If there would be just one spectral colour for a rich depth of Self reflection, inner glow of integrity and a Soul feeding body-mind relaxation, it would be Turquoise. If human Soul itself had a coat, an envelope, it’s colour would be a serene Turquoise. 

When we sit on a seashore looking into a horizon, we can see and feel a vibrant Turquoise of Earth’s vast seas and oceans as an interface between the Green of the land and Blue of the sky. When you receive Colourpuncture in Turquoise colour you experience profound relaxation – relaxation to the depth of your Soul; relaxation facilitating subtle but all-important bodily ‘felt senses’ connected with memories of body’s physiology and forgotten pages of your personal memory albums…


Turquoise Colour in Colourpuncture Colours system

Colour Turquoise – “an elevator into the subconscious” (Peter Mandel) – is the later addition to spectral Colourpuncture which started with Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue and Violet. Spectral colour Turquoise in Colourpuncture is also called ‘Dark’ Turquoise and there is a Soul Spirit counterpart to it which is called ‘Light’ Turquoise. Dark (the ’outer’) Turquoise colour is the first point of call to overcome therapy resistance in Colourpuncture: it helps to (non verbally) resolve psychological symptoms, which if not understood and unaddressed lead us to a hidden internal rigidity or energy stagnation. 

Treatments with Turquoise colour tend to produce a deep relief, contentment and peace. Sometimes Turquoise highlights issues which are preventing us from experiencing deep relaxation so we can either resolve them if action is needed or we will become aware of them – Turquoise frees us from them – if this relates more to change of perception. Colourpuncture Colour Turquoise promotes deep breathing, a sense of a clearer head and a better verbal expression. Turquoise connects us with states of our best performances or manifestation; it helps us to speak from our Heart and gives us insights into our optimal potential, our ‘best Self’. Turquoise Colour belongs to Spectral Colourpuncture and is ‘Number 5’ Colourpuncture colour. Turquoise does not have a complementary colour in the spectrum. 

To the left on Colourpuncture colour spectrum from Colour Turquoise there is Colour Green which we use for easing inflammation and chronic pain. To the right of Colour Turquoise there is Blue, a colour of peace, tranquility and relief from acute pain. Turquoise is the colour of the Soul which is seen as a ‘mediator’ between our Body and our Spirit. Turquoise colour as a whole represents an ‘interface’ between Body and Soul and between Soul and Spirit. A related colour to spectral Turquoise is Light Turquoise, a Soul Spirit colour. Dark (spectral or ‘body’) Turquoise represents the outer coat, and the Light (Soul-Spirit) Turquoise represents the inner coat of all connecting, ‘mediating’ Soul. 


Application of Turquoise in Colourpuncture

The simplest use of Colour Turquoise in Colourpuncture is to treat Yin Tang or mid-brow point. As usual, we apply Colourpuncture for 30 sec reducing this to 10-20 sec for children, older or fragile people. If somebody tends to react slowly to Colourpuncture we use up to 60 sec or 1 min application of light. Use of Colour Turquoise for Colourpuncture on Yin Tang helps with skin problems, deep relaxation and finer perception. Treating Yin Tang in Turquoise is a very simple application of colour Turquoise in Colourpuncture and a fragment of a bigger treatment for treating skin problems. 

We filmed Colour Turquoise video next to this magical and tranquil waterfall near Rabac in Istria, Croatia – a place so special and relaxing that I forgot to mention that you can also do Turquoise colour on LI4 Acupuncture point 🙂 This will help to deeply relax your digestive system and the whole belly area (“the bed of emotions” according to Peter Mandel) and may connect you with or facilitate a release of some deep held emotions. LI4 is a point on the Metal meridian according to the TCM and a transcendence quality of Metal double and triple using Colorpuncture with colour Turquoise.


Turquoise Stories 

When I first learnt an ‘Ice Breaker’, a classic Turquoise Colourpuncture treatment there was a warning attached to it: “It can lift your stuff’…” – and also a smaller notion that Turquoise can connect people with their best potential (makes you wonder what’s the connection between the two may be…). 

In my hands the Ice Breaker happens to be more of the latter and I found this treatment really useful. So was also my experience with the ‘Heart Line’ and ‘Coordination Line’ Colourpuncture treatments. It’s no surprise that I deeply value Turquoise colour. While by design the Ice Breaker isn’t your daily staple treatment, used at the right moment it can create a huge shift in perception and warm our Soul by spontaneously connecting us with past wins, natural top performances – and simply jolly good times! 

Once I gave Ice Breaker to a lady (behaviour wise very reserved, very ‘proper’, and somewhat uptight; but kind and deeply caring person) who had a history of troubled marriage which ended in a divorce. What she ‘saw’ during Ice Breaker treatment was a half-forgotten photo of herself in a gorgeous dress where she looked – and felt – beautiful, as she said. This was a photo taken shortly before her wedding. 

Another time I gave a Turquoise Ice Breaker to a man in his 50-s, who was a little tired with many responsibilities connected with a big family and a busy business and felt a little ‘in a rut’. During the Ice Breaker treatment he became very relaxed and then suddenly said: ‘I’m remembering a time in my life when I did a lot of sports…I was younger and stronger and fit….actually, I did really well….I used to be a in great shape’.

I wish I could convey in words deep contentment and quiet joy of their facial expressions when they connected with probably truly best times of their lives, times when everything was ‘together’, they were at their ‘prime’ as they reflected. It felt really special. I also often do Ice Breaker for children when there is shyness, lack of verbal or emotional expression, communication problems or they seem to be not well self aware or self understanding. If you would like to learn the ‘Ice breaker’ treatment you can learn from:


Summer is for the Soul….

There is a saying “Summer is for the Soul (and Winter is for Health)”. I wonder if this is a coincidence that for so many of us ‘summer’ is associated with deep and wonderful blue green waters of sea – and seaside holidays: an ultimate joy, rest and relaxation of Body and Soul for most of us?

Here is a TCM (indirect) explanation of why ‘Summer is for Soul….’. Kidneys (Winter) is a foundation of health in general and Heart health in particular. Summer is the season of the Fire Element, and so, the Heart. Kidney system is the foundation of health; Heart is the tip of the pyramid. Kidneys and Heart help each other and while we usually focus on supporting the Heart through the Kidneys, in some cases – psychosomatic in particular – it’s the Heart which we need to start with, then the Heart will support the Kidneys. Genius – both old traditional medical systems and observations-based folk proverbs – and the Heart Line is Turquoise is a really effective Colorpuncture treatment!


Holidays for the Soul 

Speaking of holidays and asking that once again timely question ‘Do we need holidays?’ I feel that while seaside holidays with a warm turquoise seas might – might not be on the cards this year for us what we do have power to decide on is to create ourselves Holidays for the Soul. There are many ways to feed your Soul and we all have our favourites, something that works for us. Sometimes we need to figure that out anew. Sometimes I feel that a patient needs some input from some finer layers of their Being, when they are not sure on immediate direction in life or a choice even though they do have a long term Self plan but what is missing at that moment is a Soul feeding…and this create inner emptiness, dryness and cold – even with the best and most reasonable of plans.   

At this point I give them a ‘Turquoise treatment’. This can be the Ice breaker, a Coordination Line or a Heart line…. we are spoilt for choice in Colourpuncture. And this is also a perfect place for them to create this Soul feeding list searching till they find something which will truly feed their Soul. This is something we focus on in the Cafe Self: Soul feeding. Soul, being an interface and so a mediator in a way between Body and Spirit, between material and etherial, speaks both languages. This is why this is such a great place to start: on our healing journey, to overcome therapy resistance, to reconnect with the Self and to heal more obscure layers of our Being such as ancestry loyalties, challenges of our spiritual quest and so on.


Colour Turquoise for Colourpuncture at Home

Turquoise holds a deep power. For this reason it should be used sparingly, with clear intent and keen observation. When using Turquoise for self care don’t forget to balance it with other spectral colours for ‘grounding’, balancing effect. Use it with care for people with unstable psyche; people with ‘secondary gains’ and people who don’t want to self reflect and prefer things be ‘done to them’ and so who are not ready to invest into Soul searching and deeper work. 

Easy and popular self care with Colourpuncture Turquoise:

  • Ice Breaker (a very good treatment for children)
  • Coordination Line around Du26 (also a good treatment for children)
  • Heart Line
  • Melancholy treatment – a reset type so less of your ‘everyday’ Colourpuncture but simple and highly relaxing/energising treatment for low energy/low moods/low motivation/poor concentration
  • Turquoise version of ‘Abundance and Boundaries’ or ‘Giving and Receiving’ on hands

All these simple Turquoise Colorpuncture treatments are designed to help us to ‘open up’: to ourselves (Ice Breaker); in feeling our feelings and communicating our feelings and thoughts (Heart line); to promote a free low of energy (Giving and Receiving). Coordination Line facilitates connection between our feeling and thinking sides. Turquoise offers us abundant and profound gifts. All we need is readiness to receive the gifts we need, with acknowledgment, gratitude and no judgement. 

All our Colourpuncture Short Workshops are a great introduction to Colorpuncture, so just get in touch! Learning Colourpuncture for simple, short and regular home self-treatments is easier and quicker than you may think.


A Land of your Dreams 

Beside Colourpuncture with Turquoise, a great place to start creating Holidays for the Soul and to start a dialogue between Self and Soul is to visit a Land of your Dreams. Uncensored, free and all-encompassing, our dreams can open doors into surprising parts of our Self which otherwise remain untapped. Dreamwork lets us reconnect with split and forgotten aspects of our Self so we can really Dream ourselves Together. Join us for a Dreamwork Challenge to explore your Self as per your dreams and learn dreamwork tools for life!

If you are only starting with Colourpuncture or brushing up your knowledge and skills or not sure which treatments I’m referring to here, please get in touch using the form below. I’m happy to connect and guild you through a mini ‘Turquoise Colour Colourpuncture meditation’ in a free, no obligation online session (we will need about 20 min). I’m grateful to have Colorpuncture in my life and it brings me true joy to support people by sharing what I have learnt about Colourpuncture.

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