“The only thing constant is change” old cliche never had the same meaning as it does today…enough said. But, how to adapt to this Big change – in a fast changing environment too – presenting us with challenges which most of us don’t have any prior reference points for? It’s been a 100 years since the last ‘pandemic’; nearly 80 years (for the most of Europe) since a major war – and a while since the last big nuclear scare. And, last time these things happened – they were years and decades apart, and not flawlessly merging into one seemingly unsurmountable challenge.

We all had some plans before the pandemic; we updated our plans during the lockdowns; we started to optimistically look forward to a renewed ‘freedom’ – only to realise how fragile the mere life on Earth can be and how we all may suddenly become affected by something happening seemingly so far away. So, how to adapt to a fast changing environment – and how to recognise opportunities inherently present in any major change?

I’m not at all pretending to know all the answers. But having gone through several major upheavals myself and most importantly supporting my patients through many of theirs over the years I learnt some tools which may just keep us sane. Present. Plugged in and participating in life. Riding the wave of change – for most part, on a good day – and not merely helplessly floating. 

Or, if we feel we can boldly go for some serious upgrade in our consciousness, these same huge, fast and unpredictable changes can propel us to another level of understanding and accepting of our Selves, our lives, our callings, and bigger and broader reality – making us stronger and more spiritually resilient in the process.  

This is a video from Cafe Self March 2022 Q&A call where the question ‘how to adapt to a fast changing environment and keep ourselves sane and centred’ was a common pain point for all the participants. I hope you will enjoy the video and a follow up to it: Daily Self-care with Colourpuncture.

The world still starts with you, no matter the storms outside. 

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