Relax. Reconnect. Realign.

Do you know what your night dreams are going to be about this month? Can you choose your dreams?? Are you intentional about your dreams? Do you understand your dreams – especially your recurring dreams? What are you Dream Themes? Do you sleep well? 

There’s a good chance that if you are new to Colourpuncture you are not intentional about your Dreams and Dreamwork. And there is a good chance that you never heard about let alone considered practicing intentional, Targeted Dreaming for a more aligned life. 


Intentional Dreaming

Targeted Dreaming is essentially an intentional dreaming supported by Dream Zones – areas of skin which form a network similar to Acupuncture points network. I understand – this isn’t a common knowledge…yet (everybody who is familiar with Colourpuncture and Dreamwork wonders why they don’t teach such a vital life skill in a primary school!). 

Targeted Dreaming may sound too good to be true but I’ve seen many great results with it for nearly 2 decades now. It goes like this: you ask your Life or Health question, you find a Dream Zone which is a closest match to your question (think: ‘Self Memory’, ‘Fear’, ‘Letting Go’, ‘Relaxation’, ’Relationships’ etc), you work with this Zone (self-massage, Oil Relax, Colourpuncture) and then you just relax, sleep and dream! 

You follow with a simple and meaningful DIY Dream Analysis and then you combine it all both analytically and intuitively to create a better aligned life. Of course you can – and at the beginning I would suggest you should – work under the guidance of an experienced therapist but from our experience patients easily learn and internalise a simple Dream Analysis formula after just several sessions. 

Targeted dreaming and Dream analysis make a solid foundation for creating a habit of translating our dream insights into our daily plans for a more authentic life. 

I love helping people to learn how to let their dreams insights to shape up their daily plans to make life richer, deeper, more joyful and more aligned. I observed times and times again that night dreams reliably and persistently reflect our Soul’s needs and Self’s modus operandi at any given moment of time – so it’s important to check in with the Self and Soul by doing Dreamwork at some regular intervals (otherwise let’s face it, it’s just not gonna happen!!).


Give your Inner Self time

Often, no matter how starved our Inner Self is of our love and attention, we start on dreamwork and better sleep and dreaming – and dream related insights – come straightaway. It’s almost as if with dreamwork we open some invisible internal sluice gates and dreams come flooding in!

Sometimes, especially if we are well used to keeping your problems to ourself, or/and internalising them and they manifest as psychosomatic issues, things don’t come together on Day 1 of our dreamwork and we start worrying. One of the typical questions is: why things don’t come ‘together’ immediately as soon as you start? The answer usually comes by itself around Day 3 or 4…your Inner Self, your Soul, often long disconnected from your Daily, Conscious Self simply needs TIME to come out and play. Your Inner Self, who is invited to a dialogue through your Dreamwork, needs to develop trust that your Daily Self, who initiated the dialogue this time around is well…serious about creating this time and space. 


Anxiety, Conflicts and Dreams 

Can you CHOOSE to worry less? Yes, if you are prepared to face a REAL reason for your obscure ‘worry’. The real reason behind anxiety or worry is often some internal conflict, running deep and often long – with its roots hidden in a flow of time. 

We don’t know exactly what the name of the conflict is. We don’t even recognise we have an internal conflict. We don’t know that conflicts are fuel for our development and are only here to be resolved. We don’t know that health consequences of an internalised conflict can be severe. We don’t know that when we face and resolve the conflict our consciousness will expand beyond measure – and we’ll feel deep inner peace. 

My awareness of importance of recognising and resolving conflicts came with practicing and experiencing Colourpuncture family of ‘Conflict Resolution’ therapies: Prenatals, Mother Father balance, Transmitter Relays…The more I work the more I recognise and feel a presence of conflicts – both for my patients and myself. 

Here is an important tip on working with conflicts: NAME the conflict, see it for what it is; make a plan on how to resolve your conflict; start on your plan even with 1 vs 99% on day 1. Night dreams can show the way – we are pretty good at ignoring our conflicts in our daily life. Inner conflicts manifest as vague uneasiness, unhappiness, anxiety or psychosomatic disorders if we are into somatizing stuff.

So yes, we CAN choose to worry less by choosing to face and resolve our conflicts. 

When I started recognising and working with my inner conflicts, my life changed. It’s almost as if some new dimension opened up somewhere in layers of my awareness. I started to look at Conflict Resolution as walking an exotic and unfamiliar path – with interest to both the journey and the destination. 

The picture I chose for this post was taken on Cap Antibes in 2018. Little I knew that it was just before some major transformations in our life which followed in next several years. But I remember the feelings from walking this path: it was breathtakingly beautiful, spine-tingling in parts and we didn’t know what to expect around each corner – a perfect adventure! This is exactly how Conflict Resolution journey can feel sometimes. While at times we may face some both beautiful and jaw dropping landscape of our Inner Self, both the ride and destination provide rich experience and deep contentment and peace. 


Yin/Yang recipe for good sleep and dreams

Here is a simple Yin/Yang recipe for restful sleep and beautiful dreams (much more on this in our ‘Dream Yourself Together’ Dream Challenge): it’s all about creating (and maintaining!) a dynamic balance between Relaxation of the Yin and Action of the Yang. In order to get a good sleep you need to be relaxed before going to bed. And you can only be properly relaxed in the evening when you know deep down that your most important work of the day, the work related to your Life Calling, is done. And you feel that your body is in a good health and your Heart is happy and free from any major inner conflicts (or you are well on your way of resolving both health problems and inner conflicts). That’s it! Simple? Sure! Easy? You decide…


Why we need to Dream Ourselves Together

Can you really Dream Yourself Together? First time I was introduced to Dream Analysis and Targeted Dreaming I was both surprised and excited: ‘Wow, this is empowering and liberating! We can turn any dream into a dialogue between different parts of our Self!’ Working with skin Dream Zones, I thought: ’Wow, we can ask our Soul QUESTIONS!!! And it works!!’. 

Practicing Dreamwork both on myself and my patients I realised that dreams give probably the most honest insights into our inner conflicts and hint on potential areas of self development. Dreamwork helps us resolve the conflict at hand (clarifying the conflict also becomes easier) and so to reconnect different parts of our Self. All we need to do is to pay attention to dreams and learn and practice our dreamwork tools. 

I get validation to my first impressions every time I’m guiding somebody through dreamwork – or doing it myself. As for why we need to Dream Ourselves Together, it’s simple: no matter our best intentions, some little internal disconnection happens on a daily basis – sometime we’re just too busy to ‘digest’ and integrate things as they happen and little unaddressed issues accumulate. Before we know it we lose track of our inner life – and our Self and Soul don’t speak to each other…again.

So, here are some of my key dreamwork insights over the years: 

  • Dreamwork just has to be consciously scheduled – otherwise there is a little chance of it happening
  • We really should check in with our Self and Soul through our dreams at least at important points of the year; for me these are Solstices and Equinoxes – energetically important times – but it can also be around your Birthday and the point opposite to it and so on
  • Themes to our dreams are important; they reflect areas of Self where we need to grow and develop 
  • Our recurring dreams reflect our core inner conflicts begging to be resolved!
  • Key dreams need to be analysed and insights from Dream Analysis integrated into our daily life. 


If you are fascinated by your dreams and potential that dreamwork can offer and you would like to create a lasting improvement in any of these areas of your life, join us for our ‘Dream Yourself Together’ Dreamwork Challenge – a 9 days online event by Cafe Self. You will learn simple tools to help you sleep better, have better quality dreams and become intentional about your dreams and dreamwork – and, being in a constant dialogue with your dream insights, focused on truly important things in your daily life!

We will learn various simple tools and techniques which require very little time investment (starting from just 5 min) and will give you far reaching benefits.

Here are your Questions to the Soul for your dreamwork: 

  • Do you check in with your Self and Soul through your dreams?
  • What Question would you like your night dreams to give you an Answer for this month? 
  • Do you feel you have a good Yin Yang balance between daily action and evening relaxation? If not, which side you struggle with the most: quality relaxation of the Yin or conscious action of the Yang?
  • Would you be happy to give your Inner Self time and space it needs? 
  • Do you feel you can get really interested about exploring your Self walking this fascinating path between the opposite poles of your conflict on your quest to inner peace and Self awareness?
  • Are you excited at opportunities Targeted Dreaming and Dream Analysis can give you if you go for it?


Let me know, I would love to hear from you 🙂

‘Dream Yourself Together’ Dreamwork Challenge – hope to see you there!

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