What do we do when our computer or internet connection is ‘slow’? We hit a ‘reset’ button. Luckily in Colourpuncture we also have a magical reset button – a treatment to overcome ‘slowness’ or stagnation in our ever important Lymphatic System and with that, inefficient detoxification and elimination, including these of rigid psychological patterns. Lymph is where we hold our fear; our overwhelm; our despair – and more…

Lymphatic Reset is a great ‘in-between’ treatment to support activity of Lymphatic system which is our ‘Psychological Buffer’ according to Peter Mandel. Lymphatic Reset helps to break the cycle of chronicity of all subconscious problems which generate reactions our lymphatic system disintegrating the “shell of chronicity”. In Yellow it will also support Digestive and Nervous systems, Liver and Gall Bladder; in Turquoise it will heal ‘melancholy’ and resolve or give insights into our major un-constructive psychological patterns. This “Reset” should be used intermittently in all diseases.

Lymphatic Reset is also a great support for treating Tiredness and Fatigue.

Here is the video transcription:

“Lymphatic ‘Reset’ is a really simple treatment. It could be done in two colours. So first colour is Yellow. And you can also do absolutely the same treatment – for slightly different indications – in dark Turquoise. So when it is done in Yellow the Lymphatic Reset – you know this line, this is from ‘Toxic’ chapter. So when you do the line of endocrine organs – this is line aligned with the pupils and this is from ‘Toxic’ chapter, it’s in any Toxic chapter of any Colourpuncture training you do. So done in Yellow it can really really – and I’ve seen it many times with people and sometimes … so I normally use it not on the first meeting, and not as a first line of therapy strategy – but after we’ve done something; after we’ve done some body treatments or even when we’ve done some ‘Conflict Resolution’ treatments and this Conflict Resolution treatments, they ‘lifted’ something. And the person is digesting it all and processing it all; integrating it all and they need help on a purely body level. At this point I would give them this ‘Reset’. I would either do it in Yellow or in Turquoise depending on the situation but it really works like magic. It’s almost like you… imagine your computer which is not working; imagine your internet which is not quite working. It’s working but it’s slow; it’s not working – it’s like the whole situation is stagnant and everything. Same thing happen with this treatment. Because if you think about it – this line is a major line of this is a central blastema line which connects us with ‘prenatal space’, with embryonic development and so we are tapping into potential of our organs- as this potential was when we were still in utero; so basically the best of potential in our whole life. Because after that many, many things could happen to you and you may lose this ability but to tap into this absolute best, absolute potential of our functioning on the body level through blastema line – this is excellent. So this is the first. Second, this is a line of major endocrine organs so we’re talking about thalamus, hypothalamus, pituitary, pineal and there are many points here which are just really really sort of support the entire body from many many different angles. So a ‘Reset’ line in Yellow is excellent – not as your everyday treatment: for example ‘Basic Toxic’ you can do every day, many things you can do every day. A ‘Reset’ line is not something that you do every day; this is something that you do say once a month or when you are when you are giving somebody a ‘Conflict sequence’ – Conflict Resolution (therapy) sequence. For example, you do it after maybe three treatments maybe after four treatments and it’s unmistakable – because several times you do your sessions and you know people coming up with all sorts of processing and one day they come and they are totally overwhelmed. They have so many changes; they have so many insights; they’re so happy – and at the same time they’re a little bit lost, because again we come into the situation when too many events are happening in a relatively short period of time and we need to react. So at this point this is excellent. So obviously when you feel tired and so so on. But Yellow colour is more on a body level, when we need to support our lymphatic system so we can deal with stagnation potentially; when we need to strengthen our digestive system; when there is any problem with digestion and so of course absorption of nutrients and consequently it affects all body functions – and nervous system. And basically Yellow I like – what I like about Yellow is this is a this is a colour of the Sun in zenith! So it is about achieving our ‘personal zenith’. Every time you use Yellow; every time you put Yellow on every point it has these connotations of reaching maximum of potential: this is our Sun in Zenith. So you need to remember about it every time you do Yellow. Because it’s so simple and it’s such a sort of regular body colour and we see it in many treatments that we tend to forget this sort of bigger connotation. Turquoise: the same line, ‘Reset’ line you can do in Turquoise and this is more for conditions of what is called ‘Melancholy’, depression; when people are affected more on a psychological side. So Light Turquoise and Dark Turquoise they’re colours of the Soul. So we’re talking about sum total of our feelings; emotions; memories; experiences; our reactions to experiences; our impulses; our longings… you know all this when we talk about Soul. And so when you do the same ‘Reset’ line in Turquoise this is a much stronger influence on the whole Being. Because Yellow focuses more on our body functioning; this is purely body colour. Turquoise is the colour of the Soul. And so the Soul if you remember from Colorpuncture model – we have Spirit; we have Soul; we have Body. And Soul is like a ‘mediator’ between the Body and the Spirit. And it works both ways. So first, Soul is translating almost our ‘individual program’ which comes from the Spirit, into the Body – so we can function again at our best. And then at the same time Soul is acting as a mediator from our Body to our Spirit sending us signals: when we need to adjust, for example our reactions; our behavior; our daily functioning when we’re talking about purely body level. And this is especially important in this problem we are discussing which is how to support your energy; how to support your well-being; how to support your strength of mind and resolve and everything during difficult situations. So you do this even less frequent than you can do it in Yellow light. So you do this reset definitely not more than once a month: not because this is dangerous or anything – it is not at all! It is really really nurturing, really really sort of you know soft and loving treatment but it does ‘lift’ things which you then need to deal with. Because remember we have Yin and Yang in healing; every time we put the light on either for somebody else or for ourselves the asking body a question and we are lifting something and we correcting the energy flows in the meridians and in reflex zones in the body – and then what happens, we are coming up with some either straightforward resolution; so for example every time you put Orange you will feel more energised; every time you put Yellow you will feel stronger; every time you put Green for example you feel more balanced and then so so on. But at the same time what is here is also WHY we are feeling this way? Why we are not feeling strong? Why we cannot make decisions? Why is this; why is that? And these things – which we need to act upon in our daily life – can come up when we do the (Colourpuncture) colours. So again this was dark Turquoise for a ‘Reset’ line, same treatment, same ‘Toxic-Lymphatic’ chapter. Any questions -please do ask. This is really straightforward; you can do it with your eyes closed! And of course this is really great to give it to your patients as well but as I said in this framework: it’s not an everyday treatment – this is rather reserved for ‘reset’. Again, when do you reset your computer? Not every day – but when you feel that there is some stagnation; there is some slowness or maybe this is an overload of operative memory or whatever it is and then we ‘refresh our windows’, we close whole thing and we sort of you know this is the reset; this is a reboot – simple: everything is in the name of the treatment.”

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