When you feel pulled into a Big Change, do you feel grateful and surrender or do you resist and orbit the periphery of the process in hope that it will pass by itself? Do you listen to your Inner Voice which is usually correct in its whispering ‘You will have to…’ recognising it isn’t a question of ‘If’ but of ‘How’. 

How do we learn to manage Life’s ‘Tornado’ situations at their very beginnings? 


“The fates lead the willing and drag the unwilling”

This a little severe but encouraging quote attributed to Seneca may just serve as a guide through ‘tornado’ or ‘storm’ life’s situations. One message here is that of surrender; another is of an invisible and unwavering deep support for the courageous. 

When we clearly feel that we are pulled into a ‘Tornado’, we can choose to resist for as long as we can – or we can choose to enter the process consciously, asking for and accepting whatever support we can create for ourselves. 

We can choose to embrace the wave and practice a real presence: with ourself, the process and the surroundings. 

We can choose to treat the ‘Tornado’ as a spiritual assignment and not waste our energy and valuable time on fighting or denial.

We can choose to see this life stage as a prime time to learn some deep truths about ourselves – truths which otherwise would have remained untapped.

And we can choose to remain grateful for the Experience. 



To accept or not to accept…an invitation to a deep Self reflection. Few people enjoy a stormy weather….especially when many areas of life get into a state of a quick change with no certainty in the outcome. But one thing is certain: this is an opportunity for a fast track to personal development! 

External storms transform our Inner Life: there is something much deeper to discover and learn than we thought was possible – or necessary – for us. We can choose to accept the invitation as an in-depth lesson on Change which is due even if we thought we were perfectly up to date with our Life’s syllabus – and so receive the gift of unique insights which are possible if we choose to become present with the experience. These insights will help us to resolve the situation for everyone’s greater good; they’ll shape our character and they’ll take us into our better aligned future.


Translucency: Embrace the Insights 

One surprising ‘benefit’ of Life’s storms is that they make us ‘translucent’. We struggle; we actively look for answers; we Self reflect; with this we become receptive and open, much more so than usual. We get magnificent dreams highlighting our Core Self and our real needs; we start seeing ourselves as a part of a grand scheme of things as never before and so on. We can choose to harness this translucency. We can choose to embrace all parts of this weird and wonderful process. We can recognise life’s storms as a prime time for Inner Work and then our Inner work will support the process: Intentional Dreaming, Dream Analysis, Journalling and Soul Spirit Colourpuncture or Shen (Spirit) Acupuncture or Acupressure. 

What is very important not to overlook in a general ‘tornado’ of feelings and events is recording our insights about our Inner Self for the future, even if we are not acting on any of  it in the moment: we’ll never get that many insights during ‘peace’ times in our life!!


Chronic to acute…

In all healing traditions it is accepted that in order to truly heal – and not just temporarily suppress the symptoms – we need to find an origin, a ‘head’ of a dis-ease and not just clamp its ‘tail’…We build up body’s resources and ability to react; and we bring a chronic process into an acute stage as this is where our Body self heals. 

Life’s ’tornado’ is like an acute disease… though unpleasant (and sometimes even dangerous if we don’t know how to manage it) it is created for us to get out of some long stagnant situation which is slowly destroying our Soul, and heal. Just like in an acute bodily dis-ease we have to know our tools, food and remedies for the Soul to manage the storm enlisting help. 


“Not all storms come to destroy your Life, some come to clear your Path” 

In ideal Life, our ‘Path’ will be cleaned up as a matter of fact and on a regular basis…In reality sometimes we can’t gather enough strength to make a decisive step when the Big Change is overdue. And there will surely come, at some point, a huge wave of a Storm… An upheaval of the storm carries a massive potential. This energy is there for us – like a storm which “clears our Path” it’s helping us to move ourself from one crucial point in life to another way quicker than we would have ever dared. 

Sometimes it is just many events happening in a really short time close together on a background of low resources will have a feel of a life storm.

A strong but most probably once in a lifetime experience such as in case of a divorce or similar major change can help us to see, feel and experience ourselves as we truly are – our undressed to the Soul, Self. And this is when we can experience a real presence with our Self and a Soul deep healing.

This is a Part 2 of ‘Getting out of a Tornado’ series based on our October 2021 Cafe Self’s Q&A call.

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