A simple yet powerful tool at any stage of life but especially at any point during life’s crisis is to create a ‘Thank you!’ Party. This is one of the tools from ‘Getting Out of Life’s Tornado’ series from October Cafe Self Q&A.

Here is the video transcript:

“Another tool which is really really helpful in this situation is to ‘take stock’. You just take stock, right where you are: inside of a ‘Tornado’, half way out – anywhere you are. You take stock of  situations in your life, you take stock of people, relationships, things, professions, places – anything: anything  which could be considered your ‘resource’. Or anything which basically surrounds you in this particular moment of time.

There is another tool which you can use, this is something we intuitively do and this is  something that you can consider. Create a ‘Thank you’ Party. Invite everyone who is helping you right in this moment of time. It doesn’t matter – it could be one person, it could be ten people, it could be the whole huge big group of people it doesn’t matter. Ask them to come together, you can see them all and then magic happens: you see how NOT alone you are! You see all these people supporting you 🙂

Ask them to come, let them know that you want to say ‘thank you’ – for them helping you to get to this stage in your life, and go through this stage, and carrying on going through this stage and providing support on your journey.”

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