Would you like to get really creative working with Yin Yang Crystals – while following a clear and reliable system? The simplest way to start is hands down using Yin Yang crystals on Bilateral Acupuncture points. As soon as you learn easy basic principles you can create an infinite amount of very simple, quick and effective treatment protocols!


The symbols: Zones of ‘Sun and Moon’ 

A perfect place to start is ‘Sun and Moon’ Reflex Zone: easy to apply and profound in its effects as we work on a symbols level. ‘Gold’ is ‘Sun’ and Yang. ‘Silver’ is ‘Moon’ and Yin. This is a very high level treatment as we address everything Yin and Yang, Sympathetic and Parasympathetic nervous systems, Male and Female principle and so on. Ask me if you don’t know these locations and would like to work with them.


‘Information barrier’ 

‘Information barrier’ is a treatment to reconnect our Being when there is a Polarity imbalance and is a prime choice for therapy resistance. Therapy Resistance is a topic very close to my heart…I was highly therapy resistant when I started my own healing journey and the very beginning of my practice – with fellow scientists as my first patients – was almost all about therapy resistance! The classic answer to ‘What are you feeling?’ was either: ‘What do you mean I’m FEELING??’ or: ‘Mmm…I THINK I’m feeling XYZ”. Some of my colleagues were amazingly responsive to Colourpuncture though and we had a great exchange! Overall, this somewhat tough start of my practice prompted me to search for answers to therapy resistance – deeper and wider that I would otherwise.

Now I use many sophisticated Colorpuncture protocols which became available in recent years to address it on a body level. Eventually I also developed my own way of working which manifested in creation of Cafe Self for Self Discovery and Soul feeding where apart from body therapies I use Dreamwork to engage a subconscious and Journalling for healing to engage a conscious mind. ‘Information points’ is a very easy treatment: you place the crystals – Gold of the back point, Silver on the front and ‘tune in’: bodily ‘felt senses’ will direct your further strategy.

Peter Mandel did a brilliant demo on this on one of Colourpuncture Update seminars and I’ve used ‘Information barrier’ points often, with great results. So simple and so profound – try it!


‘Kidney Poles’ and Zeitgeist 

In a current climate everybody needs to know where ‘Kidney Poles’ are!! To use Yin Yang crystals on bilateral Acupuncture points you generally do need to have some Acupuncture or TCM background. I’ll be happy to give initial suggestions: please get in touch if you are interested. With ‘Kidney poles’ though you don’t need any special knowledge – just easy application! ‘Kidney Poles’ balance Kidney energies so you can use them both in cases of full Kidney deficiency and Sympathetic Dominance. Sympathetic dominance which is so common now, creates an extra stress for the body exhausting our vital resources – not to mention that we can’t see clearly or think straight when we are locked into a even if sub-threshold but chronic ‘fight or flight’ response. Kidney Poles are also helpful for building up immune system resources, detoxification and a lot more! If you don’t have Yin Yang crystals or Colourpuncture Perlux you can also use easy Acupressure. Kidney Poles are located on the back but there is a super easy way to find them for self treatment. Ask me if you would like to know the locations and more indications!


Simple rule of application 

Here is a very simple rule with Yin Yang crystals: ‘Silver’/‘Moon’/Yin goes on the left side of the body and ‘Gold’/‘Sun’/Yang goes on the right. In case of any sensations/feelings/thoughts/bodily ‘felt senses’, whether pleasant, neutral or unpleasant – note them down. Yin Yang crystals can be used as a simple but very effective diagnostic tool this way – to give direction for further therapy! In case of any vague discomfort, swap the positions and after a discomfort subsides, return the crystals to original positions. Again, note down your ‘reactions’ as these are indicative of an imbalance which needs to be resolved.


Yin Yang Crystals to balance Excess and Deficiency 

Another way to work with Gold and Silver crystals is to palpate bilateral points for sensitivity and use Gold and Silver as we would use complementary colours in Colourpuncture. This is especially valid if there is a marked sensitivity of one of the points on palpation. In this case Silver goes on more sensitive point and Gold goes on less sensitive point. So, we balance the Excess with the Yin and Deficiency with the Yang crystal. 


Gall Bladder 25: Conflict Resolution and Immune System 

Have you ever wondered how our Immune system suffers from our Inner conflicts? It’s all about Qi… There are several Acupuncture points which we use for Conflict Resolution, each to deal with a particular side of it. Gall Bladder 25 deals specifically with the very roots of Internal conflicts which drain our vital Qi leading to weakening of Immune system. GB25 can be treated with Acupuncture, Acupressure, Colourpuncture – and the easiest: Yin and Yang crystals! Especially with chronic weakness of Immune System (think: long, chronic, obscure in origin – periodic ‘flare ups’ of your favourite ‘-itis’: gastritis..tonsillitis…cystitis…or you tend to ‘catch every bug’ or there is a sub-threshold inflammation) we assume that there is something draining our Qi so it isn’t available for healthy response of immune system or/and for moving the lymph. GB25 is easy to find – just find the very tips of your 12th ribs, the points are likely to be tender to touch. GB25 is a big point in Colourpuncture and Yin Yang crystal application here is wonderful as we work on a higher level: roots of internalised conflicts! Intentional Dreaming and Dream Analysis work wonders to take Conflict Resolution (much) deeper. When our Inner Conflicts live within us for long enough, we may no longer recognise what they actually are… Part of the beauty of Colourpuncture is that apart from balancing Qi and so directly helping our body systems, it also brings awareness about our Inner Life. 

So, an absolutely great – and by far the simplest – way to work on Conflict Resolution on a body level is to just apply Yin and Yang crystals to Acupuncture points GB25!

  • What’s about you? When you hear ‘internalised conflicts’ what comes to mind?


Application of Yin Yang crystals on bilateral Acupuncture points does require some understating of TCM/Acupuncture principles. Kidney Poles and GB25 points are points I believe we all need – and especially so in these times! These are simple to use for everyone for their indications (please refer to the video). If you would like to work more with Yin Yang crystals on bilateral Acupuncture points and would like some guidance, feel free to contact me for a free no obligations mini consultation. I love all things Colourpuncture and happy to share what I know to help you!

And here is a video transcript:

“So one of the simplest application of ‘Polarity’ crystals is to apply them to bilateral points. I would start with ‘Polarity’ crystals – I would personally start with ‘Zones of the Sun and the Moon’ on the forehead and I would start definitely in terms of more diagnostic treatment with these ‘Information Zones’ on the top of the head. And this is beautiful because this is a regulation of the body on a very very very big level and those are just bigger level treatments: it’s a level of Symbols in terms of Sun in the Moon; or, ‘Information points’ – this is more working with Therapy Resistance because this is ‘Information barrier’ points which are located on the scull, on the top of the scull. On a very ‘simple’ level – on a level of Acupuncture and especially because you are an Acupuncture practitioner – what you can do you can just work with these crystals applying them to bilateral Acupuncture points. So for example, if you’re tired or if you’re scared if there is some situation which is you know situation is uneasy, you can you can put crystals uh ‘Gold’ and ‘Silver’ crystals, ‘Yin and Yang’ crystals on ‘Kidney Poles. And the general rule is: ‘Silver’ goes on the left and ‘Gold’ goes on the right. In case there is a negative reaction you can swap the crystals temporarily till reaction subsides and then when reaction subsides you put them in original positions and you can use them this way. So for example, on points which more related to Conflict Resolution so for example Gall Bladder 25: Gall Bladder 25 is a big big big point for conflicts and for immune system. So for example if there is a lot of absolutely protracted and severe colds, flus or whatever which you cannot quite explain – so there is something draining your immune system energy, where Qi is not – is not letting the immune system you know it’s not enough Qi available for working of immune system or maybe there is not enough Qi to move the lymphatic system. So in this situation you can use Gall Bladder 25 because it relates to conflicts, you can attach crystals because again so for example you can of course you can do Colourpuncture on Gall Bladder 25 and this is normally how we treat this point, but if you put the crystals on this point you will approach this on a bigger level – on a level of information and on the level of Yin and Yang. And then you can figure what exactly going on with your energy, why your energy is not available for immune system; what type of conflicts are around and then conflicts can surface and then you can deal with conflicts with Conflict Resolution and so so on. So this is a beautiful application of Polarity crystals; I would say if you have any questions on this one you better ask me because unless you have Acupuncture knowledge then you can’t figure out which points you know would be best for you to use. I just gave you several examples. If you are an Acupuncture practitioner yes absolutely go for it! You go with with a bigger meaning, with a more spiritual meaning of the points – which contains in the name of an Acupuncture point and you can use ‘Gold’ and ‘Silver’ crystals. Another situation with bilateral points is that you can try to check the points for sensitivity, and if one of the points is much more sensitive than the other and it happens to be a point on the right hand side of the body then you put ‘Silver’ on this more sensitive point and ‘Gold’ on a less sensitive point because in this particular moment of time this particular meridian is an excess and this particular meridian is a deficiency and basically we balance it with ‘Gold’ and ‘Silver’. We balance an excess and deficiency. And this is really really simple, really really effective. Again if you have any questions, if you’re not an Acupuncture practitioner if you have any questions ask me – I’m here! I will answer to the best of my abilities and experience and practice but I love I absolutely love using these crystals – both ‘Yin and Yang’ crystals and ‘Elements’ crystals because they’re so so useful and you can feel you can see the results very very quickly and they complement Colourpuncture! Same as with Dream Zones – there’s no contradiction and you can either use them instead of in a situation of bilateral points for example or Soul Spirit colours with ‘Elements’ crystals or you can use them together with Colourpuncture – beautiful!”

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'Gold' and 'Silver' Esogetic crystals

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