Have you ever felt as if you were surrounded by some restrictions like there is an invisible solid wall around you, which you can almost touch every time you make an effort to move in a better direction in life? 


Or may be you sometimes feel as if there are invisible burdens on your shoulders which literally or figuratively bring you down at times, curving your physical spine and not letting you spread your metaphorical wings?


‘What is Colourpuncture?’ in 8 words

One of our patients once described Colourpuncture in 8 words: ’Colourpuncture makes you feel what you always knew’. 

At first glance it doesn’t seem particularly special. In reality, your mind’s knowledge doesn’t give you happiness; it doesn’t make you become fully present in your own life or to act to improve your situation; your emotions, feelings, perceptions, your Soul – will. 

I have observed this importance of fully ‘feeling’ the reality of a life situation rather than ‘knowing’ about it with many patients who said similar things over the years commenting on their Colorpuncture experiences but early in 2020 I received just the therapy to feel the truth of this description myself. 

I’m deeply grateful: nothing can rival Colorpuncture on sometimes instant but always brilliant insights into ‘how we operate’. 


Therapy I’m grateful for in 2020, ‘The Rings of Saturn’: ‘softening’

At the very beginning of the year choosing my 2020 Colourpuncture journey I had my sights on ‘The Rings of Saturn’, a new Colourpuncture therapy from recent Update seminars by Peter Mandel that I long wanted to experience. I wouldn’t say I felt bound by some burdens or restrictions at the time – it was January and a few people saw what was to come in 2020 on a grand scale. On a personal level I was generally happy and content if chronically busy trying to move multiple long term projects in a good direction and start the Cafe Self. I had absolutely no expectations but the Burden and Wings concept seemed intriguing.

After the very first session The Rings became my firm new favourite of Colourpuncture for the Soul series… It’s huge. It’s deeply beautiful. The Rings of Saturn is a must if you ever felt that a word ‘Restrictions’ rings the bell – not the boundaries of protection and structure but confines of stifling fear or sticky, suffocating stagnation. 

The Burdens we once carried and were heavily weighted by what we can still feel being there in our perception like a phantom pain – years after we released them in real life. We carry what we shouldn’t.

The Rings allowed me notice and feel that what we have been working on over the years has been actually happening – and relax into this new reality, feel the joy of the moment and a warm quiet happiness of personal accomplishment. 

The treatments brought me a gift of insight on every step and every single one in itself would have been enough to make receiving this therapy worthwhile. 

Here I want to share just One Thing.

My first reaction to the Rings was somewhat physical: I felt as if the treatment softened something. This vague feeling of softening shaped itself into a full clarity a week later, when we sat together as a family to read a book.  


‘the Burdens and Wings’

It was one of the ‘family evening’ – after a day of work in our Clinic we sat all together in our house to read a book in a part of the house which had been remodelled. 

I was listening to the story when I suddenly ‘saw’ the entirety of the scene: 

  • After a day of work in our Acupuncture-Colourpuncture Clinic…(it took several years to build our Colourpuncture Clinic; it was an adventure to do Acupuncture training in our 50-s..)…..
  • we sat all together as a family…(ours is an eclectic family; coming together is a big achievement; family members with various health problems which we didn’t know would ever resolve finally started moving towards their particular wellbeing and happiness)…..
  • in our own house (it took more than a decade to get to a point of no mortgage, no debts)… 
  • being mostly remodelled by a creative and considerate builder who is a joy to be around…..(after that same ‘more than a decade’ of us DIY-ing in our old house)…
  • on one of the evenings (we try to read most evenings as a family).

Every single aspect of this picture seemed an unattainable dream some months and years ago.

This was not the first evening I was a part of this picture (it was assembling itself over recent months and years) it was the first evening when I noticed; more so: I felt it. 

That was it: ’I knew it (sort of, never stopping to acknowledge and celebrate any single aspect of that picture but just carrying on with work and life); I knew it I just didn’t feel it before’.

Some years ago our whole personal and professional life looked like a complicated puzzle with some of the pieces we didn’t know if we even had – or where we start. In an instant I saw main pieces quickly falling into places forming a clear outline for the whole thing. 

My perception of life changed in an instant without me doing anything or nothing changing in the external. I didn’t even rise from the sofa. 

I just suddenly noticed and felt that what we have been working on so hard for so long on such a little hope, started to happen.

It was as if the Life itself showed me that I’m free to stop carrying what I shouldn’t have but was still carrying – the phantom pains that the real burdens have left. 

I wish somebody would have shown me that evening’s picture 5-10 years ago when things were tough for us…there weren’t any signs of things ever changing for the better despite our continuous efforts and no signs of surprise gifts coming our way. 

Back in the throes of turbulent times, I strived for but didn’t really believe in a positive resolution of so many things while I clearly saw restrictions and felt the burdens: at the face value some problems looked as impossible to resolve because of other people’s or circumstances, ‘based on past performance’ or some of my own perceived ‘limitations’.  

After all this dawned on me in full clarity supporting these initial vague feelings of something softening on the day of the treatment me I immediately thought OK, I need to remember this, I need to consciously remind myself about importance of ‘stop and feel’ and ‘dwell on positive’. To my surprise this started to happen spontaneously:   I started to recognise and treasure life’s little moments of happiness as they have been happening with no specific efforts on my side. This has been priceless: experiencing presence and gratitude without having to do so.

I realised that evening that everything we worked very hard for on such a little hope, was happening already; it has been there for a while I just didn’t see it. Restrictions of my own perception prevented me from seeing it. It was all there on various stages of development for a while but the Rings made me notice and feel it.

My real burdens got released without me registering it and my only restrictions which were still there was of my own perception (I knew things has been improving but didn’t feel it) – which the Rings dissolved. 

Oftentimes what we realise with Colourpuncture is which actions we need to take to improve the situation, in health or life. In that particular case, there was nothing for me to act on: just to absorb the picture I was part of and be grateful. 

All the insights I received during the Rings therapy had a huge effect on my 2020. Many things came together and to fruition – not without my efforts (far from it!) but without them feeling like unsurmountable burdens and as a result many restrictions somewhat dissolved. This therapy was one of the greater gifts of the year. The Rings of Saturn, integrated, gave me my Wings for 2020 🙂 

I’m grateful for Colourpuncture in my life. I’m grateful for everyone in my life who made it possible: Peter Mandel, the creator, and his Clinic’s and Institute’s teams, all my Colourpuncture teachers, my patients and my students.


Your Colourpuncture Wishes 2021

What do you have your sights on for 2021 with Colourpuncture, what would you like your focus to be?

  • Would you like to start on Colourpuncture ‘seriously’, methodically addressing your health problems by receiving Colourpuncture from a therapist or/and self-treating at home? If you live in the UK contact us for details of your local Colourpuncture therapist 
  • Do you like the idea of self-studying Colourpuncture at home as a starting point? Get in touch for free advice on how to start
  • Which Colourpuncture therapy you would like to experience in 2021 for your personal development? This might be dictated by any lingering unresolved issues from 2020: fear, indecision, stress, relationships problems, new life direction? Or, if you had an eventful and totally satisfying 2020, which ’forward’ therapies you would love to work on? If you are unsure the ‘Four Life Principles’ will help you to clarify your new direction. 
  • Would you like to learn Colourpuncture on a targeted, self contained Colourpuncture Short Workshop to address a particular health problem?
  • Would you like to explore your life experience and various aspect of your Self receiving a particular series: Prenatals, Mother/Father Therapy? Conflict Resolution? Transmitter Relays? Bardo? 
  • Do you feel it’s time to fully commit to learning Colourpuncture in depth with Professional training? 
  • Who would you like to help with Colourpuncture? 

Sure, even with the best of planning life tends to ‘get in the way’. But if you tune into what you really want and set yourself some goals whether or not you are a planning pro or totally disbelieve in your ability to plan or bring things to completion, your wishes and goals – once written on paper – are going to live their own life in a background….they will be there, ‘cooking’, maturing, gaining energy, bothering you… and one day or the other you will get to make them happen.  

Asking yourself questions ‘what would I like to experience?’, ‘what do I need to get help with’, ‘how can I align myself better with who I am’, ‘how can I do better what I’m here to do?’ is a vital first step of the journey. 


Your questions about Colourpuncture

In February 2021 I will be giving free, focused 20 min 121 online consultations on Colourpuncture: get in touch and ask me anything you would like to know about Colourpuncture and what it can help you with.

We also offer 30 min free consultation for everybody buying Colourpuncture tools with Colourpuncture Academy.

Meanwhile if you have any questions about Colourpuncture ask us in comments, join our FB page, subscribe to our Colourpuncture Academy Newsletter and YouTube channel or contact us, we are happy to help.

Wishing you love, warmth and joy for the festive season and a Happy New Year 2021! 

Burdens and Wings

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