“How does Crystal Activator works that it gives us so much ENERGY?”, was one of our November Colourpuncture Q&A question.

How to have more energy? How to create more energy when we feel our very vitality is at the low end?  Energy question is probably one of the biggest questions for all of us – especially at times when we have to do – or cope with – a lot. 

Crystal Activator is one of my favourite tools: it made a huge difference for me (not just once!) at times of low energy and vitality – and it consistently does so for people who know how to use the Activator. Crystal Activator is a less known yet wonderful tool for energy increase – with only positive ‘side effects’! This is a fragment of our November 2021 Colourpuncture Q&A.

Here is a video transcript:

The question is: “How does a Crystal ‘Activator’ works? How does the Crystal Activator works so it gives so much energy?? And this is a question from one of my students who is going through an incredibly difficult period of life. And she’s using an ‘Activator’ and she started being really really incredibly tired -mentally, emotionally and physically and then she started working with the ‘Activator’ and she feels this amazing energy: practical energy – to do things – and also emotional energy, better vitality and some joy and everything although the situation is very challenging. Now, there is a very short answer to this. Obviously there are long answers… then we can go into much theory about how things work and I would avoid it with crystals, because I seriously don’t know how crystals work – because they work on a level of ‘information’ and the level of information is a level which we cannot fully comprehend as humans – purely on the on the grounds of cybernetics law. But I would say that the short answer to this question is: ‘Activator’ ‘activates’ our subconscious… it lifts something from our subconscious for our conscious consideration – or just for release. Sometimes it lifts something from our subconscious and we just need to release this something without even comprehending it – sometimes it’s not even possible (to know) what it was. And sometimes it just releases something and we need to really look at it and resolve it and move on. Now, Peter Mandel has this wonderful expression and we use it in several specific situations – this is one of them – he says “We often carry what we shouldn’t”. And this is exactly what the Activator does. Activator, when you work with the Activator it lifts something and it releases, helping to release something that you carry – but you shouldn’t – and there’s something obviously from the depths of your subconscious and this something can have absolutely nothing to do with you! This could be something from I don’t know ancestry tree; this could be something from a collective unconscious; it could be some archetypal energy – energy of a victim for example – whatever unhelpful energy which is though survival oriented is not beneficial for you in this particular moment of time. This what it does and by releasing something that we shouldn’t carry then of course we’re getting more energy because imagine carrying heavy suitcases – which are very often not even ours – and then suddenly you just drop them and then you go and of course your path becomes very light because you just you’re not carrying stuff which you shouldn’t. So this is a short answer to the question “How the Activator works?” it’s amazing activate is one of my favourite tools and it’s literally I felt it saved my if not life but Spirit, several times when I was in a really really difficult life situation; really low on vital resources. This doesn’t happen very often but when it happens it’s unmistakable and this is one of those situations you apply the Activator and it really gives you this energy, it really really helps – also I would say that not only in the moment: Activator connects you with some understanding of what you need to DO so you will you will get some insights and some impetus for action with the Activator. So in a nutshell: ‘Activator’ crystal lifts something from depths of our subconscious; something that drains our energy, some conflict, some past situation which is not helpful, some energy archetype, behavioural pattern which is no longer helpful – something which is not even ours – and when we stop this drain of energy and energy is available back to you of course you feel much better!”

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