If there is an Ice-breaker for the in-built patterns – of thoughts, feelings, reactions and behaviour – on the level of Spectral Colourpuncture, this is the ‘Dark’ Turquoise colour. This is where we usually first start feeling a true power of Colourpuncture – before experiencing Soul-Spirit colours, UV, futuristic ‘Rings of Saturn’, insightful Bardo and ground breaking Transmitter Relays. 

We all run on patterns, I’d say by patterns. We do that not because we are lazy to change or not intelligent enough to recognise – we do that because we need a certain level of automation in our life. Think setting up a DD with a bank for our utility bills…and SO for the savings. The more automation for simple things in life we create for ourselves, the better we are at more complex and creative tasks as our ‘operative’ memory is not cluttered by day to day routine tasks which can – and should – be automated. The only problem when it comes to patterns is that they are largely not recognised; usually set up when we are very little and often present just a copy of somebody’s behaviour. Our patterns can also reflect our own behaviour, based on some sort of adjustment in our early life – many times based on adaptation to our situation and so, reactionary by definition, unlike our bank arrangements like DD and SO which we consciously choose to go for to create convenience and efficiency in our life. 

  • Some of our patterns are neutral (but still reactionary): we do things in a certain order which give us a sense of control  
  • Some may even look beneficial (we clean and tidy when stressed, just like our Mum did)
  • Some can be harmful or not socially helpful (emotional overshoot; addictions; denial; avoidance). 

Regardless of flavour, our patterns all have one common feature: they are still reactionary. Cleaning is great but when it goes into an OCD, may be it’s time to question the pattern and engage into an active sport or just waking a long distance for example if this is something we always wanted (and our Mum didn’t; she was content with her cleaning, it was a right choice for her).

Patterns revision (with the aim of a total overhaul) is something very few people will aim for just for the sake of it – and often there is no need. Usually, at any given moment of time, there is just One Thing which is calling for our attention and this is something we can ‘lift’ and bring into our conscious awareness field with Colourpuncture. Colourpuncture Turquoise excels with all things Soul deep, including patterns – and including automatic body reactions as well. Often when the protocol calls for a choice of colours and there is nothing specific (such as a clear need to increase a local blood circulation with Red or calm down with Blue), I’d choose spectral Turquoise. 

For many protocols in Colourpuncture (ask me for details if you are not sure), we do spectral Turquoise several times (3-4 sessions) and then we can move on to the Light Turquoise, a Soul spirit colour. I love Peter Mandel’s definition of the Turquoise: “they are internal and external coating for the ever vibrating, living, breathing Soul”. 

As for my patient whom I mentioned in the video, we did go for Yellow for the ‘body line’ since and the whole Prenatal series for her was an incredible journey. I’ve done many prenatal series, this is one of my firm Colourpuncture favourites. I know that at some point we would hit a major ‘aha!’ moment and a key pattern will surface and it’s always powerful – but her journey brought amazing insights for her with every session, and I really loved giving it. 

If you are interested in learning Colourpuncture (we are about to start a new training cycle in September!) or have any questions on how you can benefit from Colourpuncture in your daily life, contact me with your questions using the form below – I’m happy to help!

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Turquoise colour for the Soul

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