder system during their natural  ‘rest time’, 11 pm – 3 am
    • Start eating lighter foodssmaller meals, more often; add more seasonal green leafy vegetables to cleanse your body
    • Set your goals (write them down!) and take time to reflect on why you are doing the cleanse (for example, you want to have more energy). Leave a room for gifts and surprises – our bodies have innate wisdom of ‘knowing better’ what is good for us, and when
Your Spring Cleanse options:
  • Acupressure: acupuncture points LV 3 (Liver 3) and LV 14 – Liver 14 . If you are new to Acupressure, start with one pair of points, for example LV 14, notice the effect, and then add another pair.
  • Crystalpuncture: crystal Liver/Gall Bladder Function circle’s points and/or the points LV 3 (Liver 3) and LV 14 – Liver 14 after Acupressure with Esogetic Crystal tattoos for deeper and longer lasting effect.


Colourpuncture light therapy:

  • Liver/Gall Bladder Function Circle therapies with spectral, soul-spirit and grey colourpuncture. Seed layer of Liver/Gall Bladder Function Circle will help you to tap into a deeper level of your personal informational energy of Liver/Gall Bladder system.
  • Acupuncture points LV 3 (Liver 3) and LV 14 (Liver 14)  in colour light according to Colourpuncture protocols by Peter Mandel
  • Liver OGT of Colourpuncture is a great little treatment which can be done daily to support your Liver cleanse. By the very nature of the OGT of Colourpuncture you might encounter important insights into your ancestral informational energy of Liver/Gall Bladder health and related emotions.
  • General Esogetic detoxification and elimination therapies will help to process your Liver/Gall Bladder therapies and further your spring cleanse
  • Enhance your spring cleanse even further with Esogetic Crystal therapy and Dream therapy


Emotional cleanse

Liver/Gall Bladder system relates to our emotions. Emotions, feelings or related memories, that have been buried might resurface when cleansing the Liver. Cleanse works in a similar way as you do going though the old stuff in your house or wardrobe during your spring clean. Emotions attached to your memories might – but not always will – rise up before they leave your body-mind. Welcome the process! Acknowledge your emotions or memories if they resurface, keep cleansing with Colourpuncture light therapy and observe yourself letting go of what is no longer serving you, with gratitude and grace. You will finish your cleanse finding your inner world – memories included, minus any old drama attached to them – nicely cleansed and ‘organized’.


Optimum time for a spring cleanse

Traditionally,  6 weeks is a general time for any bodily change to take place. However, even a shorter version – a week or week-end – will still bring some results. Start small, and simple, especially if this is your first time. Repeated year after year, spring cleanse will become an enjoyable and deep process, until in becomes a second nature.


Simple spring cleanse plan:

  • weekly: Colourpuncture with or without Acupuncture, aimed at balancing and strengthening your Liver/Gall Bladder System and general detoxification and elimination;  Crystalpuncture
  • daily: Acupressure (with a point locator pen) or AcuElectrotherapy (with PainGone) of Liver/Gall Bladder related points such as LV 3 (Liver 3) and LV 14 – Liver 14 followed by Colourpuncture, Dream therapy with Esogetic Oil, Crystal therapy with Element crystals, Liver/Gall Bladder-friendly nutrition and exercise (such as walking or gardening) outside

Consider joining like-minded people on our spring workshops in Esogetic Crystal therapy and Dream therapy on the 20-21st of April to learn numerous therapies and treatments on Polarity and Elements.


What to expect after your Spring Cleanse

Fresh energy. Vitality.  Inner balance. Courage. Insights. Motivation. 

Clear focus. Bold decisions. Smarter plans.  

Bigger dreams!


Please consult your local Acupuncturist or Doctor if you have any medical condition before starting on spring cleanse. It is ideal to do colon detox before starting on Liver/Gall Bladder cleanse.

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