Happy New Year 2023 my friends – and may it bring abundant blessings for you and your family!

What is your favourite way of starting your New Year? We like making some New Year Resolutions – light and fun – as a part of our celebrations. We also like sharing our ‘resolutions’ and making suggestions to each other on which simple first steps we can take towards making them a reality.

And what could be a better way to make New Year Resolutions than to write them down? In fact, according to research we are 10 times more likely to make a positive and lasting lifestyle change if we make a decision about it around a New Year (this ideally includes writing them down and sharing our intentions with people close to us).

Then, once we mastered New Year Resolution writing, why don’t we keep the habit for the rest of our year – and for the rest of our life in fact? We love Journalling for its numerous benefits – it’s such a great way to achieve clarity in life.

Cultivating a gentle and contemplative frame of mind all winter long helps us to tune into our deep wishes and is very much in line with TCM: in Winter, ruled by Water element we must rest and preserve our energy; this is a space to dream and plan for the future. We hope that self-care including some Colourpuncture, Dreamwork and Journaling is a part of your 2023  facilitation plan.


January 2023 FREE 1:1 mini-consultations online 

To support you with your New Year Resolutions, we are making January a self-care month – you  are welcome to book your FREE mini-consultation online (please use the form below) on any self-care topic: Colourpuncture, Acupressure, Journalling, Dreamwork, Questions to the Soul and whatever else you feel you need support with.


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Facilitating Your Plans, Dreams and Wishes

If you are ready to take your Self care seriously creating support, facilitations and accountability, join us at Cafe Self and make your 2023 journey deep, meaningful and fun as we all remember, while both the Journey and the Destination are very important, the most important thing of all is: Company!

All good New Year 2023 wishes to you and your family!!!

Journalling: CLARITY

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