Few colours will put a smile on your face, a spring in your step and warm up your mood and heart quicker than Orange. Joy and happiness, fun and abundance are gifts of a generous Orange colour.


Orange is a happy colour 🙂

Orange is second colour in Colourpuncture’s spectral colours sequence and it symbolises warmth, generosity of sunshine, abundance of harvest, as well as enthusiasm, fascination, encouragement and stimulation.

Vibrant Orange promotes a general sense of wellness and supports confidence, creativity, emotional balance, sexuality, freedom and expression of emotions.

Orange also conveys a sense of adventure, communication and positive spirit.

In a therapy, Orange stimulates endocrine organs and will help in cases of Endocrine Insufficiency or Endocrine Imbalance – and so a little regular Colourpuncture application of Orange over time will help us to become better at being humans 🙂

Classic simple, quick and profound Colourpuncture treatments of the Soul Line, the Zone of Power and the Healing Triangle has Orange as a bold singular colour.


Orange Colour in Colourpuncture Colours system

Orange is one of three Secondary Colours in Colourpuncture alongside with Green and Violet.

Orange (joyfully) combines the energy of Red and the happiness, and powers of intellect, of Yellow.

A complementary colour to spectral Orange is spectral Blue. We often use complementary colours application on meridian system and on symmetrical pairs of Acupuncture points, lines or zones. We use Orange to stimulate endocrine organs and Blue to calm, de-stress and reduce an acute pain.

To the left on the traditional colour spectrum from Orange there is the Red colour which we use to increase peripheral blood circulation near the source of the problem, on it’s Reflex area or directly on affected meridian/Acupuncture point and in treatments for Colds or Cold Invasions.

To the right on the spectrum is the colour Yellow which we use to help digestive, lymphatic and nervous systems, for learning difficulties – both motivation to learn and ability to comprehend.


Application of Orange in Colourpuncture

The simplest use of Colour Orange in Colourpuncture will be to treat Yin Tang and Zone of Power with Orange.

Usually we apply Colourpuncture for 30 sec reducing this to 10-20 sec for children, older or fragile people. If somebody tends to react slowly we use up to 60 sec or 1 min application of light.

When we treat symmetrical Acupuncture points, lines or Zones such as in case of paired Zones of Power we treat Left side first and then the Right side of the body.

Orange application on Yin Tang and Zone of Power treats:

  • tiredness including morning tiredness
  • low moods
  • unstable moods
  • low motivation
  • even depression
  • endocrine imbalances or insufficiency  

Treatment of Yin Tang in Orange makes a fragment of a highly effective and versatile Colourpuncture staple ‘Coordination 10’ treatment for morning tiredness and depression. Coordination 10 in Orange is a great combination with Coordination 1 or Morning Balance for your happy mornings.


Colour Orange for Low Moods/Pessimism/Depression 

Among many ‘Orange stories’ I was privileged to co-create by giving people Colourpuncture I vividly remember one as it had a surprising – well, impressive! – effect with a quick one off, 3 point treatment, at a patient’s place of work. A long term patient of mine at the time asked me if I can help her friend who suffered from low mood, low energy and tiredness bordering on a mild depression. For whatever reason I did a treatment in her office at a lunch time asking her a couple of questions beforehand.

‘I have always been like that as long as I remember myself. And so has been my Mother. I never smile. She never smiles’. It sounded like she never had a slightest reference point in her memory that she or her Mum could ever smile or be happy.

She had no obvious health concerns and her life situation was good so her persistent low moods have been a puzzle for anyone who knew her. I did a quick 3 points Coordination 10 in Orange while she was sat in a chair.

Then I asked her how she felt and heard the obvious Colourpuncture’s signature ‘really relaxed, deeply peaceful, and energised….’. – then she paused and said: ‘….while the light was on I had a particular photo in my mind as if in front of me all the way: my Mum and me, I’m a little child in my pram, my Mum is beside me and we are both smiling‘.

I LOVE Colourpuncture!!!


Colour Orange for Colourpuncture at Home

Orange is a bold colour. It powerfully stimulates endocrine system and generally raises your mood and energy.

Used regularly over a period of time, the treatment of Yin Tang and Zone of Power will give you fresh energy, clarity of thoughts and positive outlook. Your creative energy will improve and you will feel more enthusiastic and overall generally healthier and happier.

However, if you are a total novice to experiencing Colourpuncture I would encourage you to also use some Blue, it’s complementary colour if you use a lot of Orange or use Orange to treat fears – for balance.

While Colourpuncture won’t give you side effects an overdose of Colour Orange can make you a little too stimulated, for example if done close to bedtime and might affect your sleep (this does not happen when you use Orange in Soul Line treatment though). With this in mind, Yin Tang (or the whole Coordination 10 in Orange) and Zone of Power are best treated in the morning or the first part of the day.

When you use Orange to treat the Yin Tang and Zone of power on a regular basis over a period of time you will get very positive results even with a long and stubborn tiredness or depression. 

I have seen a truly incredible transformation even in people with most hopeless states of mood or energy whose very identity was shaped around these problems. The keywords here are regular and over time. 

I’m wishing you a happy simple use of a joyful Orange with Colourpuncture at home or on the road.

May low moods and low energy avoid you from now on and may colour Orange help you you welcome a vibrant and abundant energy of a balanced Sacral chakra bring you passion, fun and joy into your life.

If you would like to build this little fragment into a full treatment sequence and various therapies for treatment of Depression, Mood Swings and Fatigue, successfully balance your entire endocrine system and much more, join us for the Modules 1 and 2 of Colourpuncture training course on the 2nd of October 2020.

Happy Orange

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