October is very clearly a month to start journeying the Yin part on the Wheel of the Year and focus on our Inner Life, deep healing and Self nourishing 🙂

What makes for a successful healing – no matter which therapy you use? And how to make a therapy (‘wonderful’, ‘amazing’ as you hear, no matter the name of that therapy), work for YOU?

If you are asking yourself this question, chances are that you are not particularly receptive to a therapy. You may have heard some wonderful things about a certain therapy and tried it yourself but things are not quite happening the way you feel, they should. You are finding that for you in particular something seems to be missing. Or, quite the opposite – you are getting a lot out of your therapy but you feel that a lot more is possible.

When I started my healing journey I was highly ‘Therapy Resistant’. So were my first patients! Early on I had to search for extra tools to resolve this internal disconnection between the Body, Soul and Spirit which a ‘therapy resistance’ really is. I found a lot of tools 🙂 I also created some of my own in my work with my patients as and when they needed that special extra angle to resolve a particular problem. In my core Cafe Self work I use Dreamwork, Bodywork and Journalling, adding extra tools as needed.

I found that there are 3 steps which will make any body therapy work for you even if you are  therapy resistant. These 3 steps make a huge difference for therapy outcomes for me and my patients every single time.

I started my own healing journey with a body therapy called Colourpuncture which is a spin off Acupuncture and then I used the same 3 steps with the same tools for Reflexology, Massage, Acupressure, Craniosacral therapy – and it all worked just as well.


The Conscious, the Subconscious and the Body 

1. Dreamwork: Intentional dreaming and Dream Analysis 

Intentional dreaming will direct and organise your dream experience. Intentional Dreaming includes ‘Targeted Dreaming’ by Peter Mandel which consists of treating specific areas of skin with massage, Oil Relax, and Colourpuncture, combined with Acupressure, Questions to the Soul and focusing on body’s ‘felt fences’. 

With a Targeted Dreaming we are working with the body through a particular combination of Dream Zones. For example: ‘Zone of Relationships’, ‘Zone of Subconscious’ and ‘Joy Zone’ combination will help you to see why joy is lacking in your relationships (with reasons often hidden in depths of your subconscious), and how to bring it back. Peter Mandel calls Colourpuncture a ‘non verbal psychology’ and for many people Targeted Dreaming alone will bring a resolution to the problem. 

Other tools will work for highly therapy resistant people and they will add more conscious understanding to Intentional Dreaming. We follow up with a Dream Analysis to bring to light different parts of our Inner Self which are in some sort of a conflict or complex interactions and which need to come together to integrate into the Whole. Dream Analysis brings to light – and to a resolution – our patterns and internal conflicts, which otherwise would have remained hidden. On this more ‘surface’ level where we can consciously work with them all. 

2. Active participation in the therapy process itself 

If our Body therapy is a DIY therapy such as Colorpuncture or Acupressure, chances are: we know what we are doing. Working with a therapist, we need to collaborate with our therapist both on their general therapy strategy for us and be aware of a particular treatment they use on the day. This will makes us to understand better which layers of our Being we are working on. Here we don’t need all the therapy details but a general outline. 

For example, if we are receiving a therapy called ‘Mother-Father Balance’, then most likely our insights and experience will be on a resolution of related internal conflicts along these lines. This may involve us reviewing the role we thought a particular parent played in our life. This review will very often bring surprising results! We will see our patterns around this side of our life, and we will see better our conditioning and ‘imprints’. The aim of this particular therapy for example is to remove an un-constructive conditioning while preserving a light essence of this person’s influence on us on a Soul level, their Light which now lives inside us. Being conscious of layers being touched upon by a therapy can make a huge difference as sometimes some vague inner stirrings or even some uneasiness can translate into a powerful tool for Self discovery and positive change.

3. Writing or Journalling 

We can do a Stream Writing, we can use Journalling prompts, we can do Journalling for healing (when there is a need to process a specific acute situation; there is a journalling tool for that too!). As and when we need we can also mix our Journalling tools. Journalling prompts is one of my favourite techniques, and the entire Cafe Self started with this!

  • Have you tried Intentional Dreaming or Dream Analysis?
  • Have you tried working with ‘felt senses’ in your Bodywork?
  • Have you tried any form of Journaling for healing?
  • Which one worked for you?


Three sides of Self 

Connecting our Bodywork with Dreamwork and Journalling, we are engaging our unconscious mind; our conscious mind; our bodily felt senses – and we are even tapping into collective unconscious. They all then work together for our healing. They are all totally interconnected, integral sides of our beautiful shining SELF.

Why it’s so important to work on all three sides of Self? It’s simple: we never know on which level/layer of our Being the answer to our problem is. Most likely, all three sides are affected and have to be actively engaged for our healing.

Dreamwork engages our personal subconscious and collective unconscious. Body therapy actively works with body through a largest organ of the body, our skin; we are engaging body felt senses; in case of energy therapy we also engage a meridian network or other energy pathways; we work through Reflex Zones or ‘micro-systems’ such as Auricular Acupuncture, Reflexology; we work with fascia system in Craniosacral Therapy and so on. Writing/Journalling actively engages our conscious mind and so it helps us to make better sense of and organise our thoughts, clarify our thoughts patterns, feelings and life experience. Journalling is the final step to bridge our dreamwork and body therapy insights with our daily life, to build better habits which is an ultimate key for sustainable health, mental wellbeing and general life satisfaction, inner contentment, a sense of purpose and authentic worldly contribution. 

  • Do you use any combination of Body therapy, Dreamwork or Journalling for your healing?
  • If not, which one is currently missing?
  • How you can fill the gap?  


Next Cafe Self Q&A: the 12th of November

In August we talked about all aspects of Relationships. In September we talked about Self Nourishing vs Self Sabotage. In October we talked about Letting Go stage of a Relationship and Inner work in this process; and ‘Non-available’ Relationships. 

What’s our topic for November will be?? Tell me! Ask me questions about anything related to Self realisation, Soul feeding and generally making sense of your Life Experience, past and present.

Our next FREE monthly online Cafe Self Q&A session is on the 12th of November at 12pm UK. 

Join us for some Soul feeding and bring your Questions to the Soul! Contact us using the form below with your questions or bring them to the call (contact us using the form below for a Zoom link) and I’ll see you on Friday the 12th at 12pm UK time! 


Next Colourpuncture Q&A: the 22nd of October

In August we talked about Planning a short and long term Treatment Strategy. 

In September we talked about treating Joints problems; Dreamwork; Yin and Yang balancing and Sympathetic Dominance. 

What’s the topic for October will be?? Tell me! Ask me your questions about anything related to Colourpuncture for health, wellbeing, Self and Life Path – our next FREE monthly online Colorpuncture Q&A session is on Friday the 22nd of October at 12:00pm UK. Our last Colourpuncture Q&A in 2021 will be on the 26th of November and we will then take a break till the end of January 2022.

Join us with your Colorpuncture questions: contact us using the form below with your questions or bring them to the call (please contact us using the form below to get a Zoom link). I’m looking forward to seeing you soon! 

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