If I am to describe ‘Conflict Resolution’ therapies of Colourpuncture is a couple of words it would be: ‘reframing of stuck patterns’. These can be: thought patterns, reaction patterns, behavioural patterns – any automatic response to varying life’s stressors (which could be external but also internal) triggered by some hidden inner pattern, an in-built circuitry which we most probably acquired when we were very young as a part of our adaptation to life. Back then, these patterns were acquired to serve a protective role – this worked for us to keep us safe, we didn’t know any better; this reflected our resources at the time. As soon as the pattern was formed it became our ‘reference point’: ‘this is what I do when…’.

The problem is that in our grown up and so (hopefully!) more resourceful state, we are still run by these patterns, they swiftly emerge and run their course before we even recognise that this particular situation we are facing now is new; probably very different from our childhood ‘template’ situations and right now we have a whole spectrum of possible reactions, thoughts and behavioural choices.

This sounds stage but we do mostly run on this invisible autopilot which remains largely unchallenged by us. We may get some insights into these patterns when for example our spouse comments: ‘You always do/say/think/etc’. And then this well meaning person tends to get a second helping of our automatic patterns 🙂

Conflict Resolution of Colourpuncture challenge these patterns by balancing our Acupuncture meridian and Reflex zone pathways – the patterns just seem to rise to the surface for our conscious attention. This is why Peter Mandal calls Colourpuncture ‘a non-verbal psychology’.

I think Colourpuncture is even better than that. With all my absolute respect for psychology, I feel it has one big issue: we know that we have some ‘problems’; we may have some ideas what they are; our therapist may have some ideas what they are – but because most of them are anchored in the body, nobody and never knows for sure what these are. And this is where Colourpuncture excels.

Often both a patient and a therapist are equally surprised by what our body considers to have been a problem…this may not be that huge one-off drama. It may be; but it isn’t necessarily. Not all of our real internal scars are reflected in our typical ‘medical history form’…

A long period of time spent in some chronic unresolvable situation, where we didn’t see the light at the end of the tunnel, though our life station wasn’t necessarily dramatic, can be equally if not more damaging. In comparison with how humans were designed to survive in wild nature, we now live much more sheltered but much more complex lives – and we are simply not designed to withstand a protracted even if ‘sub-threshold’ stress. Unhappy relationship or lack of fulfilment in our professional life aren’t life threatening – but lasting long enough without a resolution, they are soul destroying. And from here, the door is also wide open to a wild variety of psychosomatic illnesses.

I witness amazing results with Conflict Resolution therapies of Colourpuncture times and times again; ‘life changing’ doesn’t even begin to describe it – and I feel that this is an absolute star of the whole Esogetic system!

Experience Conflict Resolution therapies: https://irinakotlar.uk/the-clinic/

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