If you never experienced Colourpuncture, you may be wondering what the outcome of your Colourpuncture session will be.

If you experienced Colourpuncture a lot, you may be wondering why there are many intriguingly different outcomes of your Colourpuncture sessions – and if it depends on a type of therapy being used.

In a nutshell, there are 3 most likely outcomes of your Colourpuncture therapy:

  • Resolution of your physical complaint or pain – either immediate or cumulative
  • Insight into a core pattern: emotional, mental, behavioural
  • ‘To be continued’ – while you are all relaxed and happy, there could be something else to explore which calls for further Colourpuncture treatment or/and a suitable processing tool such as Dreamwork, Journaling and others

Here we look at the first scenario, a likely outcome of a ‘body therapy of Colourpuncture’: resolution of a physical complaint/pain relief and how different pains and problems may require different approaches to therapy – when it’s best to come to a Clinic and when it’s best to learn some simple points for daily self treatment at home.

Any questions on how to get started with Colourpuncture at home – get in touch, I’ll be happy to help!

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