If you never experienced Colourpuncture, you may be wondering what the outcome of your Colourpuncture session will be.

If you experienced Colourpuncture a lot, you may be wondering why there are many intriguingly different outcomes of your Colourpuncture sessions – and if it depends on a type of therapy being used.

In a nutshell, there are 3 most likely outcomes of your Colourpuncture therapy:

  • Resolution of your physical complaint or pain – either immediate or cumulative
  • Insight into a core pattern: emotional, mental, behavioural
  • ‘To be continued’ – while you are all relaxed and happy, there could be something else to explore which calls for further Colourpuncture treatment or/and a suitable processing tool such as Dreamwork, Journaling and others

Here we look at the first scenario, a likely outcome of a ‘body therapy of Colourpuncture’: resolution of a physical complaint/pain relief and how different pains and problems may require different approaches to therapy – when it’s best to come to a Clinic and when it’s best to learn some simple points for daily self treatment at home.


Here is a video transcript 🙂

“What happens after your Colourpuncture session? Chances are – if you never experienced Colorpuncture, you have no idea what to expect. And Colourpuncture is ‘just another body therapy’ you might think – but it’s so much deeper than that! Colourpuncture – apart from balancing flow of your energy, Qi – same as Acupressure same as Acupuncture or other meridian-based or Reflex Zone based body therapy can give you a wonderful realignment, reconnection, relief from pain, relief from stagnation. It (Colorpuncture) can take you into a much deeper place depending if the problem was physical or mental health problem, psychological problem. Also if you look at Colorpuncture as a separate technique which has this unique qualities than chances are that after a session you either feel first, you can feel relief from pain; you can feel much better with your complaint. It could be an immediate effect as in case with pain obviously or it could be a cumulative effect so for example you are coming (to receive Colourpuncture) because your hormones are imbalanced; you know there is some pre-menstrual tension or there’s menopause going on or there is some problem with the thyroid gland or any problem within for example endocrine system. And this will require some sessions – probably weekly sessions for some time till your problem will resolve, till your hormones balance out – and so so on. If you have for example something like sub-threshold inflammation, then again this is something that will require some time to resolve because it probably came into being because of some suppressed inflammation in the past; suppressed illness (suppressed acute illness) in the past which basically ‘locked’ the body into this stage and there is now what is called in Acupuncture ‘residual heat’ – which your body carries and this gives you problems. So if you come in with anything like that chances are that you will have some sessions and cumulative effect will be that the complaint that you came with will resolve. If you have headache or stomach ache or any kind of ache more often than not the problem will resolve within the session – not necessarily it will completely go but the session, your Colourpuncture session will trigger some processes. You will feel more relaxed and the problem with the pain will gradually go. If for example we’re talking more of joint pains, this is something that most likely – of course you can come to the Clinic to solve it – but most likely if we are talking about long-term process, degenerative process or very very long term rheumatic process then maybe you might be better off doing some really really simple treatments really taking like three minutes, five minutes treatment every day at home for some period of time and then the problem will go, the pain will resolve. It will get better within one session but it will not resolve completely because obviously for whatever time it took for the problem to develop you need to realistically allow some time to unfold. Because in all natural medicines including Colourpuncture we don’t suppress the tail of the disease so to speak – we go for the head; we go for the unraveling things back to the original problem and then we sort out both the presenting complaint which could be pain or inflammation or temperature or stagnation and where the problem originated, the head of the problem so to speak so we are targeting both and it’s likely to take some time. So one of the most likely outcomes of the (Colourpuncture) session – if this is purely body session for some physical complaints -that your complaint will resolve.”

Any questions on how to get started with Colourpuncture at home – get in touch, I’ll be happy to help!

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