Where do you start when treating tiredness, fatigue, low moods, low concentration? There is tiredness of the Body; tiredness of the Soul and tiredness of the Spirit. And there are deep Colourpuncture therapies for treating powerful and ever-present, ‘background’ conflicts which daily and silently drain our energy; and there are treatments for ‘surface’ level energy drains – situational tiredness.   

Colour Orange

Orange is a classic spectral and so ‘Body’ colour in Colorpuncture but I feel it’s also has a deep connection to the Soul: think of ‘Soul Line’ treatment; Orange is the main colour for the Heart and so here is a connection between the Heart and Soul-Spirit; Orange is about Joy of Life. Joy is again an emotion of the Heart according to TCM – and so so on. Keywords for Orange: Joy and Energy


Colour Yellow

Colourpuncture Yellow is a colour of Body strength and optimal functioning: Yellow support all the core body systems and functions: digestive process; nervous system; lymphatic system; processes of metabolism; detoxification and elimination. 


Good ol’ Basic Toxic-Lymphatic Treatment 

One of the classic pillar of Colourpuncture – often overlooked in a similar way as a background support of the body, ‘Coordination 1’ or ‘Morning  Balance’ – is Basic Toxic-Lymphatic treatment. Based of a powerful combination of Acupuncture points for  detoxification, elimination and support for Intestines, Liver, Stomach, Pancreas, Spleen and Kidney, this Colourpuncture’s staple can be used in a far wider range of situation than just when we get some cold, flu or a stomach upset. It has this unmistakable strengthening and decluttering effect. You feel like you are capable of doing/coping with so much more when you experience this treatments outside of an acute situation. Designed to break a cycle of chronicity of inflammatory reactivity it supports the body on several levels due to covering so many systems. It’s a great periodic detox – a decluttering of the body; vital when we take into account that just normal daily stress, regular metabolic processes, digestion and so on create inflammatory mediators on our body. 

Here is the video transcript 🙂

“Low mood; low motivation; low concentration; tiredness. I would make a difference between a ‘proper’ depression or ‘proper’ tiredness and ‘situational’ condition when for example there is too much going on: simply too much going on. And at some point in our life we all come to a situation when too much is too much, and events in our life develop with you know great speed – and you don’t have a proper time to react. Or, we have a lot of work and we need to make it happen again in a short period of time. So we are stressed and we are tired and we have difficulties managing our energy. Or, for example when you have a situation like your situation when you have to make many decisions within a really short period of time and the value of each decision is really high – so the price for mistake will be a very high indeed. And so how to manage tiredness? How to manage this tiredness on different levels -because there is a tiredness on a Body level; there is a tiredness of the Soul; there is a tiredness of the Spirit. There are many levels to it. And I would like to start with something which is really really simple, because obviously there are therapies which are designed for example to resolve conflicts; and many situations of tiredness and low energy and low focus, low concentration are connected with the situation when there is a deep-seated conflict which we deal with on a daily basis and it is so, it seems so unmovable; it seems so internalised; so in-build that it is quite difficult to even look at it let alone come up with the possible resolutions and then action them out. So of course then you need to go for ‘Conflict Resolution’ therapies. At home what you can do – of course you can do everything with Crystal ‘Activator’ because it will help you to tap into what actually is a conflict; what are we dealing with; what we’re dealing with on a very concrete level. Because sometimes you have this vague sense that something is not going quite right; and we think that this is ‘this’: it’s because of this person; this is because of this job; because of the situation. But deep inside it’s always about something more; it’s about something deeper and something more obscure – and Crystal ‘Activator’ is excellent because it will ‘lift’ it. It will lift it from your unconscious and you will see what you’re dealing with. Having said that, there are simpler ways to start – and this is where I would start because it’s almost like we really need to clean the surface first. We need to exclude other factors and then look deep inside. Because sometimes we could be just plain tired – because we have been busy; we’ve been working too much; we’ve not been resting enough and so so on. When it comes to tiredness and low moods and low motivation, low concentration there are several levels. And I would like to start with the media: which media of Colourpuncture we can use as the first line of defence so to speak. So there are three particular colours which I will start with. On a Body level, Body-Soul level I would say, I would start with Orange. Orange is a big colour and something which is really really simple: like treating ‘Zone of Power’ in Orange – in the morning, first thing, even when you’re really really tired and all you can do is to reach for your Perlux, switch it on put your Orange on and into the Zone of Power. And I’m just going to do it now, very briefly. Many of you know Zone of Power but this is such a gift! Basically, it’s such a gift – from Colorpuncture, from Peter Mandel who discovered it. Because this is so simple to do and it gives you so much! So, Zone of Power. Quite simply, this is a zone on the palms of your hands, left and right and you just treat it with Orange. So you just stick Orange right in the middle here and you keep it there. And you keep it there for anything from 20 seconds, 30 seconds to a minute, two minutes, five minutes. Sometimes when I’m waking up in the morning I like just to stick with Orange and while I’m still in this sort of interesting ‘altered state of consciousness’ between sleep and awake and I’m just making my plans for the day and everything, I just like doing that especially when I’m not quite focused; I’m tired; or something else is going on. So, first we treat left hand and then we treat right hand in the same way – so this same Orange on the Zone of Power. Zone of Power is interesting also not just because there are you know – it’s a Reflex Zone; there are Acupuncture meridians and so so on, but also (because) it has a connotation of ‘holding’. If you think about it, this is the very center of our palms/of our hands and what we can do with our hands? How capable we become when we use our hands? And so so on. How we can hold, how we can hold what we do? How can we hold other people? How can we hold ourselves? So these are really interesting connections with Zone of Power. Next colour I would use is Yellow light. Yellow is very much a ‘Body colour’, but it’s also a colour for our nervous system – which of course is also body but nervous system somehow it can work also on mental health; mental strength; brightness, brightness of mind. Yellow is great for many things: it’s good for lymphatic system; digestive system; many many things but this strengthening of the nervous system and quite simply just making us more ‘in one piece’ and for example being able to decide on many things which is very often one of the problems when there is a fast-paced line of events and all – you know just a row of decisions to make and so so on. And sometimes we just purely need to support our body and make bold and strong decisions so Yellow is excellent. And what you can do with Yellow? Some sort of – of course you can do anything from ‘Toxic’ or ‘Lymphatic’ chapter. Why? Because even for example you don’t have a traditional indication – you don’t have a cold, you don’t have a stomach upset and why do we do anything from Toxic-Lymphatic chapter: what happens effectively, we detoxify our body. We trigger, we help, we support proper elimination and then basically the whole process of taking in for example nutrition and metabolising toxins and proper elimination and so on, supporting organs of elimination: liver, colon and lungs and skin and everything. So basically we are helping our body on a body level – we are helping ourselves, our body-mind on a body level, starting from the body level to actually just ‘declutter’. Even if for example there’s nothing acute going on, we still need periodically to declutter. Because for example just normal life – normal life, normal daily stress, normal processes of metabolising toxins, they still sometimes leave residues; especially when we age… or especially when we are not in such a strong sort of health or well-being or whatever. So from time to time ‘Basic Lymphatic Treatment’ or anything to do with any lymphatic treatments would be really really good. Another treatment here which is really really simple but it’s really really powerful – and I would encourage you to try it, is what is called ‘Lymphatic Reset’.”

Next treatment: Lymphatic Re-set, please visit us soon!

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