The Treasures of Unfinished Projects

Have you ever experienced… let’s call it….. a Spring Paradox?  It’s Spring! You feel everything waking up all around you (the flowers: blooming; the birds: vocal; your Heart: ready to let more love into your life). You are all enthusiastic to live out beautiful facets of your Life and Soul this year (just like a (more…)

Colourpuncture for Spring Cleanse

Colourpuncture light therapy is a bright new choice for traditional Spring Cleanse to restore vitality and make a fresh start after a long spell of Winter. Colourpuncture will help you to support your Liver/Gall Bladder system addressing many facets on physical, emotional and informational energy levels: current personal (body-mind detox), developmental personal, ancestral. Colourpuncture light therapy offers you (more…)