I love what I call ‘Forward Therapies’ or treatments in Colourpuncture. 

4 Life Principles is a prime example. It’s a little treatment with big effect. You have no urgent problems (almost). Instead you want to start moving in a great new direction in life. The 4 Life principles are:

  • Feeling
  • Thinking
  • Realising
  • Actualising. 

I love the very fabric of this treatment. It has an interesting if unusual pattern. Each point gets to be treated repeatedly in different colours in a certain way. It’s a pleasure to give and almost enchanting to observe how the light weaves it’s way to form a pattern on the skin.

Every January all my patients receive this treatment at least once. January is such an important month, it sets the tone, the dreams, the planning, the excitement for the entire year ahead.

The 4 Life Principles Colourpuncture is also a good choice at times when you feel like deciding to start something new in your life. It will support any new beginning. Think: Birthday’s resolutions? Summer holiday resolutions?

In a nutshell, the 4 Life Principles treatment is based on improvement of coordination of functions of neuro-endocrine parts of the brain which are responsible for unconscious patterns and conscious behaviour.

Ideally this treatment should follow your New Year Resolutions. The 4 Life Principles will help you to act on your resolutions. In fact, this is one of your facilitations. Your insights during the treatment will also either support or edit your resolutions so the whole process will be complete. All too often we tend to decide one thing with our mind ‘what I think I should do’ while our body craves an entirely different thing ‘what I really want to do but afraid to go there’. The 4 Life Principles Colourpuncture will provide the bridge between the two and you will be sure you will be acting on your goals from an authentic place.

Here is a brief plan.

  1. I would start with any kind of ‘opening treatment’ to relax and prepare the body to receive the ‘Soul Spirit’ Colourpuncture of 4 Life Principles. My ‘go to’ opening treatment would be Middle Turbulence area, lines or a triangle.

2. The 4 Life Principles. This makes a focus of the treatment.

3. Follow up with other light the person might need. Typically your patient will need either endocrine or   lymphatic treatment depending on their general constitution and presenting symptom picture. 

4. Typical points I would also include with the 4 Life principles at the moment will be for Kidney Bladder.

Why Kidney/Bladder?

Ki/Bl points provide excellent grounding and bodily strength to both feel confidence in your new endeavours and impetus to do what it takes to start your projects. Also, we are in winter time, Kidneys time according to the TCM, planning and contemplation time. Kidney Bladder points will also support a detoxification/elimination part of your treatment.

‘Spinal Stroke’ would be a good example as it helps you to connect with the source of your strength and it’s excellent for Kidney Bladder support. And I’d finish with Ki1.

There are no hard rules in Colourpuncture – you can combine most simple treatments with each other to great success.

Dreamwork of your chosen style is also important here as dreams will provide some clues to what your day light conscious mind might have missed. And dreams are super important in mid Winter time, the most Yin part of the year. Chances are, our deepest longings would be reflected in our dreams now.


Other ‘Forward Therapies

  • ‘Abundance & Boundaries’ 
  • ‘Mother-Father Balance’
  • ‘Bardo spaces’
  • ‘Prenatals and Birth’
  • ‘Conflict Resolution’
  • ‘Transmitter Relays’
  • ’Burdens and Wings’ (‘Saturn Field’)


Wishing you a happy application of 4 Life Principles supporting positive and proactive change in your patients’ lives.  

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