Colourpuncture: How to use Colour Turquoise

When I was a student of Colourpuncture first time, I had two notes written under a popular treatment in Turquoise colour (the treatment was called ‘Ice-Breaker’): in big letters “use (more…)

Dreamwork Made Easy

‘Dream work’ is usually associated with fascinating – and highly complex – protocols from a classic dreamwork by Carl Jung. Fascinating (and potentially life changing) as it is, the ‘highly (more…)

Soul-deep Turquoise

If there would be just one spectral colour for a rich depth of Self reflection, inner glow of integrity and a Soul feeding body-mind relaxation, it would be Turquoise. If human (more…)

Supporting your Immune System

‘Supporting your Immune System’ was originally published in 2020 at the very beginning of Covid 19 crisis. Even though now Covid seems to ‘has gone out of fashion’ sort of, (more…)