Element Fire; LoveDisk; LoveOilRelight your Fire with Colourpuncture!

Colourpuncture light therapy can help you to re-light your inner Fire by supporting your Heart and Small Intestine*, organs relating to Fire element according to Chinese Medicine. Fire element reaches its peak in summer. Emotion related to Fire element is Joy. The energy of Fire element gives you warmth and the capacity to love and be loved, share and communicate, mature and blossom, play and enjoy life. Summer is time to enjoy the fruit from the seeds you have planted and the plans you have made during your Spring Cleanse.

How healthy and balanced is your Fire element?

If your Fire element is healthy and balanced, it will respond appropriately to any tasks at hand according to everyday challenges. You will feel when to be warm, open and joyful and when you needs to be more protective and aware of your personal boundaries. Try to meditate on the following:

  • Is there joy in your life?
  • Do you laugh often?
  • Do you relate to others easily?
  • Do you express yourself freely and constructively?
  • Are friendships important to you?
  • Did you grow up in a warm family?
  • Is your personal and sex life flowing?


  • Have fun! It’s good for your Heart.
  • Connect with others and share
  • Indulge in activity you are passionate about
  • Get your circulation going with light and fun exercise
Colourpuncture light therapy and Fire element
Build you Fire element with Colourpuncture How to balance your inner Fire energy with Colourpuncture light therapy:
  • Daily Joy zones therapy with Esogetic Oil, orange colour, crystals or massage
  • A simple daily ‘Giving and Receiving‘ Colourpuncture treatments can really transform your relationship with people forever by bringing to your awareness your unconscious psychological ‘programming’ which you will then be free to change
  • Boundaries therapy of Colourpuncture is recomended to receive from an experienced therapist for serious issues such as violation of personal boundaries in family or personal history
  • A quick and simple daily Coordination 9 treatment is unbeatable for switching off continuous replaying of old programming
  • Information barrier therapy for getting into your body and out of your head. Information barrier therapies will re-establish a flow of communication between your belly brain and your head, connecting you with your true feelings.
  • Supplement your Colourpuncture light therapy with Esogetic Crystal therapy and Dream therapy for even more Love and Joy

Colourpuncture light therapy for building up your Fire element can be supplemented or partly substituted with Acupuncture or/and Acupressure on the same points.

Have fun re-lighting your inner Fire!

*Please consult your local Acupuncturist or Doctor if you have any medical condition concerning Heart and circulation

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