Sheltering the Spirit

Fear fills the air denser than a virus.
Future looks like another reality.
It feels like we are walking in circles blanketed by a thick fog.

It’s time to nourish the Spirit.

Focusing on keeping the Spirit alive is vital in times which are challenging, uncertain, and may be just a little dark.
In more peaceful times we need to check in with the Spirit from time to time to keep the lines of communication open with our Inner Self.

This way we keep ourselves whole and keep to the Path regardless of the outer or inner dramas.


Uncharted territory

Suddenly we found ourselves not where we were heading.

There is no past.
The directions in the now keep changing.
Nobody promises anything anymore for the future.

We are in uncharted waters.
One thing is clear that things will not be the same.

Whether this is good or bad depends on a context.

From a spiritual perspective an uncharted territory presents a unique opportunity for change. And change is an opportunity as we are taught. A little hair rising perhaps …

However, from a body perspective uncharted territory mainly signals ‘danger’.

We don’t recognise the scenery anymore and our senses are overwhelmed. The sights, smells and sounds, the feelings are all new and unknown. There is no anchor.

The Spirit if free – or so it should be.
The body physiology and biochemistry however are evolutionary conservative.

We have inbuilt circadian clocks. Our body expects to have breakfast at 8:00 and dinner at 6:00 if we usually do so. The body ’plans’ its processes getting ready for these little daily events which constitutes a ‘normal’ life.

We have inbuilt circannual rhythms. We expect to shelter inside in winter and get outside in spring. We go by the seasons since the beginning of times regardless of technology advancement. We may just not register it that much as we don’t depend on it now the way earlier humans did.

We function well with workable routine and predictability. Stable, repeat daily and annual happenings signal ‘peace’ to the body.

Now there is a clear opportunity to change something which is no longer working in our lives. We didn’t choose the journey; however, we may choose to transform it making it of our own trajectory.


External threats, internal threats and immune system

I recently listened to Dr Lipton’s talk on Coronavirus. Among many interesting things he highlighted the obvious: external threats (a wild tiger) have a clear priority over internal threats (some infection/inflammation going on).

Basically, presented with both at once you will have not much doubt deciding where to put all available body energy. The likelihood is, you won’t be checking your temperature before running away.

Fight or flight sympathetic system instincts are inbuilt survival responses; the problem is that our body responding to more urgent external threats shuts down our immune system which governs response to internal threats and healing.

What is happening now is this massive, dense fear felt by the collective. This fear keeps our sympathetic systems on high alert and lowers our immune response gradually diminishing our ability to deal with ‘a virus’ – any virus – when/if it comes.

Long held stress magnifies the problem.

A largely un actionable fear – waiting for 1) potential and 2) invisible danger – blows the problem out of proportions.

It also makes us susceptible to a huge range of diseases triggered both by stress and low immune function. A long held fear of a somewhat vague threat also destabilises our mental health.


Starting from the body

We start from the body because the fear is physical.

Fear of viruses is ultimately fear of death, fear for loved ones, fear that life is not going to be the same.

A non material information about an invisible thereat triggers fear which is very physical.

According to TCM Kidneys is the system which manages fear response in the body. A specific cluster of points on Kidney meridian relates to our spiritual Self. These points help us to preserve our Spirit in times of danger or darkness. They also help to build our character in response to these times.

Our bodies are broadly equipped to deal with known dangers where we are to fight or fly: a wild animal, an enemy, a hurricane. Highly dangerous are these are, we have an in build response to deal with them. An invisible enemy confuses our system.

What we need in these times is reassurance. Yes, we will recognise the enemy when/if it comes and we will have resources to deal with it.

Working with Shen through the Kidney meridian is a way to reassure the body, by bodily means though connection to the Spirit.


Engaging consciousness

With body fear response returned to a healthy mode and Shen supported we can then work with our conscious mind.

A deep work on Quality Questions is indeed perfect for these times. Whatever the type, a deep work aimed at the consciousness engagement with Shen will provide a much needed two way road of communication between body and Spirit.

Let’s start with the body.


Your Spirit in your hands

Have you seen this gesture before?

I’ve seen an episode from a film where a main character tries to solace herself waiting for her beloved to return from a dangerous journey. She stands looking at an ocean, her hands of her upper chest. Just as a note, it was a great struggle but ended well in the film 🙂

Then I started noticing people doing it when they find themselves in troubling uncertainty or when a person/character is experiencing something frightening. They do it quickly as if they need to contain the Spirit inside and not let it leave them.


Sheltering the Spirit, zooming in

Before I learnt Acupuncture and Colourpucture the hands on the chest gesture didn’t make much sense to me. While I’m sure there is more to the gesture this is my own interpretation of it.

The gesture includes many important Acupuncture points. Both the upper chest and the palms of hands are special energy zones. They have to do with the Heart, Lungs, Kidneys and our Core.


Shen lives here

Shen is Spirit. Often overlooked in treatment of diseases of internal organs Shen is increasingly important in psychosomatic disorders so widespread now.

Shen Acupuncture is gaining popularity.

There are many points on the body which relate to Shen or Spirit. But the area around an upper sternum (collar bone) is indeed special. There is a whole ensemble of deep points here.

Here, on the upper chest ‘lives’ the Shen, the Spirit to be sheltered.


Healing hands

We shelter the Spirit with palms of our hands.

Hands have numerous associations.
We give with our hands putting whatever we give on our palms. We receive in the same way.

Open palms is body language mean honesty and openness to connection in communication.

In many mediation practices we sit with our palms open to the sky.

We touch others to comfort and intention alone makes our hands ‘healing hands’.

Hands are an important reflex zone similar to Foot Reflexology.

Almost half of Acupuncture meridians end or begin on hands making them important energy conversion points.

The ‘Healing triangle’ is a wonderful treatment which will help you to relax into a deep calm and serenity. Balancing the Heart, the expression and joy, authenticity and spontaneity with the life giving power of the Lungs, freedom and breathing, and saying Yes to life will feed the Spirit.

The all important Zone of Power anchors the points and amplifies the effect.

‘Healing triangle’ will do two things for you:

It will let you heal from the core outwards, from inside out, from soul to body and accumulate vitality and joy of living
Once you accumulate plenty of this healing energy this triangle will become a source of healing energy allowing you to share it with others for their healing.


Zone of ‘Right Remembrance’

In Shen Acupuncture we tend to use thinner needles and gentler needling techniques.

Colourpuncture is beautiful for these zones and I highly recommend you to try it if you have a Perlux light pen. It adds a significant depth to it.

In Colourpuncture we treat many points in this area and for various reasons. Among these layers, there is one of Dream Zones called the Zone of Right Remembrance or Self Remembrance. This is one of deepest and mystical Dream Zones.

However, back to that hands on the upper chest gesture.

Classically, it is done with hands.

Acupressure is simple. It is also free and instantly available. I feel a combination of Acupressure massage with a lighter touch – healing the body and Soul – is best for connecting these particular zones.

Self massage is also have an undertone of loving care and reassurance from our intentional Self to our inner Self. This is important.

After all, we are sheltering our Spirit in times of turmoil.


How to do it?

The quickest way to Nurture the Spirit is to simply put your hands on your chest in this position and take a couple of deep breaths. ‘Tune’ into it and start observing how you feel. Make some notes.

However there is a much deeper way. Acupressure massage of Shen points and related reflex zones will take you well beyond a nurturing gesture.

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Whatever you find comfort in during these times I’m wishing you good health, clarity of thoughts and resilience of Spirit.


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