How do you reach your personal Zenith, physical and intellectual? Welcome to Colour Yellow: in many important areas of our life Yellow bestows upon us its warmth, dynamism, brilliance, strength and sustaining power of optimal functioning – so we can shine just as the Sun standing in its Zenith at midday.

Achieving optimal functioning of several seemingly different body systems at once is usually a challenge. Not for the Colourpuncture Colour Yellow: Yellow powerfully regulates most organs of digestive system, promotes dynamic flow of lymph ensuring optimal immune functioning and strengthens the nervous system in general and motivation to learn and ability to comprehend in particular. 


Yellow is a Sunshine Colour 🙂

A warm Yellow is the third colour in Colourpuncture’s spectral colours sequence and it symbolises happiness, ease, flow and powers of intellect. Yellow is a manifest essence of fun loving and carefree summer time with its long days, brightness and warmth of the Sun and a general feeling of joy, relaxation and spontaneity of an effortless and dynamic summer life, with birds singing, the bees buzzing – when we naturally feel good for no reasons at all apart ‘IT’S SUMMER!’. 

According to a healer Susy Schieffelin, “The colour Yellow represents the ability to tap into the light of a thousand suns that exists within you.” Think about that: ‘….existing within you’. Probably deep inside, waiting to be awakened. With the Colour Yellow 🙂

In a therapy 

  • Yellow promotes digestion by helping the Stomach, the Liver, and the Intestines. In fact we treat all diseases of the digestive tract with Yellow in Colourpuncture. 
  • Yellow strengthens the nerves and has a generalised uplifting affect.  
  • Yellow fortifies the glandular system and makes chronic processes acute bringing about natural healing. Yellow has a general favourable influence of our intellect, learning, comprehension, memory and concentration: it’s a colour of our ‘left brain’. 

Just as a high standing Sun gives us maximum warmth and clearest vision, Yellow motivates and helps us learn, grow and develop as well as to follow logic by dispelling cold, fear and stagnation and everything else which holds us back, whether we are conscious of it or not. 

Yellow also conveys a sense of hope, positivity and, youth!

A little regular Colourpuncture application of Yellow over time will help us to become brighter and more dynamic as well as calmer and more focused on things important to us, bringing us closer to our ‘centre’ with Yellow being the colour of our Solar Plexus chakra. 

Colourpuncture’s simple ‘Magic triangle’ for ALL digestive disorders, the Lymph Line at the beginning of any lymphatic and immune therapies and the Limbic point for learning and concentration are all done purely in Yellow.


Yellow Colour in Colourpuncture Colours system

Yellow is one of three Primary Colours in Colourpuncture alongside with Red and Blue.

A complementary colour to spectral Yellow is spectral Violet. We often use complementary colours application on meridian system and on symmetrical pairs of Acupuncture points, lines or zones. We use Yellow to stimulate digestion, lymphatic and nervous systems and learning; and Violet to calm, de-stress and invite in the depths of relaxation, intuition and creativity.

To the left on the traditional colour spectrum from Yellow there is Orange colour which we use in Colourpuncture to treat low motivation, low energy, tiredness and depression as well as general Endocrine Insufficiency or Endocrine imbalance addressing the entirety of Endocrine system.

To the right on the spectrum is the colour Green which we use to calm the mind, detoxify the body, bring about general Body Mind Soul balance and help wth chronic processes and pains.


Application of Yellow in Colourpuncture

The simplest use of Colour Yellow in Colourpuncture will be to treat Acupuncture point Large Intestine 4 (LI4) with Yellow.

Usually we apply Colourpuncture for 30 sec reducing this to 10-20 sec for children, older or fragile people. If somebody tends to react slowly we use up to 60 sec or 1 min application of light.

When we treat a pair of symmetrical Acupuncture points, lines or Zones we treat Left side first and then the Right side of the body.

Yellow application on LI4 treats:

  • loose stools
  • diarrhoea 
  • any other problems of the digestive system especially in relation to lymphatic flow. 

Treatment of LI4 in Yellow is a great addition to many Colourpuncture treatments such as Coordination 1 or Morning Balance for your happy mornings or Acupuncture point REN 22 to support optimal functioning of lymphatic and immune system.


Colour Yellow for Happy Digestion: the ‘Magic Triangle’ 

Colourpuncture offers some quick and impressively effective ‘three-point-treatments’ (Coordination 10 is a good example). 

‘The Magic Triangle’ is my name of choice for the treatment called ‘Point Therapy of the Median Turbulence’ which we use to treat any imbalance between upper and lower part of the body (we call this ‘Polarity’ in Colourpuncture); stresses of the epigastrium, ‘abdominal brain’ problems, emotional blockages and disturbances of the sleep rhythms. I used the Magic Triangle a lot mainly for stomach ache of different origin: it reliably calms the acute pain and offers a good long remission. 

I know this treatment since 2003 – the Magic Triangle is one of Colourpuncture staples, as Colourpuncture students we learn it on our Day 1 or 2 of Colourpuncture training, it is that simple. It is also important and overall balancing. Magic Triangle a great opening to any Colourpuncture session and really does act as ‘opening the door’ for healing to take place. It’s in a way at a meeting place of Yang meridians of hands and Yin meridians on legs and it has its powerful balancing effect partly from this position. It also helps to balance the Stomach-Spleen system, the Earth Element in TCM worldview and balancing the Earth is often also the first step in many therapies. And finally it combines important ‘Alarm’ points according to TCM.

I still use it now – less so but from time to time when I make less than wise food choices….. Recently we went for a day trip to Wales and because of total spontaneity of the trip I made one of these less than wise food choices…by the time we had to drive back home I had a stomach ache and wondered how I was going to survive a 2+ hours car journey (luckily my husband was driving). I had my Perlux with me, with a flat focus too! Long story short, the pain subsided within 10-15 min after this three-point treatment and by the time we got home I was totally happy. 

I’ve seen and experienced the ‘Magic Triangle’ working quickly many times both for digestive issues and also for relaxation and deeper breathing and every time it surprises me – and I was as impressed with effectiveness of the Magic Triangle in September 2020 as I was back in September 2003.

I’m grateful to have Colourpuncture in my life 🙂


Colour Yellow for Colourpuncture at Home

Yellow is a warm colour but it is not as hot as Red or Orange. Yellow is totally good to use at any time of the day to treat any problem of digestive, nervous, immune or lymphatic system. It won’t over stimulate you even if you use it close to your bedtime. Yellow is traditionally used a lot for children for all these problems and also to help learning and concentration and children react very well to it. When children feel better they learn better and when they learn better they also become happier as they are developing confidence, ease and taste for learning and Colourpuncture Yellow colour is a great help. 

If you are a total novice to experiencing Colourpuncture and like the idea of balancing you can use a little Violet, it’s complementary colour: on Neurasthenia Line for example if you treat nervous system or REN 17 if you treat lymphatic/immune/digestive problems. With all that in mind, there is no reason to worry overdosing the Yellow and you can treat LI4 or any other points traditionally done in Yellow (such as Acupuncture point REN 22) at any time of the day.

DIY Yellow Colourpuncture ideas:

Relax knowing that Colourpuncture Yellow will reliably gift you with calm, brightness and dynamic balance of body functioning, sustainable health, happiness and powers of intellect. Welcome a dynamic energy of personal strength, self love, self esteem and confidence of a balanced Solar Plexus chakra bringing power and ease into your life.

If you would like to learn how to bring about optimal health of your digestive, immune, lymphatic and nervous systems, join us for the Modules 3 of Colourpuncture training course or/and to improve Learning and Concentration join us for ‘Learning and Concentration’ Colourpuncture Short workshop. 

I’m wishing you a sunshine mood, a bright mind and optimal body functioning with Colourpuncture Yellow at home or on the road.

If you are only starting with Colourpuncture or brushing up your Colorpuncture knowledge and skills and not sure which treatments I’m referring to here, please get in touch using the form below. I’m happy to connect and guide you through a mini ‘Yellow Colour Colourpuncture meditation’ in a free, no obligation online session (we will need around 20 min). I’m grateful to have Colourpuncture in my life and it brings me true joy to support people sharing what I have learnt about Colorpuncture.

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