If I dare to answer big questions ‘who are we?’ and ‘what are we here to do?’ – from my clinical experience (and some research because I love good questions!) – I’d say: You are a Noun; Your Path is a Verb. Yes, in a nutshell it’s as simple as that. Here is a bit more on this idea 🙂

Here we use Identity as Individuality – and not necessarily Personality as sometimes our Personality tends to have a big portion of ‘foreign programming’ in the mix (more on this in further video episodes from May 2022 Cafe Self call, coming soon!). Ideally, our aim should be to ultimately integrate our Individuality and our Personality so we both live internally and present externally an integrated, authentic, aligned Self. 

What I also wanted to highlight in addition to the video: sure, when we already developed an illness or there is pain, problem, conflict and so on, this should be – and absolutely can be in most cases – resolved with Colourpuncture. However, while I don’t specifically focus on working with children – people tend to seek help when they already developed a problem they need help with – the more I work the more I see the magic and the potential in working with children and young people when they are still in search of their identity and their path and when the conditioning they are being imprinted with can be somewhat softened and put into perspective by practicing simple awareness to a deeper roots of family dynamic for example. Imagine…how many future psychosomatic conditions (further developing into acute and degenerative diseases) can be prevented this way!

Here is a video transcript 🙂

“What I found is that Colourpuncture is just the first step. And very often this is the only step – for example if you use Colourpuncture for physical complaint and you do Colorpuncture and then your complaint resolves, this is beautiful, you don’t have to come back to it. You may be will need to maintain it like once a year or something like that – if that. If obviously condition was more severe then you would need some you know more regular maintenance but with a physical condition Colourpuncture works really good and really clear: you have a resolution of your complaint hopefully – if the strategy is right; if your body have the capacity and so so on. Peter Mandel has a wonderful book called ‘Sense and nonsense of sickness and pain’ and the premise of the book is: if we are who we are (coming back to our identity question), if we are living our own identity; if we are living our own potential – because sometimes we can live our identity but not to the full potential; sometimes we can develop a huge potential but this is not quite our identity. And then we need to be ‘on the Path’ so basically he said when you have a firm identity and you’re working on developing your full potential – because nobody ever lives to their full potential unless they put it as a goal, right? Because you tend to to live more or less day by day unless we are specifically trained to develop our potential and so so on. But normally we don’t and obviously then we need to discover our Path and very often our Path is connected with our Identity – it’s a reflection. The person is a noun; the Path is is a verb so to speak: we act; we heal; we dance; we write. So my idea was: with certain situations, when the condition for example is not physical but condition is more psychological – we’re talking more about ‘Conflict Resolution’ (therapies) and all those things and even if when condition is physical but for whatever reasons it doesn’t resolve; there is a therapy resistance, I would always start talking to people and asking them around what it is happening in their life in general; what they are not happy about; what’s their biggest disbalance at the moment; how they see themselves; how self-realised they are; how clear they are on their identity; how happy they are with the Path and so so on. And then at some point I thought: why don’t we start from the opposite end? Instead of trying to treat people from something that they already developed because they are not with identity, not following their full potential – not working on realising their full potential – and have no idea of the Path, why don’t we start from opposite end: why don’t we start figuring out those things first (and also as early in life as possible) and then we know for sure that we are who we are, we are working on our potential, and we are working our Path. And then even if you get a disease or illness or whatever because we all do at some point because there are constitutional weaknesses and so so on; there is situational unhappiness; something is going on – then we tend to cope with this disease or illness or problem or pain much much quicker. And I really saw it with my patients. So when there comes a patient who is really living out their potential; they’re clearly on their path, very often they knew it from the very childhood or they found it quite early or there was some dramatic events in their life which really forced them to fully found that they find their identity and develop themselves and follow the path and so on – so these people tend to recover quicker. And they tend to come back in even better capacity to their original Path and you know they strengthen their sense of Self and so so on. But then there comes a person who has no idea about identity – very often this is somebody who was heavily shaped by parents; by society; by culture; with very problematic childhood (or very good childhood which forever put an idea of how things ‘should be’ and then of course they grow up and life does not live out to their expectations that happens too) so if those things happen then this is a process which is much more difficult because not only we are trying to heal a physical disease but we are trying to answer this question: why in the first place there was some some loss of their sense of Self; some loss of their identity and so so on -and this is how I created the whole thing (Cafe Self).”

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