Green is a Colour of Balance, Healing and Hope. Green is also a dominant colour in Nature. Nature holds a unique potential for healing us in a ‘discharge/recharge’ mode. 

I love this wonderful concept of Nature being able to engage with our energy fields in a particular way: when we are out in Nature, Nature fully, efficiently and unconditionally discharges our stagnant (or disturbed) Qi and then recharges us anew with a ‘non information’ type of energy; this is a quality specific to Nature and Nature only as opposite to anything man-made. 

Nature deeply relaxes us and offers a profound connection with everything right next to us, plant and animal kingdom – or fellow human beings – alike. 

Nature heals and supports us and also connects is with something much bigger – in time and space – than ourself. 

This explains why we feel relaxed in a particular way when spending time in Nature; Forest Bathing, Forest Schools and so on harness this power of Nature. Green is a colour of a Plant Kingdom in Nature.

Colour spectrum wise and in reading to our health, sitting right in the middle Green colour is a solid help for reliving of chronic pain, and it has a huge potential for deep detoxification and so, renewal. 


Green is a Healing Colour

Green colour’s healing power is that of a firm balancing. Green grounds and soothes you, it relaxes you in a particular way – the way Nature itself does. This property may in part be explained by the position of colour Green on a colour Wheel. Green is a secondary colour and is a mixture of clearly warm Yellow and decidedly cold Blue. 

In this sense Green is a unique bridge between Warm and Cold parts of colours family. “Not too Cold, not too Warm: just Right”. In this sense, When in doubt….use Green!

Big part of Healing as a concept is to recreate a balance in the Mind-Body-Soul. As living Beings we all have an in-built mechanism for self regulation, dynamic everyday balancing of our physiological functions – and healing, come trauma, external ‘pathogen’ invasion or as it mostly happens in modern times, a prolonged stress. 

During a prolonged – even if a somewhat sub-threshold – stress our natural emotional responses often get habitually curbed and so stagnate, as often our emotions become un – actionable (we can’t immediately sort out an injustice happening half way across the Globe but we read about it in news and it raises our stress hormones levels; we can – in theory – fight or run away from our boss but we will likely choose not too…and it rises our stress hormones levels, and so on). 

Stagnated emotions ‘congeal’ creating a Qi Stagnation in the body which while benign in the beginning often gets totally or partially unaddressed and that chronic stagnation leads to far more serious physical and mental health consequences. 

In a nutshell, all these ‘modern’ problems which became a habitual – and so unchallenged, unquestioned – part of our daily life, boils down to one thing: the balance between our SNS, Sympathetic Nervous System (stress and activity) and PNS, Parasympathetic Nervous System (relaxation and self-repair) gets disrupted. 

Typically, SNS hijacks our physiology and we get stuck in a permanent though low level and so almost undetectable stress-mode long term. 

The opposite can happen too – if we feel that Life is ‘too much’ we can unconsciously choose resignation and a fully reactive mode of behaviour; again, this can be so subtle that we might not even recognise it. 

So, next time somebody says ‘I’m busy!’ or ‘Whatever!’ pay attention!

And here is where a humble Green, the in-between colour, neither warm nor cold comes into play. Green can produce surprisingly strong rebalancing effect – where it is needed; when it is needed; how it is needed and with a very little exposition. 

From a therapeutical perspective, Green is used in bronchial catarrh, whooping cough and inflammation of the joints – as well as being intermittently used in all chronic diseases. Green is indicated for tumours, ulcers and cysts, tissue swelling as well as eye diseases and diabetes. 

The balancing property of Green will promote calm, quiet contentment and tranquility. Green is also sedative, soothing and relaxing in effect and supports detoxification. 

Green is a colour of the Heart Chakra and as such it relates to our ability to both give and receive love, to ourselves and others.


Green Colour in Colourpuncture Colours system

Green is one of the Secondary Colours alongside with Orange and Violet. 

Colour Green we use here belongs to Spectral Colourpuncture and is ‘Number 4’ Colourpuncture colour. 

A complementary colour to spectral Green is Red. We often use complementary colours application with the meridian system on symmetrical pairs of Acupuncture points. Red is used to increase a flow of Qi and Blood and Green to calm, detoxify and reduce pain, especially chronic pain.

To the left on the traditional colour spectrum from Green there is Colour Yellow which we use for digestive, nervous, lymphatic and limbic system problems. To the right of Colour Green there is (Dark, or spectral) Turquoise, a colour of deep subconscious. 

A related colour to spectral Green is Light Green, a Soul Spirit colour associated with an ‘elevated feminine principle’.


Application of Green in Colourpuncture

The simplest use of Colour Green in Colourpuncture will be to treat LI4 (Large Intestine 4) with Green.

Usually we apply Colourpuncture for 30 sec reducing this to 10-20 sec for children, older or fragile people. If somebody tends to react slowly we use up to 60 sec or 1 min application of light.

 When we treat symmetrical Acupuncture points such as in case of paired points LI4 we treat Left side first and then the Right side of the body. 

Use of Colour Green for Colourpuncture on LI4 supports detoxification and promotes elimination, hence its use for constipation. Treating LI4 in Green is a very simple application of colour Green in Colourpunctrue and a fragment of a bigger treatment for treating digestive disorders. 


Tiny Green Stories

I usually don’t use Green on its own – there are simply not enough protocols (if any!) where we use Green solitarily for more than a point or several. However…we use Green in the following commonly used point combinations: 

  • ‘Aggressive Zones’ (no, they don’t make you aggressive! It’s a targeted strengthening of Immune system of the Intestine combination, a real staple of Colourpuncture and a component of many treatments) 
  • Baby colics
  • ‘Letting Go’ points and triangles (physical letting go such as aiding elimination function and emotional Letting Go) 
  • As a main 3-point triangle of the ‘Pot’ for Joints pains treatment. 

Green was the very first colour I ever applied to a human 🙂

The very first point of Colourpuncture’s famous staple Coordination 1 or Morning Balance, the first treatment you typically learn on any Colourpuncture training, big or small, is done in Green. So, first day of my training and this first experience with Perlux where you see your new Perlux and the protocols for the first time and you can’t quite hold the torch or switch it on or put a glass rod in it (so funny to even think that it used to be this way in the beginning) and ‘finding a point’. 

This first Green point was/is probably the easiest ever point in Colourpuncture – right in the middle of the navel, it’s hard to miss….This point relates to a Mother principle and so balances our feeling, sensing, intuitive nature, a sum total of our Body and Soul’s emotional, reactive part; later in the same protocol we balance it out with a ‘Father’ principle point which creates a nice counterbalance, again leading to a massive healing balancing effect of Coordination 1, all within a single and simple 6 points treatment. 

I applied Green colour on my exchange buddy’s navel, exhaled deeply (‘I did it!’ First time, it was so scary; don’t ask me why, I studied A&P on a Uni level being a biologist) and prepared to wait for the whole 60 sec. I was looking around the room and contemplating on what I was doing on this strange course anyways… not knowing what to expect….not knowing what I’m doing it for….when my lady, who was a quiet, composed and even a somewhat reserved person all morning, having barely received some 20 sec of Green light, suddenly looked at me very intently round-eyed and exclaimed: ‘OMG! This took me straight to my feelings!!!!!!!!!’. 

This was the moment I realised for the first time that there is much more to Colourpuncture than meet the eye….

On the very same day I had another lady, seemingly radiant and tranquil before and during the first part of what we call a ‘Basic Toxic’ treatment who changed dramatically as soon as I got to ‘Aggressive Zones’. Our teacher stepped in….it turned out this lady had a history of abuse and our teacher skilfully helped her to transcend her body’s reaction into a deep spiritual learning, an impromptu lesson for all of us present. 

By the end of my first ever Colourpuncture day – and both times with an unassuming Green colour in my hands – I started to realise that I’m on to something with Colourpuncture….something I still can’t explain. The feeling persists, all 18 years aftre.

Years later after that Colourpuncture Day 1 and in my own early Clinic I witnessed a totally transformative healing experience on that same Aggressive Zones with a patient with asthma and other deep lungs problems when he connected with a very special memory of his childhood which he didn’t even registered as a ‘memory’: without him realising it before the treatment, this particular life’s episode was stored somewhere in his consciousness as a ‘last good thing going on before a totally life changing event happened’ kind of experience. 

Green in the Letting Go triangle was a key part of my own transformative experience in a part of a treatment for overcoming grief of a major loss many years ago. 

So, here we have it….humble and unassuming, not as attention grabbing as Red, not as unapologetically joyful as Orange nor radiantly Sunny as Yellow; not as Soul deep as Dark Turquoise, or infinite and cooling as Blue or ‘turning the page’ as Violet, a very ‘neutral’ Green holds an immense power, quiet and deep, ready to apply it where, when and how we least expect and most need it. 


Colour Green for Colourpuncture at Home

Green is a a really everyday healing colour for aches and pains, especially chronic. Green colour relaxes the tissues and reduces swelling and inflammation which is invaluable in cases of joint pains. Colourpuncture’s ‘Joint Rhombus’ in Green and Red is a major home first aid especially in older age. Application of Esogetic Oil ‘Relax’ over the affected joint enhances the effect of Colourpuncture. 

If you use Green for detoxification you will feel lighter, clearer and renewed. Aggressive Zones on their own can be used in many combinations in elimination, detoxification and lymph drainage treatment protocols – please contact us if you would like to learn this simple combination, this is a complimentary offer. 

When using Green don’t forget to balance it with some Red in cases of chronic diseases as per your treatment protocols. 

I find it good to know that much unnecessary pain and suffering can be avoided with a simple regular Green application at home.

  • If you would like to learn how to use Green for Joints and Back pain, join us for a ‘Bones and Joints’ Colourpuncture Short Workshop 
  • If you would like to learn how to address digestive problems with Colourpuncture, join is for ‘Digestive Problems’  Short Workshop 

If you are only starting with Colourpuncture or brushing up your knowledge and skills or not sure which treatments I’m referring to here, please get in touch using the form below. I’m happy to connect and guild you through a mini ‘Green Colour Colourpuncture meditation’ in a free, no obligation online session (we will need about 20 min). I’m grateful to have Colorpuncture in my life and it brings me true joy to support people and sharing what I have learnt about Colourpuncture.

Learning Colourpuncture for simple, short and regular home self-treatments is easier and quicker than you might think 🙂

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