‘Dream work’ is usually associated with fascinating – and highly complex – protocols from a classic dreamwork by Carl Jung. Fascinating (and potentially life changing) as it is, the ‘highly complex’ part of classic dreamwork makes it hard to fit into your daily routine even if you are specially trained and not just read a couple of many detailed and helpful books on DIY dreamwork and dream analysis. 

Dreamwork with Dream Zones for targeted dreaming by Peter Mandel, a founder of Colourpuncture, relates to a completely different concept which is best described as ‘intentional dreaming’. Intentional dreaming with Dream Zones may or may not be followed by analysing the resulting dreams. 

Acupuncture – and TCM in general – has its own unique approach to creating conditions for a better sleep – restful and regenerative for body and mind – and to balancing dream activity with classic Acupuncture/Acupressure points for sleep which are all easy to DIY with Acupressure.

I started working with a very simple protocol for dream analysis at the same time as I came across Colourpuncture, on the very first day of my Colorpuncture training to be exact. Both for myself and other students on the course and for many of my patients thereafter this has worked a treat! It’s simple, easy to understand, pleasure to do, effective, DIY-able. Since then I read books by personal development authors who attempted to simplify and demystify the classic dreamwork by Jung too. They all seem to have followed similar steps. Learning Acupuncture I practiced many points for better sleep and balancing dream activity – people’s complaints about sleep and dreams vary: some complain of ‘never having any dreams’ or ‘never remembering any dreams’ to ‘having too many dreams’. 

I noticed over the years in my clinical work that our relationship with dreams and potential dreamwork tend to be somewhat not as harmonious as it can be. Picture that: you wake up in the morning (after a restful sleep) having remembered a dream or two (most likely we all dream we just can’t recall our dreams upon awakening); you briefly write it down for future reference (takes about 3-5 min of you have your journal handy). 

A side note on journalling: I tend to journal for clarity every morning and when I have a dream I briefly note it down and highlight in one of the colours I associate with dreaming and dreams (aqua in my case as colour Turquoise is for the Soul) so when I later read my old journal entries I can see easily all the dreams and compare them with events which followed – or past events which dreams reflected. Writing down my dream in my journal makes for an exciting inner journey detours in my usual descriptions of the day, to-do lists, future plans etc 🙂 I love Journalling!

Back to your dreamwork: after you wrote down your dream depending on the nature of the dream, your level of practice in dreamwork and time you have in your day you can analyse it briefly there and then with a simple DIY protocol. With your further journaling which will take into account your dream analysis insights you can come up with a much better plan for your day; for a particular activity/project/relationship which is in your active focus at the moment – and a better overall plan for a more aligned lifestyle. 

So, the Dreamwork-Made-Easy steps:

  • Creating conditions for a better sleep with Acupressure (you can also use Colourpuncture on Acupuncture points if you have a Perlux Colorpuncture tool) 
  • Intentional dreaming. Here you need an Oil Relax for your Dreamwork and some practice of working with Dream Zones. Oil Relax is the main media; a very useful extra for your dreamwork could be a Sound therapy set for a particular dream work sequence (contact me using the form below for advice if you are interested)
  • Writing your dream down first thing in the morning and making a time there and then or scheduling some later time in your day/week for a simple dream analysis. 

A signal of completion of the whole dreamwork process will be some – however tiny – change in your daily routine/overall life goals/internal outlook. Our dreams – apart from everything else  they signify such as filtering our daily experience and reflecting our fears – are messengers; dreams are messengers from our Inner Self who is implicitly committed to a certain life Path, to our Daily Self who holds the power of making decisions and taking action. 

Dreamwork makes our dream activity balanced and practically helpful. Easy to learn (and practice) steps will help you neither ignore your dreams not attach too much significance/fear/anger/shame/hopes to our dreams. When we pay a balanced attention to our dreams we become more whole as a personality as our inner Self, our individuality is given a voice and a stable place in our life.  

I’m happy to share what I learnt over the years about Colourpuncture, Dreamwork and Journalling; contact me for a free online mini consultation on a simple DIY version of Dreamwork using the form below – or join us for ‘Dream Yourself Together’ dreamwork challenge course.

Oil Relax for some simple massage is the primary media for your intro level dreamwork so you can start on your dreamwork at home anytime!

Our next Dream Yourself Together Dreamwork Challenge will be from 30th of November to 8th of December 2023. There are only 8 places on this course – we found that a small group tends to work best for practicing dream analysis so if you are interested and would like to reserve your place, please let me know now using the form below.

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