Self-care…how many times do we promise ourselves to start but didn’t find time? Energy? Focus? Knowledge where to start?

I love Colourpuncture. I use it often and I’m still amazed with the results. I’m doing Colourpuncture for myself right now, in between editing this video and writing this article. However… there are times when I don’t have enough energy or focus to do even a simple Colourpuncture treatment – all I want is to rest and sleep. Sometimes, I can’t decide which Colourpuncture treatment will answer my current life and health questions: a correct ‘question’ to ask is still vague. Sometimes these reasons combine. Then I use the Esogetic crystals. I also use the crystals when I feel that a solution to my problem is not immediately obvious – all crystals work on the level of information and so let us tap into that lofty and illusive something which is bigger than ourselves. And, very down-to-earth, I also use crystals when I feel that some general balancing is needed – such as Yin and Yang. 

Apart from physical and emotional healing, the end result of both Colourpuncture and Crystals treatments is that over time you are finding yourself acting from a better place: with Colourpuncture we can often feel and understand what is happening on a level of bodily felt senses, memory and perception as Colorpuncture is often engaging our conscious awareness; with Crystals – you often feel just a deep relaxation without necessarily realising what was the problem. I think Colourpuncture and Crystals just perfectly complement each other and work in synergy; with experience you will feel which media you need, when. 

There are different crystals we use in Colourpuncture and the most frequent question we get is ‘where to start?’. Crystals are a great choice for our easy daily self-care; yet building the right foundation of this self-care is very important. Coming back to Peter Mandel’s ‘steps on the ladder’ concept, we don’t want to take the middle step straightaway – we want to take the first, and then the second and so on. So, here are some thoughts on building this self care foundation, with Esogetic Crystals. 

There are Crystals courses which I love very much as they give a great overview of all the crystals, enhance our understanding of Colourpuncture system and contain many treatment options; I would wholeheartedly advise to take one course of your choice. 

However, by far the quickest and simplest way to start working with the crystals is to experience easy balancing treatments. Speaking of a fairly abstract concept of ‘balancing’, we need to remember that we want to address any gross misbalance first – and this is why we start with most broad balancing of body’s energies, with Polarity (Yin & Yang) and Elements (Fire, Earth, Air, Water). These can be virtually limitless Acupuncture points based treatments with Gold and Silver crystals (remember, they are not made of these metals; they are crystals but represent these qualities: Gold = Sun; Silver = Moon). Or these can be  specific basic Polarity and Elements treatments which come with the manuals for these crystals: Information Barrier, Mid-centering etc. These can also be Dream Zones based Crystal applications  (Fear Zones, Joy Zones) and so on.

Done on a regular basis, crystals treatments are very effective, easy and realistic to include into our self care routine. On a practical level, you can put the crystals on your body (even through the cloths – apart from Crystalpuncture tattoos which go on the bare skin) or you can attach them for a longer time with a Micropore tape (apart from the Discs of Dreams, Love, Earth, Elements and Numbers) which makes them ‘wear and go’ type of self care. So all the facetted crystals (Gold, Silver, Elements, Greys) and all the Activators (Spirit, Soul and Body) can be attached to the bare skin with a Micropore tape. 

Start small, with experiencing your new crystal for a couple of minutes, then extending to 10 min and so on – and see how you feel. We all have our individual timing.

I love a diagnostic value of crystals: Yin and Yang crystals will give you insights on where you need to place your focus: literally, you will feel either comfortable or not with Gold or Silver crystals on the same point – and this is how you know. Elements crystals will give us an overall bliss (such as with a delicious ‘Four Temperaments’ line on the back for overall element balancing, relaxation and resolving the back pain). We will also get insights on the element out of balance: again, applying a particular ‘element’ to a particular point you will either feel comfortable or not – and this is how you know. 

The reaction-dependant balancing is simple: you can temporarily swap Gold to Silver or vice versa and then return them to their original positions. With the Elements crystals, if a particular element is out of balance you can change the crystal temporarily to the opposite, such as ‘Fire’ to the Melancholy Zone and ‘Water’ to the Choleric Zone is case of a strong reaction – or in cases of previously known gross misbalances with emotions of anger and sadness in this case.

As to ‘where to start’ – please watch the video as I answered this here (also you get get the idea on the start from learning in more details the dynamic of disease development) but really, Polarity and Elements form a foundation of ourselves as human being; so working with these principles should make a foundation of our basic self-care. Often, balancing the ‘big’ principles of Polarity and Elements will let the body-mind to self-adjust; in case where a further action is needed on our part, we will often get a clear insight. Crystal Activator is excellent for energy; working with deep subconscious and hidden, deep rooted patterns but I would still make sure that we created a basic workable, dynamic balance of Yin and Yang energies and the Elements with Polarity and Elements crystals first. Also the Grey crystals are the next step – for treating deep traumas and therapy resistance. 

Crystals Discs are self explanatory:

  • Dream disc for creating deep relaxation, better sleep and quality dreams
  • Love disc for cultivating Self love, balancing giving and receiving principle and resolving relationships patterns
  • Earth disc is used for working with various body ailments
  • Elements disc balances the Four Elements in a different way
  • Numerical symbols is to work with Numerology principles.

One final thought on the Esogetic crystals for your self-care – if you have been doing Colourpuncture for a while and love (and need!) particular protocols but feel you can ‘saturate’ the points – crystals as a new media will provide an answer. Also, the opposite is true – if you are interested in Colorpuncture concept but would like to start with simple DIY treatments and learning by experience, crystals are a good starting point. 

Here is the video transcript:

“So, how to choose where to start with (Esogetic) Crystals? There are several levels; and in Colourpuncture we operate on a level of 1) Endocrine dis-balance – functional dis-balance presented as an Autonomic Nervous System dis-balance but the underlying reason is Endocrine imbalance or Endocrine deficiencies; then we have 2) ‘Toxic’ (Lymphatic) level which is level of acute reactions or a level of chronic maybe sub-threshold inflammation, any of this and then we have a 3) ‘Degenerative’ level which is a level of stagnation, massive energy stagnation and yes this is the end development of the disease so there already could be disease labels; there could be degenerative changes in the tissue and so so on, but the focus of ‘Degenerative’ is basically massive energy stagnation which is not resolved by any other means. And this is internalised conflict of some kind; so there probably was some conflict initially and then this conflict made a ‘nest’ in the body so to speak and then at some point it could have converted itself into something different. So when we’re talking about crystals and we talked about ‘Polarity crystals’. ‘Polarity’ crystals once again they are Yin and Yang crystals: they work on a level of Qi itself, two ‘parts’ of Qi – Yin and Yang, and on a level of the body also don’t forget that this is Sympathetic and Parasympathetic Nervous System. So when we are talking about endocrine responses, when we are talking about this level of functioning, then those are obvious first steps. Then we talked about ‘Elements’ crystals; and Elements crystals are good when there is already some organ system involved and we can zoom in on the Element; but also they balance all the Elements. There are several fantastic treatments in Colorpuncture which I think we all need to have from time to time just to balance the energy, such as for example this ‘Four Temperaments’ treatment on the back with Soul Spirit Crystals – or the ‘Birth Rhythms’ because it will help us to approach any change situation from a different angle and it will give you freedom not to be locked in into this birth pattern. And from Metamorphic Technique obviously you know how important it is because the way we are born is the way we react in a new situation; the way we are born is the way we react when we are out of our resource; when we are stressed; when we are tired; late at night; first thing in the morning – this is how we react – when we first come into a room full of strangers. Those are all our ‘inbuilt’ reactions on the level of Prenatal space. From this perspective, whether you have presenting symptoms, whether you had actual problem at birth I think this treatment of Birth Rhythms with the Soul Spirit crystals is great for this type of situations. It just gives you freedom: freedom to approach any new situation or stressful situation or situation when you lack resources very differently. So those crystals work on the level of the body; and Activator Crystal I talked about, works on the level of subconscious. How to choose? How to choose where to start? When we have several levels – so for example we have some psychological imbalance; we have some probably internal conflicts; we have some emotions; we have some inflammation; we have some pain; because there is a mixture. Situation we are talking about – there are some urinary problems; so there is something from a physical side as well. As a general rule, if there are already manifest physical changes or if there is pain or there is inflammation of any kind, there is any kind of acute reaction, then we attend to this first. Situation when a person is very anxious and work used to be a safety valve for energy release and it isn’t anymore – and it can’t go on forever because of age and because of many other things, then basically we are presented with several levels of a problem. The general rule is: we start at the level of the body. If there is something already manifested in the body we need to help this first; and then we can start – very carefully – knocking at the door of our unconscious and exploring what is there. Also don’t forget: the older we get, the more we need to start by helping the body. I would say there is one exception and this one exception is an example I gave previously: when you feel so so low on energy – and it’s not your physical energy, it’s something else. It’s like your very Vitality is threatened. Then you might need an Activator first, because the Activator will give you this connection to something much bigger than yourself, you can tap into this energy which you’re lacking – and we are talking about situations with severe energy depletion of whatever origin.”

This video is a fragment from our October 2021 Colourpuncture Q&A – thank you for your great questions 🙂

So, that’s all our self-care excuses answered – a couple of minutes to attach the crystals of choice; not much energy is needed if you keep both the crystals and a micropore tape handy; you can get focused on what you need and how to fine tune your choice with our FREE 1:1 mini consultations or our regular FREE Colourpuncture Q&A – or simply by following the crystals manuals as not much initial knowledge is needed to start with: you ‘learn’ the crystals truly from experience of basic, balancing treatment protocols, done daily. And if you feel like taking a 2 days comprehensive Crystal course, you will be very welcome!

Give ourself a gift of quality self-care, use your crystals – and if you need any support, get in touch by using the form below, I’ll be happy to help 🙂

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