How to find time for some Self-Care in your day? The nature of self care matters and we take Colourpuncture as an example as Colourpuncture is an 1) easy, 2) simple, 3) highly effective and 4) deeply healing form of self-care. 

There are 3 different parts of how to find time for self-care in your day:

  • How to find time for short (1-2-5-10 min) daily treatments based on a particular problem or goal 
  • How to find time for longer treatments or what to do when you are just starting with your self care 
  • How to make self-care a habit 

In our Colourpuncture Self Care: finding time (short, time bound, focused treatments = simple daily self-care) we focus on finding the most vulnerable part of our day. This is often based on an interplay between our daily rhythms and our weakest links in health. We need to plan our Colourpuncture self care at this time or – ideally – just before this time. The focus here is on real demands of our life, our physiology, our developing dis-eases, and our personal rhythms. This type of Colourpuncture self care can be TCM timed based – or based on your self reflection. A solid TCM background – and an easy to use Colourpuncture Perlux – provides deep healing, full relaxation and many insights. 

If, however, there is no particular energy dip/high stress/demanding part of the day, then we can plan our Colorpuncture self care from an opposite perspective – based on the best time of our day (an article on this coming soon!): this is great when you self care should be a little longer. 

This question on our Cafe Self Q&A April 2022 was a follow up from our Daily Self Care with Colourpuncture, here we expand with more example and also focus on better sleep: from a powerful bio-feedback based Induction Therapy in case of disrupted sleep rhythms to a little known technique for falling asleep by retrospective recall of your day. And of course it always helps to remember to practice simple Colourpuncture self-care: from Orange for energy in the morning to Blue for relaxation in the evening, Colorpuncture treatments can be amazingly beneficial for health while being very time effective.

Our main message here is: you don’t have to do it all! We start by finding our most vulnerable part of the day; we pay special attention to the evening self care including Journaling for relaxation and thoughts organisation, recalling your day. In some cases, we need to start by addressing the most difficult part of the day, not health related as such but rather connected with certain responsibilities and actions which are hard for us, even if they are relatively small time wise (getting out of the house to buy some bread for somebody with social anxiety; calling an abusive relative as you have to check up on them; delivering a TED talk in front of a big audience…) they are all about 15-20 min times slots but can feel like eternity – and not just on the day but also well before and after!


Retrospective Recall of the Day

Here we focus on remembering little details – this is the key. Consequently, in order to have a better sleep every day, we can start practicing, proactively and intentionally remembering these little details as we go through your day too 🙂


When Healing comes to You

This is probably the most magical form of healing possible – which can be turned into a lovely accidental self care if recognised, accepted and felt. On our April 2022 Cafe Self Q&A call it was an example of a neighbour’s cat coming to play as a nice and much needed surprise. 

I had many little moment of healing coming to me when I needed it most: an unexpected ray of sunshine playing on my vase on a windowsill; some magical raindrops on my garden tree when you are low – these felt like healing sent from the Universe itself. All you need is to see it, accept it, and feel it fully. In this moment, we are receiving a gift of healing; and in between these little magical events, we can intentionally create our self care with Colourpuncture – or anything which supports our spirit, feeds our Soul and nourished our Body.

Any questions – please get in touch! January is our self care month please book your free mini consultation using the link below to discuss your self care needs.


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