What is a usual direction of the flow of your energy? Mainly internally – you check in with yourself often, you know what you are feeling most of the time and what your deep needs are? Or externally – you check in with your job demands, other people’s needs, news feed, your worldly contribution?

If you are reading this, chances are that your energy flow – and so your primary point of focus – has been mostly external, while you are longing for/curious about how to redirect at least part of this habitual flow internally: to feed your Soul, to strengthen your Spirit, to nurture your Body and generally to cultivate your Self. 

Most of us are conditioned to serve something/someone/job/humanity so we direct our energy to the external. This is especially if we didn’t develop our sense fo Self in childhood and so we have matured unconsciously practicing spending our time and energy focused on the external – and this has been filling up most of our days. 


‘Addiction’ to the external 

In a way, we became addicted to the external – originally because of our early conditioning (family, culture) but also because it’s a very good distraction: we can see the result of our efforts directed at the external (a clean kitchen; an excellent presentation; some grateful customers) and also we know exactly what to do. There are tutorials on how to manage your house and how to set up a business. But there are few and mostly complex tutorials on how to discover and get in tune with your Inner Self. In fact, if you close your eyes right now and try to remember just how many (and always detailed) tips there are on organising our external life and how very little (and often vague) tips there are on how to live a rich internal life – you will clearly see a huge misbalance. Driving around your town, how many billboards do you will see on what you ‘deserve’ (the car; the holidays; the house) and as for your Inner Self and internal life??? Nothing. Walking along your high street, you will see many consumer oriented businesses and only a handful of say therapy salons, sandwiched in between businesses providing all these things which we ‘deserve’. There is absolutely nothing inherently wrong with driving a cool car, living in a big house and having several holidays a year. It’s more about where we direct the main part or our focus. And so our time. And so our entire life. And it’s also about this apparent misbalance. 

Unless we were lucky to be brought up in an extremely unusual family where you would meditate together, exchange treatments, do a gratitude circles, a dreamwork or even just deep meaningful conversations (how many families life this do you know??), you will be heavily conditioned to get the best education, secure/well paid/high profile job and move up the career ladder – and so placing your focus on the external. 

The question of direction of our energy and focus is not as simple as it seems and does require some soul searching. I’d say getting someone’s perspective matters as we sometimes struggle to access ourselves – so a good friend or a therapist/coach can make a big difference here. 


Highest priority task 

It may be very wise to start with writing down several contestants…some uninterrupted Stream of Consciousness Writing is a great tool here. 

And then it is equally important to realistically reflect what is our current A1 task (highest priority task) is…we need to know what we have been investing our most energetically valuable part of the day into, before we can adjust/change it: a bill-paying job; a house hold stuff, a child care; a long term goal. It is also important to do some reflection on why. Outside of a situation when our energy levels are very low and health is very poor and we have to have to hold a bill-paying job or care for small children or similar responsibilities, we really direct our energy and focus and so invest out time at will. 

Self care as an A1 type of task has interesting implications: this may indeed what we need for our physical or emotional health; a lot of the time there will be a Soul searching theme to our self care – we just have to create this special time to learn to connect to our Self; to figure out what feeds us, what’s important; what we value. Sometimes though self care may not be what we need – we can set up our self care as an A1 task when we are tired; stressed; a little lost because of massive external influences; a massively disheartened because of big events totally outside of our control; but when we already know what we want to do, we set it as out goal or New Year Resolutions, we absolutely sure it will benefit us but we just can’t bring ourself to either starting the project or staying the course when the initial excitement has passed or completing a nearly ready project – then we would benefit much more from actually doing the stuff which will let us experience a sense of progress and so confidence and exhilaration creating a further impetus for action. 


Figuring out our most energy rich part of our day 

To find these 2 hours in our day when our energy is naturally the best also takes some reflection. And we need to double check here if we are in a transition part of our life when we are actively working on changing our daily routine and so our usually energy flow will fluctuate. 


Integration of sub-personalties 

A useful and exciting exercise on it’s own, figuring out our sub-personalities is absolutely necessary if we have difficulty dedicating time to ourself. Check if you are attached still to your past Self in a particular role. Good experiences/periods of life are equally as binding as bad ones. Both keep us in the past with some sticky sadness/guilt and longing undertones so we can miss on new opportunities and forward development. 

As self care time is way more about focus than it is about time, an initial clarification of how much of a priority our self care are is at the moment is important. 


“There is always something wrong with me”

A special case here is somebody who has an ongoing and chronic ”there is always something wrong with me” symptom picture. If you relate to this (I certainly did before I came across Colourpuncture and Acupuncture explanation of origins of our dis-eases) then basically your self care would typically start as an A1 task (anything from 2 min to 2 hours but in the best time of your day). A similar start could be typical if you tend to have inflammatory reactions, frequent colds and such and even more so when you have any manifest dis-eases. With practice and positive health progress you can then switch your self care to a sensitive time of the day related one and then it can just morph into a natural part of your day.

This is a rewarding stage when you know your stuff (in case of Colourpuncture self care, you had some Colorpuncture training and good practice), you can literally do it with your eyes closed (this is certainly how Colourpuncture is done best 🙂 and you can do it even late at night when you are tired as you know both your Perlux – Purrr…lux – and your points and your protocols off by heart. At this stage you will just know how to adjust your position sitting/laying down in a comfortable way with your hand holding Perlux resting nicely and you been totally at ease. It helps that our Purrr…lux also has light so we can easily do it in the dark. This will most probably also be a stage when you will have an image or a body sense or some insights or a memory triggered on each Acupuncture point you treat and your little Colourpuncture self care will turn into a one-of-a-kind movie full of surprises and insights – which are easily converted into action the very next day. This is how I like it best!! Sure it took me some time to get to this stage but both the result and the journey were totally worth the effort!

So, where is your focus? What or who do you unconsciously serve? And why do you feel that a divine spark in you, your unique Self – a God’s gift which we all have a responsibility to develop – has less of a value and not worth your time and focus? 

This is a video fragment from our April 2022 Cafe Self Q&A – any questions, please get in touch using the form below, I’d be happy to connect and support you 🙂


Colourpuncture Self Care: prioritising

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