Degenerative Pattern

‘Hi. I’m a SuperHero. I’m fit. I’m strong. I never cry. I don’t think I need any help. My wife sent me here. I’m certain this is just a minor ailment. Nothing serious. I’m fine.’


Disease development: Stage 3: the River merges with the Sea 

High up in cloudy unreachable mountain tops of some veiled ‘Cause’ started a tiny spring, hidden from view. Meandering down through years of unintegrated life experience and disconnection from Self and Soul it kept bypassing some vague warning stages of functional disturbances in the body (Endocrine Basic Pattern; ‘being out of sorts’, Stage 1).  

Unattended, the spring developed into a powerful stream of periodic or/and chronic dramatic and often pain-filled body reactions (Toxic Basic Pattern, Stage 2). 

Unaddressed, the stream became a mighty river full of pools of stagnant Life Energy, exhaustion and illness, and finally merged with the sea of manifest diseases (up to irreversible changes of the body tissues, Degenerative Basic Pattern, Stage 3). 

The foundation of Colourpuncture is Peter Mandel’s concept of 3 ‘Basic Patterns: Endocrine-Toxic-Degenerative’ which outlines an uninterrupted progression of a disease. Degenerative Basic Pattern concludes the story. 


From ‘being sick’ to ‘sickness’

The whole journey from the Endocrine pattern (‘being sick’; function) to Degenerative (‘sickness’, degeneration) can take years or decades of ignoring, neglecting, misunderstanding, quick fixes, under-diagnosing and suffering to develop. At the final station of the journey called Degenerative Basic Pattern gathered are all the previous conditionings, old thought/emotional/reaction/behavioural patterns, general tiredness of life, lack of love, crashed dreams and unmet needs. 

The barrel is now full, and a slightest extra drop becomes that ‘last straw’. Degenerative Basic Pattern is an end point of a disease development. The patient has now ‘arrived’: the drama of years and decades of wild swings of functional disturbance of Endocrine Imbalance with feverish flare ups of Toxic reaction is well and truly over; a fully developed Degenerative Pattern may seem to be a land of quiet despair and a matter of fact resignation. 


On the surface

Back to the SuperHero on his visit to a Doctor. 

Doctor (looking concerned alarmed looking at you as soon as you enter the office): ‘how may I help?’ (thinking: ‘Can I??’)

A (chilled, weathered and bulletproof) SuperHero: ‘I need this little thing fixed’, – sits with a facial expression of ‘….so I will be back quick, out in the battlefield, delivering. 

I take pride in facing the world without my Teddy Bear. 

In fact I’m a manufacturer of Teddy Bears’ for …..Endocrine Basic Pattern, poor folks. 

I’m up from 4am of the previous day, still going strong.

I’m fine, Doc’.


In reality

True, your productivity is amazing. Hats off, your work ethic is admirable. And your Spirit does seem to be made of a material of a superior quality. 

But! You give give give and then some more, from an empty space. 

You end up running on your body reserves without realising it while the disease process might well be (hidden) in development. Your productivity stopped being sustainable long ago. Or may be it never was as you overestimated your real resources (usually conditioned into productivity by family etc) and neglected or never discovered your deep inner needs. 

In contract to its predecessor, the Endocrine, in Degenerative Pattern territory you are ‘full on the outside, empty on the inside’, you deliver as asked without addressing your needs. You over-deliver. 

Once on a business networking event I met a young successful lady. She said: ‘I have had 5 amazingly intense years with lots of fantastic events happening including marriage and house move and a lot of interesting work: everything was so so exciting and busy with no time to stop; and suddenly here was this scary degenerative disease – why?’. 

She was genuinely puzzled; an ambitious young businesswoman, she lived by the rules and played her cards right: ‘working hard, playing hard’…


Degenerative Basic Pattern: Conflict, Stagnation and Manifest Diseases 

A hallmark of the Degenerative Basic Pattern is rigidity and stagnation – with the resulting loss of free flow and dynamic movement in our Mind-Body-Soul. Here the body loses the ability to self-regulate and self-heal and development of degenerative, destructive diseases becomes a matter of time testing the strength of individual constitution.  

On a physical level there are destructive processes and generalised stresses such as rheumatism or arthritis; also all systemic disease belong to Degenerative Basic Pattern.

Clinging to the same old conflicts and past events and nurturing the same emotional hurts alter the perception of the real world and a human being gets stuck in a flow of time. Here we become prisoners of our own rigid perception without ability to see that all the doors of this self created prison are wide open. The ability to adequately react to any given situation as to ‘what is’ is lost.

Unresolved internal conflicts accumulate and our now well defined repeat emotional patterns reflected in our words, our reactions and our behaviour are easily seen by anyone but ourselves.  


Reverse gear only 

In Natural Health part of healing of degenerative diseases we need to bear in mind that we are aiming to ‘reverse the process’ and whatever took years to develop might now well take months to treat. Months of concerted efforts, right attitude, in-depth knowledge and discipline. 

Our therapy strategy is to resolve the causes, the very roots of a disease and to skilfully guide the body to react creating conditions to bring back freedom and movement and the ability to self regulate.

This assumes that in reverse – and going back in time so to speak – we are re-building once present life sustaining ability of the body to react and self regulate; so when successful we are going through the reaction stage (Toxic Basic Pattern). In practical Colourpuncture terms it means that while focusing on treatments from Degenerative Basic Pattern we also support the body with detoxification and elimination treatments from Toxic Basic Pattern.  


Our favourite, the one and only…Conflict 

Each cause for loss of freedom and movement is unique and “there are as many causes for degenerative diseases as there are individual human beings”, – says Peter Mandel. And yet, one thing is the common feature here – a Conflict. 

The ‘Conflict’ is one single keyword for Degenerative Pattern and the worst form of it is a stationary conflict, a long and solid stagnation of life dynamic processes of Mind-Body-Soul which traps our Life Force itself inside. 


‘Full on the Outside, Empty on the Inside’

In contrast to obscure and frustrating Endocrine Insufficiency/Imbalance which rarely leaves any traces on clinical tests, Degenerative Basic Pattern has a sobering clarity to it: usually there is a diagnosis. This diagnosis sums up years and decades of constant giving, abundant manifestation and a noble habit of putting something or somebody, first – at the expense of adequate self care, rich inner life, freedom of individual creativity, reflective Soul searching and simply, enough hours of a good rest and joy. 

In Endocrine Basic Pattern we need to get our life together and learn to bring the richness of our inner world to the outer manifesting and sharing our gifts; in Degenerative Basic Pattern we need to learn to divert all this energy from the outer to the inner and put a full spotlight on our Self, and on our inner world in particular. 

Often the very first step to filling the internal emptiness is to learn to ask for and accept help, and become brave enough to start feeling our feelings again. 

With that we might quietly put our Super Hero outfit to storage and learn to cry. 


Under promises and over delivers 

Giving is good. Over-giving from an empty space is not. Neither it is sustainable. 

Saying Yes when situation calls for it is wonderful. Saying Yes as a habit without considering neither our resources nor if our Yes will help or rob the other person of developing the magical art of taking personal responsibility – and so power of self mastery – is not. 

Yes to everything every time is not noble. Neither it is real. Nor it is beneficial to a recipient of our care. 



Looking well back into the person’s past we often see:

  • internalised familiar rigidity of belief systems 
  • cold and loveless childhood or unhappy marriage 
  • work environment where being a SuperHero is a part of a job description such as medical/emergency services – without adequate balancing with de-stressing, creative expression and mental health care 
  • long and extreme pressure from both work and living situation where you are constantly demanded to be ‘with it’ in both areas and without rest, support or respite 
  • strong conditioning to ‘get to the top’, ’work hard’ or ‘keep stiff upper lip’
  • internal conflicts 
  • a tendency not to make decisions for a long time
  • tendency to put the Self last
  • certain physical traumas such as whiplash injury or trauma to the head 
  • long term unresolved inflammatory condition 
  • presence of toxicity in the body – ranging from somewhat inefficient bodily detoxification of normal products of metabolism to being subjected to radiation; long term side effects of medications
  • a trauma, a strong experience or a painful unresolved conflict within 1-2-3 years of the onset of a diagnosed disease.  


Prognosis and Time frame

Traditionally in Natural Health there is a premise that a full recovery takes 1 month of correct, adequate and targeted therapy for every year you had a disease. 

With Colourpuncture the process can truly be fast tracked to the roots, and yet a treatment schedule and timings are going to be very different from these of addressing functional disturbances of Endocrine Imbalance (Endocrine) or managing an acute disease (Toxic) bearing in mind that a degenerative disease took years to make a nest in the body – even before any manifestations. 

After an initial breakthrough you will need some sort of a regular maintenance, which can be monthly treatments or self care. 

In cases of a lost direction in life a healing Soul searching needs to be given time; especially if you never listened to yourself, knew yourself deeply or practiced addressing your needs. This is pure timing on healing – without taking into account time you spend fighting yourself and not accepting your Body-Mind-Soul needs.

But! There is a truly bright and powerful silver lining of the Degenerative Basic Pattern: our Conflicts are raw ingredients for growth and development of our Self, our Soul and our Spirit. Our Conflicts are simply keys to a more aligned and conscious life. We just need to renames them into Challenges.

All we need to do is to own them all, raise to these challenges and master a life changing art of Conflict Resolution 🙂 

If you would like to learn how to work on Degenerative Basic Pattern with Colourpuncture, master Conflict Resolution from an angle of a Body therapy, a non verbal psychology as Colourpuncture is often described, and translate TCM 5 Elements into Colourpuncture for healing of degenerative and systemic conditions – and even how to use Conflicts for Personal Development, join us for Parts 5 and 6 on the 4-5-6 December 2020. 

Look out for our next post in the series: ‘Treatment of Degenerative Basic Pattern’ which includes Strengths and Challenges of Degenerative Basic Pattern.

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