How to take care of yourself with daily Colourpuncture? With a minimal knowledge you can create a perfectly easy and effective self-care routine for your day. The key is repetition! A little time and focus, dedicated to yourself, daily – here is a very simple example.

  • Morning: Coordination 1 or Morning Balance; Zone of Power or Coordination 10 in Orange. The gift of Orange is Joy and Energy – a smile on your face and a spring in your step
  • Lunch break: noon of a a busy day is an ideal time to find 10 min to sit down – better lay down with some crystals: Crystal ‘Activator’ on Pain Clock, ‘Tephereth’ or ‘Hara’ centre; ‘Yin Yang’ crystals on symmetrical Left – Right zones, bilateral Acupuncture points
  • Afternoon: if you feel tired in the afternoon, try Yin Yang crystals, Colourpuncture or Acupressure on Kidney poles or Bl23
  • Evening: if you have difficulty to unwind or simply want to add more depth and quality to your relaxation with Blue colour: try Coordination 10 in Blue; excellent 4-point Auricular Colourpuncture Sleep protocol, Coordination 2 (Evening Balance)

You don’t have to do all the steps or stick to this self care routine this is just an example. Play with it; change the treatments for your favourites and figure what works for you.  Best of luck in applying our simple suggestions, any questions – contact us, we are happy to help 🙂

Here is the video transcript:

“If, for example, we’re talking about Colourpuncture – this is very simple. You wake up in the morning, you do your Zone of Power or you do your Coordination One or you do something in Orange. And you basically acknowledge that this is the morning of a new day and we have no idea what it brings – but we are ready! At lunch time if we have a really really for example stressful day we can lie down with our crystals for like I don’t know 10 minutes – and this is like mini-vacation, mini switching off. If you have an energy lapse in the afternoon you can do some Kidneys treatments. You can put (Yin Yang) crystals on Kidney Poles; you can do Colourpuncture on Kidney Poles. If you don’t have a Perlux (Colorpuncture tool) or if you don’t have the crystals, you can do Acupressure on the same points. And you support your energy BEFORE it goes down. For example, talking about energy and energy management, Kidneys energy is from 3 pm to 7 pm – Kidneys/Bladder energy – those 4 hours, this is why we feel like this in the afternoon. So before this time comes we can start supporting ourselves – by supporting our body – with it and so so on. And in the evening you give yourself some Blue light – you give yourself some really lovely treatments for relaxation. And, again, regardless of what is going on. Because obviously when something really big is going on – either personally or collectively – our reaction is (and there is a part of adaptation response to it) – our reaction is to finish the day by reading the news; by trying to really get a grip on a situation. And there is an adaptive response to it because this is about safety: we do need to know where they stand. But obviously the key is not to overdo it and come back to a situation when we need to relax FULLY. Now, this is interesting – considering we’re talking about all this either dramatic or really intense personal events- if you look at many many children cartoons; movies; if you read classic stories like I don’t know Stories of Narnia, anything – you will find that in a really difficult situation, for example: warriors preparing for a battle on the next day and then they know for sure: there going to be a battle. And they have no idea if they survive it. What they do – and this is what would basically distinguish a bad warrior from a good one – a good one goes into a full relaxation and into full sleep. No matter what is going on outside, they find a safe place and they make sure that they have a good sleep. And this is something I noticed just by accident and then I started noticing it in different you know different as I said films and books. This is the same theme! So in a situation when we feel like we are not you know directly on the battlefield like directly but we are on a some kind of a personal battlefield – and this could be anything – it’s not about what is actually happening to us; it’s a correlation to what is happening to us with our resources. This gives us stress, not the actual situation but how we’re going to handle it – that’s what gives us stress. So basically this is the advice: you create your self-care routine and schedule it in a way that your day is structured and you support yourself. And you go with this for at least a couple of weeks, so your body will get into this different mode of functioning. And this is again this is regardless of what’s going on. You could be a housewife watching news and being terrified and trying to figure out your next step in life or you could be indeed somebody in a really dangerous situation. And this is the same because we still have our body which best operates on rhythms and on routine and some kind of degree of predictability of things and functions we can control. Because obviously in acute situations there are many things that we cannot at all control – and we don’t know the outcomes – but whatever we can control, we should.”

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