“It’s during our darkest moments that we must focus to see the light” Aristotle Onassis

How are you feeling right now?

Has your life been sunny or challenging lately? Happy times call for relaxing into them – with joy, peace and gratitude. Challenging times….usually require some inner work to keep our Spirit alive – and bright. There is winter as a season – with longest and darkest days around Winter Solstice; and there is winter in our lives…a long and cold and often dark time when we need to survive; regroup; reset; and reinvent ourselves in some cases.

While winter time in life sounds dramatic it also holds opportunities. It is a bold invitation  to declutter our house and mind; to connect to and check in with our Inner Self; to cultivate focus and clarity – just like Nature, an ultimate role model for humans, bares itself to the very essence, to the bare bones in Winter. The Nature’s goal is to survive by going deep inside, preserving that essence and getting ready for a new cycle; with humans the goal is the same – and ‘to preserve’ part involves tending our Inner Light.

On our recent Cafe Self Q&A we talked about Memories of Self which are our ultimate ‘Inner Light’. There is a special place in our body where our Spirit ‘lives’: deep, sheltered, always present – just sometimes hidden under the pile of our daily burdens; neglected; or simply forgotten.

This body area is used both therapeutically in Acupuncture and Colourpuncture for treatment of lower respiratory tract problems such as bronchitis, and it also makes a wonderful and ever important Dream Zone which is called a ‘Zone of Right Remembrance’ or ‘Zone of Memory’. This is not a memory of our life experience (we have a Transmitter Relay point for this); but rather a deep memory of our True Self: it’s about who we are and what we are here to do.

This video is a fragment from our November 2022 Cafe Self Q&A – thank you for your great questions! Please watch the entire play list as there are/will be more video fragments on Dreamwork with Dream Zones – with the focus on Intentional Relationships and Partnerships in our life.

Deep Winter – both as a season and as a difficult, ’empty’ time of our life – is the prime time for deeply insightful Dreamwork – from simple recording your dreams to find the themes, the patterns (ask us if you are interested using the form below, we can email you a complimentary PDF to work on that) to intentional dreaming working with Dream Zones and dream analysis.

Join us for Dream Challenge ‘Dream Yourself Together’ if you would like some structure and guidance for your dreamwork, to learn basic dream analysis and to explore your dreams in a supportive and stimulating environment – or DIY Intentional Dreaming with a simple but powerful dream journey with ‘Zones of Expansion of Consciousness’ – free instructions come with your (Dream) Oil Relax.

While “Summer is for Soul, Winter is for Health”, Winter is also for the Dreamwork! Intentional dreaming and dreamwork just as any inner work play a special role in our understanding of our Self: after all, our dreams is the only absolutely uncensored part of our lives…they are always there to help us to find the way if we are lost; and to keep to the Path in challenging times. Also – happily – dreams and dreamwork can totally help us to create peace and joy in our lives.  With various Dream Zones for intentional dreaming we are spoilt for choice!

Any questions – do get in touch using the form below, I’d be happy to support you on your journey 🙂

Happy dreaming!

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