Which life experience shaped you the most? This was the theme we ended up discussing on our recent Cafe Self Q&A which we started with a question: “How long should we treat a point with Colourpuncture or for how long we can ‘wear’ Esogetic crystals?” 

The short answer: start with minimal recommended timing as per instruction manual and then let your experience guide you. Notice when any reaction comes and carefully observe yourself: bodily felt senses, emotions, memories, images, feelings, associations.  

When there is a reaction, we have a choice:

  • Simply stop Colourpuncture or Crystals application on Acupuncture point/Reflex Zone
  • Move to the next step of our treatment protocol
  • Change Colorpuncture colour to complementary (Red to Green; Orange to Blue; Yellow to Violet) or temporarily swap the positions of Crimson and Light Green or Yin and Yang crystals 


This video is a fragment from our November 2022 Cafe Self Q&A – thank you for your great questions!

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