Are you looking forward to restful sleeping and dreaming every night?

Do you find it easy to understand that often bizarre language that your Dreaming self is using to whisper all the right stuff into ears of your Daily Self, at every little junction of life called ‘choice’? 

Or, do you think your dreams are merely a result of your mind’s processing of your everyday life and so something to be forgotten – even when you feel that some dreams are particularly significant?

Do you know ‘where your dreams are coming from’ and do your dreams make sense to you?

Do you feel that your night dreams feed your Soul and give direction to your daily Self?

Do you feel you can decode your Soul messages through your dreams?

Do you feel that you have a good evening routine which let you relax into sleeping and dreaming so it supports your wellbeing and happiness?

Do you feel the need to start connecting with all these important things, your Soul’s little whispers which we never seem to create the time and space for?

Do you feel the need to start collecting your Self together going from wild and naked depths of your dreams outwards?  


‘My Dreams and Me’

Rarely do we feel indifferent or neutral towards our dreams – especially night dreams which we have no means of control over. 

We tend to fall into two very different categories:

  • ‘I LOVE my dreams. Give me more!! How can I dream more/better/deeper/longer/in full colour?’
  • ‘I HATE my dreams. Is there a treatment for me to stop dreaming?’ 

Our Self has a certain dreaming style – speaking of night dreams. Sure, we dream different dreams – ‘good’, ‘bad’, black and white, colour, full narrative, a string of little snippets – at different times. But if you really reflect back on the bulk of your dreams you will start noticing a common theme. In a nutshell, we tend to dream more positive or more anxious or ‘out of this world’ dreams. 

Do you remember that fairy tale about differently coloured umbrellas? 

Where children were visited by a ‘dream giver’ who would choose black umbrellas which would give them bad dreams (for bad behaviour) and multi-coloured umbrellas which would give them good dreams (for good behaviour)? 

  • When we dream both kinds of dreams, how do we work with both? 
  • How to deal with our nightmares?
  • How to dig out our unfulfilled dreams and hidden desires?

Have you ever wished that you can dream yourself ‘together’ so your night dreams and your daily life are aligned and you feel deeply content and your life ‘makes sense’? 


Dreaming and Dreamwork 

Dreams and Dreamwork are (obviously) two different things! Dreams happen (both with or without a targeted dreaming) but Dreamwork is something you consciously decide to do/not to do.

I have always been fascinating by dreams but there was a lot of confusion on: how to read them? what do the mean? do they even mean anything? 

I have been working with dreams as in Dreamwork – deciphering and applying since 2003 as the first school I leant Colourpuncture with – aptly named School of Awakening – used Dream therapy by Peter Mandel and a shorter version of classic Dream analysis as one of the major tools in their therapist training and personal journey. 

It suddenly became clear ‘what to do with the dreams’ and from being a total wild card it became a Soul companion on Life journey. 

I use various versions of Dreamwork and Dream analysis in my Clinic and as soon as there is a significant/puzzling/vivid dream we drop any prior plans and start the session with a dreamwork to decipher a dream and then we take it – works beautifully – into Colourpuncture or Acupuncture session and often a deeper awareness or deeper relaxation and happiness comes in. 

Many times dreamwork reveals something that otherwise would have not been lifted to the level of consciousness and vitally important as that crucial piece of puzzle. Dreams somehow work on a different level of our being: dreamwork is different from therapy, conscious work with goals, body work, energy work and so on. Dreams stand aside from all these but could – and really should – be integrated. 

Dreams are in a way byproducts of our processing of our life experience and daily events as our memory is organising itself. Dreams are also our Soul messengers. Important thing here is that we listen.  Also important is to have the right tools to fully embrace that deep and uncensored wisdom our dreams gift us with if only we listen.

Dreamwork itself is one of the tools I’m seriously grateful for and glad I came across in my life. Dream work itself as deciphering part of it is broadly based on work of Carl Jung where it is postulated that every object in our dream is a split aspect of our personality which is longing to be back and accepted and reintegrated happily. It can be used on its own or taken into a therapy session for further integration as I do with Colourpuncture. 

This amazing system of Dream Zones – a Map on our Skin is often overlooked in Colourpuncture as while easy to learn and implement as a HW many patients are reluctant using them in fear of not being able to work with resulting dreams on their own. I provide my patients with my notes of their dreamwork so they can refer to it later second time for deeper processing and I teach my patients how to internalise dream work questions so they can always do it on their own after we did the dreamwork several times. I truly believe Dreamwork is a life skill needed by anyone. 

This Jungian dreamwork combined with Colourpuncture Dream Zones are brilliant – and with practice I found that a little conscious focusing on right question both before and after the dream therapy itself – works wonders. All this combined put ourselves ‘together’ – all of our Self, forgotten and unpopular aspects including. 


Dream Challenge

I created Dreamwork Challenge to share my way of working with dreams which though usually done within therapy setting can be totally independent and fully DIY once you learnt the ropes and practice your skills. This is how I do work with my patients who are particularly interested and focused on their dreams. I’m still amazed how Dreamwork opens aspects of Soul and self which are not touched by a therapy.

Dreamwork challenge is an online event by Cafe Self where we will share our knowledge and experience with the aim to help you to sleep better, dream better and be intentional about your dreamwork. 

We will learn simple tools and techniques which require very little time investment (from 5 min to 30 min depending which tools combination you choose to use) and far reaching benefits. 



There are many ways to create a transformation in your life. Sometimes we consciously seek and plan it and attend transformational, ‘breakthrough’ type of events ranging from bold and logical Life Coaching to some wild Dancing in the Woods deep experiences. No matter the flavour these events tend to be well structured. 

On at the other end of the spectrum….sometimes…. transformation just happens to us (when we ‘have other plans’), somewhat imposed; when ‘suddenly’ arising acute situation forces us to transform. Here there is as much structure to it as in an avalanche but we have to create our unique solutions, and quick. 

Dream Challenge is a type of transformational experience where you feel a calling to explore your Dreams and your deeper, Inner Self, sometimes without fully understanding why you want it. You simply feel drawn to it. 

We provide the structure which worked for many people over many years. If you follow the steps and do all 5 days of the Challenge,

  • you are bound to receive insights into and from your dreams  
  • you will learn how to use these tools for life 
  • you will learn how to have relaxing evenings and better night sleep. 

I’m very happy to offer this Dreamwork Challenge – I did a lot of dream facilitation ‘off line’  over the years and during last year I did a lot of online with same good results and added flexibility for all of staying home.

Knowing how to work with your dreams is a life skill. We might – might not have health or life problems but we all dream – and rare is the person who is completely content with what they see in their dreams or how they see their dreams – so learning dreamwork is a simple ticket to clarity and inner contentment. 

You may find yourself at this moment of time at different stages of your life: you might want to feed your Soul and enhance your Self awareness in ‘peace times’ but also when you are totally and utterly lost in pain and when you need to digest some really strong experience on a deep level, beyond the pain and fear. 

If you are curious about dreamwork; fascinated by your dreams; worried as you see too many/not enough of them; feel you want to figure the meaning of your dreams or simply feel this pull to explore, come and join us! This is an intuitive decision. You just ‘want to’. 

And if you feel that ‘nothing works for you’, try exploring your dreams…and just stick around: one day your Soul will speak to you. And your Self will listen 🙂

Contact us today to join our ‘Dream Yourself Together’ Dreamwork Challenge online to discover your Self as per your dreams, sleep better, dream more and learn dreamwork practices for life.

Any questions – please get in touch using the form below:


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