How to combine your Dream Zones with each other to the best effect? I believe this is all about which question we want to focus on. Taking ‘Relationships’ or ‘Partnership’ Dream Zone as an example we are looking into different Zones combinations for various situations – separation and letting go; confusion and lack of clarity and commitment; and when relationships don’t bring us Joy.

The Zone is more important than the media! That said, I’d highly recommend the Oil Relax for Dreamwork. Both Sound Therapy and a Surface Treatment Colourpuncture are great tools for making your Dreamwork deeper. But if I had to choose Just One, this would be the Oil.

If you are interested in Dreamwork or Intentional Dreaming and Dream Analysis, join us for our ‘Dream Yourself Together’ Dreamwork Challenge. Dreamwork doesn’t have to be complex; in fact the easier and simpler it is, the more chances you will do it. The Zone, the focus and the right question to ask is all you need to get started.

Dream Zones combinations was a topic we discussed on our November 2022 Cafe Self Q&A – thank you for your great questions! If you need any support or more details please get in touch using the form below, I’m happy to help 🙂

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