When I was a student of Colourpuncture first time, I had two notes written under a popular treatment in Turquoise colour (the treatment was called ‘Ice-Breaker’): in big letters “use with caution” and in small letters “may connect people with their best selves”.

Naturally, I was ‘cautious’ using colour Turquoise. But probably because I was a sceptical scientist back at the time and so my first cases were equally sceptical science-y people – not a particularly body aware or sensitive bunch 🙂 – I never got any ‘strong reactions’, ‘connections with deeply held emotions’ etc. So I started to use Colorpuncture turquoise more. the more I used Turquoise – spectral (dark) Turquoise or Soul-Spirit Light Turquoise, the more I observed that it just gives people deep relaxation. And yes, many times, this deep relaxation triggered reflection and most of the times upon close observation it related to ‘best times’: good, strong health; caring romantic relationship in its best stage; great body shape; athletic achievements; beautiful looks; good times. Over the years I learnt newer and more sophisticated, more targeted Colourpuncture  treatments in Turquoise and the general line remained the same: Soul-deep relaxation which oftentimes is also accompanied by soft sorting out some seemingly unrelated memories – usually neutral in nature – which seems to interconnect different episodes, events and stages of our life experience.

N.B. In the video I mention ‘when you are not sure what to use, use Turquoise’. This was in a context of the questions of the Q&A. Example: ‘Zone of Power’ in front on the ears. When you stroke Zone of Power as a final part of any of your Auricular Colourpuncture protocols (that is not in current training papers but I use it a lot still as I found it very beneficial), you usually choose the colour which supports your general treatment theme: Red for strengthening the body and better blood circulation; Green for detoxification; Yellow for cheering up and better digestion/nervous and lymphatic systems functioning; Orange for joy; Blue for calming down and so on, according to Colourpuncture colour indications. Sometimes the clinical picture is mixed: both Yin and Yang Deficiency for example as is typical with Kidneys deficiency; physical pain and emotional turmoil etc; so basically both strengthening and calming down/gentle building up are equally needed at the same time – with some Soul searching too – this is a perfect case for Turquoise as it will do it all. More examples: centres of ‘Red’ triangles as in Degenerative Pattern treatments, there is a choice of Red or Turquoise so depending on the picture you can use Turquoise. Turquoise instead of Yellow for body line in Prenatal therapy and so on. Ask me if you have further questions on that.

I love Turquoise, I use it a lot – in my Clinic and for myself. I hope you will love using it too. My advice here would be: start small and simple: Yin Tang in Turquoise for skin problems (you can go over your 1 min); LI4 for ‘Metal’ principle, anything to do with obscure discomfort in the belly or unexplained ‘melancholy’ or sadness; try Turquoise as a central point of your Red triangle treatments; go for the second round of ‘Boundaries’ all in Turquoise (don’t forget that there is a difference sequence of points there though the points are all the same) and so on. When you are more familiar with Turquoise try the classic Ice-Breaker which is and easy self care. Progress to the Heart Line and the ‘Reset’.

And – ‘tune in’. Relax, trust, listen to your Soul. Whatever your deep Inner Self wants to communicate with you in this moment of time: listen. This may – may not – be what you want to hear. Listen anyways. Pay attention. Chances are: you will come to fooling the message anyways, may be just a little later when your decision making/grown-up/all-knowing Daily Self will accept the simple truth which your deeper Self whispered all along. Be grateful for the gift of time and energy which you save by accepting the gift of Colour Turquoise.

Any questions – please get in touch using the form below, I’ll be happy to share what I learnt about Colourpuncture 🙂

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