At one point or another in our life we all seem to have some joints in the body affected by pain or/and restriction of mobility – acute or chronic, if unaddressed. The only thing which differs is which joint…

What we also need to remember here is that our spine also consists of joints with a certain degree of movement and so any back pain can be traced back to a singular vertebra joint and each vertebra is unique in its physiological properties and psycho-emotional correspondences – but this is a separate topic.

How do we go from pain and mobility restriction to tapping into a deeper meaning of what is going on for us on a body level and so turn, in Colourpuncture great Master’s words from a “non-sense’ towards a ‘sense of pain and disease“. If we adopt an attitude of being open minded and drop our half-automatic thinking: ‘I know all the answers already and nothing will work for me…’, we might get a few surprises….not only our pain will be relieved but by tapping into its subtle level origins and addressing the underlying issues we will refresh and brighten our whole life in a process.

Our Q&A Colourpuncture session provides an example: we looked into Hip Joint Problems and possible treatment solutions including using Dream Zones and Sound Therapy. This is a Part 1; later we will look at the level of joint symbolism and Reflex Zones for pain.

We hope you will enjoy watching our video fragment and this will provide you with an initial direction (and some food for thoughts!) on where to start planning your treatment strategy for joint problems – if you would like to learn more please Contact us for options.

Please let us know if you found this helpful and if you have any related questions. We hope to come back soon with more discussion on joints within a Body-Soul-Spirit framework continuing with a hip joint as an example.

Here is a summary of the video if you like reading 🙂

Hip joint generally relates to a Zone of “True Potential’ or Zone of ‘Individual Program’ and it tends to have, to give problems to people who are not quite fulfilling their ‘Life’s Program’ whether or not they are aware of it, whether or not they know. Whether they think they do or not, body gives the signals – unless for example hips joint is affected by inborn weakness or something like that. But basically every time you have a hip problem we assume that there is some problem with following your Individual Program or living out your True Potential; so classic uh classic uh colour for hip joint is (Colourpuncture) red and you just literally stroke the zone in red. I would say that if you have problem with your hip joint which is quite chronic or is repetitive you would highly benefit from doing the whole dream sequence of ‘Zones of Change and Growth’ or ‘Zones of Expansion of Consciousness’ of which Zone of Individual Potential is just number one; why? So for example, imagine that you treat your hip joint: you treat your hip joint and you activate your Individual Potential and you get some insights; whether you can comprehend the insights or not this is another matter but if you feel that you’re moving somehow in this direction but then you need to in order to manifest your individual potential and make it more concrete. You need to take it further and our further zone will be about ‘Feelings and Intuition’ (on the inside of the knee joint, on the inside part of the knee joint) – so this will help us to check in with how we feel about this particular aspect of True Potential or Individual Program we received already – we check in with our feelings. We check in with our intuition; our intuition help us to manifest this Individual Potential and take it one step further and then this next zone, Zone number three of the sequence will be a Zone of ‘Creativity and Imagination’ and this is where basically visual we visualize the future: we visualize how we want us to be: how we want ourselves to be, how we want to feel, what we want to do, how we would like to see our life, our individual potential manifested. So the creativity and imagination is getting more and more so we are getting more and more concrete as we go through the zones into the direction of manifesting our True Potential. And creativity and imagination basically is creating vision for the future and so the last zone of the sequence. Zone of ‘Creativity and Imagination’ was over an internal malleolus – left and right – and the last Zone, Zone number four is called Zone of Intelligence’ – not intellect but intelligence which is a more comprehensive um understanding of the world or any particular information and this zone is located over the base joint of the big toe left and right and when we finally connect with our Zone of Intelligence basically it help us to take our Individual Program from some vague insights on Zone number one, some understanding some insights to follow with through the checking with our feelings and intuition making it a little bit more concrete, and then we go into our creativity and imagination: we are creating a concrete vision for the future and then we do the Zone of Intelligence and this is beautiful! So if you have problem with the hip first option you have you can only treat it with red color and you just treat the hip joint left and right you can always also just treat it symptomatically for pain or for restriction of mobility just one side but if there is a problem which is ongoing rather than for example problem which is situational -just you hurt your you injured you hip doing somehow maybe you know maybe you will walked and you stepped not quite carefully or something; but if this is something more chronic then I would really encourage you to do those because this is really easy you just massage all the zones and then you apply um Oil Relax and then you treat them with color and that’s it. That’s very, very easy: it takes five minutes so this is the answer to this question. In order to do the whole sequence again so we do uh when we do the sequence of Zones of Expansion of Consciousness or Growth and Change then we do day one hip joint; day two inner knee; day three inner malleolus; day four uh base joint of the big toe and then we start again; day one – day two – days three – day four so it makes it eight days and then we take a break of eight days and then we can start again. And then of course if you would like to take it further, together with each Zone there is an accompanying CD which is a Sound Therapy to support this particular Zone – it’s a sound therapy for ‘Wholeness’ or ‘Totality’ and zone number one over the hip journey will be Zone of the Spirit so sound therapy will support following the spirit connecting with the intuition principle and the second zone is Zone of the Body and third zone is of the Soul and the last zone, zone number four you have a choice of treating it with either sound therapy for ‘Psychosomatic balance’ or for ‘Strengthening of immune system’ and that would depend where you stand in terms of your general (health) profile, whether you are more prone to endocrine type of disorders, functional disorder or you’re quite prone to infections, inflammation, ‘getting all the bugs’ or your immune system could be overreactive so anything to do to do with the immune system, anything along those lines. So yeah this is how I would do it and yeah I hope it answers your question.

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