‘Suddenly’ finding yourself being the middle of action while you are experiencing an acute disease of any origin (read: your body summoned all its resources for a good fight for your better health) you can:

  • Choose to support the Army (the immune system) and direct the Battle (acute disease) at Present; master the ‘Art of War’ in Future; and resolve the Conflict once and for all by addressing its root (Past) or 
  • Opt for convenience of a short time win and choose a big and ‘magic’ pill which will instantly remove your pain, let you ‘come back to normal’ and brush the entirety of your body’s defence orchestra – right at the culmination of the performance – under the carpet……paving the way to a long term loss in a shape of low grade inflammation, chronic fatigue, antibiotic resistance, degenerative diseases and more. 


Present, Past and Future in management of acute diseases 

There are common routes in development of acute diseases of any origin which make for common principles in their management. 

And there is no such a thing as ‘sudden’. “Nothing falls from the sky” – says Peter Mandel – “everything takes time to develop”. 

Even if a dramatic onset of a viral infection seems unexpected, the background for it has been developing for days, weeks or months with our unaddressed stress, unrecognised and unsupported weakest link of the body, poor emotional, dietary and lifestyle habits – all leading to accumulating toxicity and not letting the body to recover – ultimately affecting our immune system function.  

Equally it’ll be naive to hope that a tendency to ‘catching colds’ will just magically disappear once we did yet another paracetamol-antibiotics round. 

In the heat of the battle we focus on Present; and once it’s over, in order to build sustainable health and wellbeing we need to turn to the Future (prevention) and Past (addressing the root). 


The Scene

You: ‘I feel hot and it hurts, it’s my throat (head, ears, tooth, lower belly)’   

Doctor: (Easy! The protocol is clear!): ‘Here, take this’ (paracetamol, then antibiotics). 

Your Inner Voice: ‘There must be another way!!!’ 

Your Body: ‘There sure is another way. I will fight for you! We are perfectly equipped by millennia of evolution. Trust me. We have everything it takes to win. Just….support me, a little’

You: prepared to take whatever because it hurts like mad.  


Recognising Toxic Basic Pattern

The foundation of Colourpuncture is a concept of 3 ‘Basic Patterns’ which outline an (uninterrupted) progression – of a dis-ease. 

A river starts somewhere unreachable, up in the mountains perhaps and develops into a tiny spring, coming down it becomes a stream, then a river and finally it merges with the sea.

Here we are looking at a full stream if we continue our analogy of a disease development with a river. 

Pain, fever and any sort of inflammation or infection all signal that we are on a territory of the Toxic (Lymphatic) Basic Pattern. 

Diagnosis is easy: when we have an inflammatory battle going on inside us we are feeling it with all our being: we are feeling it on our skin and on our mucous membranes. We might get fever, visible or traceable inflammation, obvious infection, inflamed looking throat, blood in urine or skin rush. And hey, we are likely to see it reflected in our test results!!

Here the dis-ease moves out of a territory of the Endocrine Basic Pattern with its obscure and intermittent manifestations, and shapes up into a full and painful clarity: it hurts today and it will hurt tomorrow if we do nothing.

Here are most obvious hallmarks of Toxic Pattern:

  • Pain
  • Fever
  • Cold or Flu  
  • Any disease in its acute form – these usually end with an ‘-itis’: sinusitis, appendicitis, cystitis, colitis, otitis, pharyngitis, laryngitis, bronchitis (and pneumonia) etc.



The word ‘Toxic’ presumes that there is some kind of toxicity present which body has to defend itself from. 

This toxicity may be internal (metabolism problems) or external (food poisoning,  toxic environment, or ‘invasion’ by the Elements (TCM)/’bugs’ (Western Medicine). 

The keyword for the Toxic pattern is (body) Reaction, a ‘defence’. 

You can feel your body is fighting on your behalf. The good news here is that we do indeed have all the inbuilt capacities for a full defence. The bad news is that the body can overdo it with too high a fever or overreaction of the immune system. The key here is to observe, manage and rest. 


On the surface

We don’t like it. It hurts. It feels dangerous and it might well get to that stage. We want to stop it. Now. 



In reality

The fight means your body has enough strength to fight. It fights on your behalf with inbuilt mechanisms automatically triggered when ‘an enemy’ is detected. The body is asking for your cooperation and trust to manage the fever and inflammation. Trust that before any modern medicine invented; when our bodies fought off colds and infections themselves. 

Of course there were and still are dangerous diseases and millions of lives have been saved with antibiotics in serious cases. However, the wide spread use of antibiotics also led to increasing antibiotic resistance which is becoming an serious problems in itself. So each case should be carefully considered with your doctor; this is not the case for a blind trust like you trust in Higher Powers in the middle of turbulence when there is nothing you can do. This trust should be based on full information, and willingness and ability to take appropriate action. 

If you ever decide to manage an acute disease yourself you should really arm yourself by reading for example ‘The Theory (and Practice) of Natural Therapeutics by Dr H. Lindlahr and also having a direct access to a fully qualified Naturopath.


Let the battle to go on, direct the battle


Support the army – strengthen your Immune System and ensure smooth functioning of lymphatic system – don’t stop the battle. The battle should exhaust itself completely and you should emerge from it all in a better state of health. 

Then practice The Art of War by supporting the weakest link: organ or system. 

Management of the acute stage is simple: learn your Acupuncture points and do them till the symptoms disappear completely on a background of rest sticking to basic Naturopathic principles and then work on prevention and addressing the roots. 

Try to avoid blunt suppression and you will avoid low grade inflammation and degenerative diseases in future.


Acute dis-ease as body’s healing

According to classic Naturopathy and all Natural Health systems the acute stage of a disease, left to run its course unsuppressed under favourable conditions, appropriate management and most importantly, good reserves of the body is actually a healing act of the body itself. 

From a biology perspective the body is fully equipped to heal itself and we should feel better than before. Better is important as this is seen as the whole point of unfolding the entire drama of the defence. When accumulation of toxins of whatever origin reaches a critical point the body defence is triggered by an in built self healing mechanisms.


Prognosis: the Victory can be a quick and impressive

We witnessed and experienced many amazing examples of seemingly stubborn, long, painful and drug-resistant conditions resolving in a sustainable manner creating better health, energy and vitality. 

Sometimes it takes just several treatments for decades-old headaches and sometimes several weeks of treatments for chronic respiratory problems. Sometimes a single treatment will resolve an unbearable acute cystitis. 

Providing the body is supported and have enough resources for self healing this will be the end of a story, a triumph of sophisticated body’s survival mechanisms over some temporary enemies/toxins/pathogens. 

This is a fight totally worthy of winning 🙂 

If you would like to learn how to manage acute diseases with Colourpuncture join us for the Module 3 of Professional Colourpuncture course or Colourpuncture Short Workshops. 



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  • The Art of War by Sun Tzu, Chapter One


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