Have you always wanted to know what stands between you and unconditional Love in your life?

Have some days of targeted dreaming with Esogetic Oil in summer. Summer is ruled by Fire element which relates to love, joy, play, maturity, communication, giving and receiving.

Regular, preferably daily, use of Esogetic Oil on specific skin zones – Joy zones, Relationship zone, Memory zone – will  evoke targeted dreaming and gently lift any early unconscious ‘programming’ which stands in the way of experiencing Love in your life – such as problematic relationship between your parents in your childhood – to liberate you. Free from these imprints, you can then re-light your Fire and start creating your own programming for Love in your life.

Meditation with dream symbol cards, crystals and oil

Esogetic Oil can be used together with Love disc and treatment of Joy zones in Crystal therapy or to enhance the effect of coloured light in Colourpuncture light therapy for Heart, Joy, giving/receiving and Love.

Or, take your targeted dreaming even deeper with the Dream disc and symbol cards meditation – best done daily before bedtime.

Take some simple steps to bringing more love in your life!