If there is Just One Thing to start cultivating the Self and the Soul (and nourishing the Body!) with Colourpuncture, this would have to be a choice of treatments for promoting and supporting quality Rest, Relaxation and Sleep (Late Summer, a season of Self-nurturing and Self-cultivation is the perfect place to start) – and this is what Colour Blue of Colourpuncture seems to be made for.

The reason is simple: the Self and Soul need time and space and so, rest, relaxation and a good quality sleep to reconnect and realign. The Self and Soul need time and space free from action; free from worry; free from anything which will keep us in Sympathetic dominance otherwise known as stress and busyness. Body needs time and space for restoration and repair and so, sleep; rest and relaxation during the day to get ready for quality sleep at night…Soul needs to talk to us in our dreams and so, sleep. Our whole Self needs vitality and strength to shine all day long and so, rest, relaxation and sleep to make it a reality. The list goes on.

Now, how often do we honour our Body, Self and Soul’s needs? And how often we choose to chase our external life instead? If we get rest, relaxation and sleep right then everything else in our health and life will be built on a sustainable foundation; if not then all our health improvements will be marginal and short lived.

Indeed, if there is One Thing we all need in this moment of time as a priority it is to support our Parasympathetic Nervous System (PNS), the ‘rest and digest’ system. Would you agree that most recent year and a half made our Sympathetic Nervous System (SNS), the ‘flight or fight’ system working overtime and now needing a therapeutical rest for years to come? The first thing we can think about in order to support PNS is using a Blue Colour. The Yin and Yang and Element Crystals would be a close second.


Blue is a Relaxing Colour

Blue is a core colour for the Endocrine system and so the Autonomic Nervous system (SNS + PNS) in Colourpuncture. Blue relaxes us, nourishes our endocrine organs and promotes deep healing of the body, by the body. We also use Blue for acute pain, sleeplessness, anxiety and much much more. For our Endocrine treatments we balance cooling Blue with a gently energising Orange.

Blue is the sixth colour in Colourpuncture’s spectral colours sequence and it symbolises rest, relaxation and repair – Blue is like a welcome cooling breeze on a hot summer day. Relaxing Blue promotes a general balance of endocrine system, a level-headed approach to life and an authentic but measured response. In a therapy – together with Colour Orange – Blue regulates all endocrine organs and will help in cases of Endocrine Insufficiency or Endocrine Imbalance – and so a little regular Colourpuncture application of Blue over time will help us to become better at being humans 🙂

Classic simple, quick and profound Colourpuncture treatments of Coordination 10 is done in Blue as a singular colour for de-stressing and relaxation. If you want to build a real foundation of your health at the time when you don’t have any manifest diseases (Degenerative Pattern) or chronic/frequent inflammatory conditions (Toxic Pattern) and all your problems still reside on a level of Functional Disturbances of Endocrine Basic Pattern, Colour Blue and its complementary Orange will be Colourpuncture colours you will find yourself using most often. This is the natural medicine at its best – preventative medicine – which we hope will one day indeed become the ‘Medicine of the Future’.


Blue in Colourpuncture Colours system

Blue is one of three Primary Colours in Colourpuncture alongside with Red and Yellow. A complementary colour to a spectral Blue is Orange. We often use complementary colours application on meridian system and on symmetrical pairs of Acupuncture points, lines or zones. While we use Orange to stimulate activity of endocrine system, we use Blue to balance and nourish endocrine organs,  and in general to calm, de-stress and reduce an acute pain anywhere in the body.

To the left on the traditional colour spectrum from Blue there is the Green colour which we use for overall healing of the body and chronic pain, on it’s Reflex area or directly on affected meridian/Acupuncture point. To the right on the spectrum is the colour Violet which we use for balancing lymphatic and nervous systems.


Application of Blue in Colourpuncture

The simplest use of Colour Blue in Colourpuncture will be to treat Yin Tang and LI4 with Blue. Usually we apply Colourpuncture for 30 sec reducing this to 10-20 sec for children, older or fragile people. If somebody tends to react slowly we use up to 60 sec or 1 min application of light. When we treat symmetrical Acupuncture points, lines or Zones such as in case of paired Large Intestine (LI) 4 points we treat Left side first and then the Right side of the body.

Blue application on Acupuncture point Yin Tang treats:

  • sleeping problems
  • anxiety
  • mental overwhelm
  • menopause problems
  • mood swings
  • endocrine imbalances or insufficiency.

Treatment of Yin Tang in Blue makes a fragment of a highly effective and versatile Colourpuncture staple ‘Coordination 10’ treatment for de-stressing and promoting sleep and relaxation. Coordination 10 in Blue is a great combination with Coordination 2 and/or Auricular Colourpuncture treatment for quality sleep. Blue application on LI4 points is used in place of Red when there is fever (high temperature).


Colour Blue for Colourpuncture at Home

Blue is generally a very simple colour to use – just remember to balance it with Orange for Endocrine Insufficiency/Imbalance and especially if there are low moods, tiredness and depression. Here are some simple ideas:

  • Coordination 10 in Blue for rest, relaxation and sleep
  • Auricular: Autonomic, Shen Man, Kidney and Polster in Blue for sleep
  • Stomach Rhombus In Blue for any stomach pains or spasms
  • Ht 1 in Blue for high blood pressure (long light application)
  • Lu7, LI4 and LI1-4 Line for flu with high temperature.


Learn Endocrine treatments for Rest, Relaxation and Sleep.. and much more:


If you are only starting with Colourpuncture or brushing up your Colorpuncture knowledge and skills and not sure which treatments I’m referring to here, please get in touch using the form below. I’m happy to connect and guide you through a mini ‘Blue Colour Colourpuncture meditation’ in a free, no obligation online session (we will need around 20 min). I’m grateful to have Colourpuncture in my life and it brings me true joy to support people sharing what I have learnt about Colourpuncture.



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