When it comes to Prenatal therapy of Colourpuncture, what’s your favourite plan of treatments? For many years, I followed a classic sequence: ‘Basic Prenatals’ followed by ‘7 points’ Prenatals followed by a classic ‘Bardo’. I love this therapy and I’d say the success rate was 9 out of 10. In 2014 we learnt a new Prenatal Diagnostics on a Colourpuncture Update seminar in Germany. Receiving a brief initial treatment in exchange on the Update – and not expecting much in a room full of people – I had one of the brightest Colourpuncture insights which summed up something very important. I since gave this therapy to my patients – also with remarkable results.

New Prenatals: Spine-Organ Connections or ‘Prenatal Diagnostics’ can be learnt if you are already a therapist of Colourpuncture: this is seriously advanced stuff and I’d encourage you to learn it, receive it and give it – if you thought that classic Prenatal Therapy is powerful (and it still is by all means) then you are in for even bigger surprise here! If you have any questions please contact me for details.

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