When you think of a problem do you focus on the problem, on a solution or on possibilities which the solution can bring? 

If you are having a day (or a year, or lifetime) of ‘having had enough’ and whatever problem you are facing is plain demoralising, how do you make your day/year/life fully worth living? How do you support yourself through pain, suffering, fog and despair? How do you not take a notion ‘Every problem holds a key to a solution which will bring you to a better life’ as a personal insult but inspiration and hope? 

How can we put our health problems, physical or psycho-emotional, into perspective?

How can we look beyond what we see? How can we start seeing that forest beyond the trees – when something hurts, when our ‘had enough’ lasts forever and there seems to be not a glimpse of light at the end of the tunnel?

Focusing on a problem is absolutely needed when searching for a solution but stopping there too long fixates us on our ‘non-health’ self perception. Inadequate assessment of the progress of a treatment (we all want to heal fast and 100%!) can become a hindrance when our emerging better health is still in early stages. Celebrating each new step of wellbeing – small as it is – focuses us on healing, optimism and potential. And if we are (healthily) ambitious and see every problem as a tool for personal growth, focusing on ‘expansion of consciousness’ and ‘better life’ can give us a real interest and a full engagement in life, shine or rain. 


The roots and ‘the fruits’

Then there is an all important question of ‘where this problem came from’, of its real origin, ‘the roots’. Ever so often we focus on a problem so much that we forget a simple fact that what we see is – in actual reality – an end stage of a process which has its own (often long) history and roots, somewhere. 

Without addressing the roots alongside with a treatment of a most pressing pain/symptom/disease we are going to create a temporary or/and incomplete health solution. Colourpuncture excels in creating sustainable health precisely because it addresses the roots, the all important ‘Why?’ of the disease. 

And yet even Colourpuncture, powerful as it is, might not create a complete answer as sometimes a therapy is not enough. Often lifestyle changes, working on de-entanglement of disease-precipitating emotional trauma or/and integration of difficult/intense life experience are all needed alongside Colourpuncture treatment. 


‘Sense and Nonsense’ of our life problems

Coming back to the idea of Sense and Nonsense of Sickness and Pain (pain or disease is a signal that at some point in our life we failed to follow our intended ‘Path’) – or any life problem – we need to get back in time to ‘before the problem’ station and in our mind’s eye start seeing various options we had but didn’t choose which could have brought us to the outcome different of that of a presenting problem. 

True, some traumas create a lasting change in our very wiring, especially those of childhood, but in vast majority of cases it’s a perception of a ‘cause’ rather than a ‘cause’ itself which is a problem and can be traced down and a ‘script’, our ‘story’ which we internalised could be re-written. 

Health problems whether physical or psycho-emotional can feel really bad – nobody would argue that a headache or anxiety are particularly enjoyable experiences and it seems that nothing good can possibly come out of this pure suffering. However, some of well known therapies and many health tools which have been helping numerous people, came into being after a seemingly endless and severe struggle of just one person whose ongoing and really bad problem and continuous search for solutions ended up a blessing and opened possibilities for other people.

The idea here is to work on finding and creating solutions for a problem we have till we arrive to a situation which is better than it was before the problem, getting aligned with our Inner Self and the Path in a process.


Big goals, Little habits and Solid building Blocks of Life

All this may sound too big or complicated a goal, but it actually isn’t. If we start creating sustainable health with addressing misbalances and building up those forgotten aspects of health which are adaptability, mental wellbeing and social engagement, self actualisation and fruitful contribution we will create a few important daily habits or activities (individual to each of us). 

Balancing the Yin of healing and self reflection with Questions to the Soul to which we find honest answers will form ‘building blocks of life’. Daily practicing of building blocks of life combined with a clear sense of Self will brings a real meaning in our Everyday.

Adding the Yang of targeted, constructive daily action will create a core structure of our authentic lifestyle, sustainable health, happiness and fruitful contribution – and pure joy of truly living our life with us in a lead role 🙂 

As soon as we start bringing even small doses of a real meaning into our life and get excited about our everyday activities, our happiness levels will soar and our stress levels will drop and this will actually trigger inbuilt self healing mechanisms of the body. 

Having found solutions for ourselves we, humans, tend to share them with other people and this can become an endless source of good things with a much bigger reach.


Lemons to lemonade? You are already a pro!

Thinking of a saying ‘When life gives you lemons…’ have you noticed that it assumes that it’s going to be a rare occasion and your actions will make a Hero Journey story???

I feel we are given some lemons on a daily basis, big or small… It’s just a question if we pay attention or not, if we settle or not, if we detect a small lemon in time and so on. But randomly appearing lemons are a fact of life: we will be given them on a regular basis, we can count on that. 

So a good strategy of mastering our conflict resolution skills, saving some nerves in a process and keeping in mind a higher purpose of our petty problems which is growing in individual consciousness each illuminating humanity is a life skill to work on. Here is a possible humble start, one of many….

  • Think of a situation in your life (not necessarily health related) when you successfully resolved a problem and this brought you into a much better life situation than before the problem existed – from better habits to a better suited profession or happier relationships. This will remind you that you are perfectly able to solve problems and naturally turn all your attention to a solution of your current problem. You will get this soft reassurance from your Past Self to your Present Self: ’I can do it. I did it before. I can do it again!’
  • Express gratitude to your Past Self for looking for solutions and see these solutions bringing you (and possibly to others around you!) other beautiful things: useful knowledge, creative hobby, stimulating connections, bright creative expression. Make a list of 5 examples, big or small. Really see yourself as a person who was capable of doing that (‘back then’), no matter what your current self image is. You might find yourself in a situational struggle at the moment which seems endless but back in the time….you did these amazing things. Go back in your mind’s eye and see this person, you in the past who did that. Connect with this energy. Step into it again.
  • Now, list 5 problem areas in your life right now. Make a list of 5 possible obvious solutions for each of your 5 problem areas. Then invite the energy of that bold, successful, resourceful, creative and plain brave Past Self of yours – how would your Past Self at its best handle your current situation? List just 1 option each, the one which comes to mind instantly, intuitively, no matter how ‘no longer possible’ or irrelevant it may seem. Leave the list, go do something completely different. When ready, come back, see what you’ve written, and take it from there. Sure, your Current Self might not be as strong and powerful as you were at your ‘prime’ but you can totally balance with wisdom and skill what you lack in courage and daring.
  • And finally, if you are to show up in a lead role in your life – starting tomorrow! – using a search for solutions to your existing problem as a springboard and committing to resolving it so you will end up in a better situation than before (and probably even receiving some surprise gifts), where would you start?

If you are experiencing any difficulty finding your well-aged and perfectly branded lemonade bottles in your memory, try Colourpuncture’sIce-breaker’ – or any treatment in Soul-deep Turquoise. It might just reconnect you with your hidden, still available resources. Or, because ultimately not seeing yourself at least 5 times in your life as a lemonade-maker is a perception problem and not an objective reality, try Perception Ellipse’, also in Turquoise. 



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