Crystal therapy by Peter Mandel can help you to have a sparkling summer! A balanced Fire element – ruling Summer – will bring you joy, ease of communication, and balance of giving and receiving in relationships.

Summer is a great time to use Love disc and Polarity or Element crystals, especially on Joy zones.

Esogetic polarity crystals and Fire element
Re-light your fire with Gold and Silver polarity crystals

Love: Love disc 2-10 min in each main position (see manual for Love set) every day. Love Oil used in an oil burner will enhance the beneficial effects of Disc of the heart.

Joy:  Gold on the right and Silver on the right Joy zones. You can alternate this with using Soul-Spirit crystals on the Joy zones. You can wear the crystals fixed with Micropore for some time every day, starting with 10min and then increasing the time.

Enhance Crystal therapy with Esogetic Dream therapy. For example, Esogetic Oil on Joy zones is good to use for fresh energy in the afternoon or for targeted dreaming on Love, Joy and giving and receiving in relationships.

Combine the beneficial effects of crystal therapy with Giving/Receving and Boundaries treatments of Colourpuncture light therapy.

Enjoy your Esogetic crystal collection in summer!



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