If Colourpuncture system were a ladder, then each media or each family of Colorpuncture therapies would make a very clear step on this ladder. The general rule is: we start with the Body. It sounds very simple and obvious but with all Colourpuncture’s impressive portfolio of Soul-Spirit focused media and therapies it’s sometimes tempting to skip the basic steps. Yet following Colorpuncture’s simple rules is both about creating stability and getting the most out of Colourpuncture which is only possible if you/your patient are ready for the next step. Here are some quick ‘first steps’ ideas and possible progression.

If you/your patient/family member has a ‘simple’ headache, they need a pain relief and not a top-of-the-range Conflict Resolution therapy. If however, they have that same headache coming again and again under certain circumstances (stress at work, family arguments, overstitching their resources, morning headache etc) and they can’t/won’t address the underlying cause, then Conflict Resolution treatments of some sort would be needed, sooner rather than later. And if everybody in the family seems to suffer from headaches, then ‘Ancestry Therapies’ would be needed, together with pain relief and probably after some Conflict Resolution treatments.

Coming back to the idea of Colorpuncture system as a ladder, Step 1 for the media would be:

With Esogetic Crystals, it will be

In case of pain it will be Crystalpuncture on Acupuncture, Colourpunture or ‘Ashi’ (pain) points or Infrared Colorpuncture.

This video is a fragment from our Colourpunture Q&A May 2022 where you can find the useful information about getting started in Colorpuncture as well as some much more complex matters. Please follow our Colourpuncture Q&A May 2022 Playlist.

Here is the video transcript:

“We already talked about ‘the Ladder’ and Peter Mandel’s great example with the ladder. So here is a ladder – and there are several levels. And if you start with the step number five, you’re likely to fall – and our position is not likely to be very stable. So we start with the Step n1. And then we go to the number two; and then number three; and then number four and then number five. And sometimes it would be very quick; sometimes it will be very slow. So we start with simple things. We start with ‘gross dis-balance’… we start with addressing gross dis-balance. We start with the main conflict. We start with spectral colours of Colourpuncture, no matter how your patients say: “I want to go to …..like …..other dimensions! I want my soul spirit colours! I want my crystals!”. You start with spectral colours because spectral colours are your first step on the ladder and it will create this foundation on which they can take – and they can totally benefit from – everything else that you have to offer. And we know that because all the media of Colorpuncture, we can offer a lot. With all our other knowledge which we bring to our practice at health practitioners – from other disciplines; other therapies; life knowledge – we can offer a lot. But we need to create this first step. So, the first step: coordination treatments; the spectral colours; meridian based treatments; always spectral colours things like that; Reflex Zone treatments from Reflexology or ‘OGT’ treatments – Iridology-based treatment of Colorpuncture. Always spectral colours, something really really simple which you can do starting from step number one and then going up and then creating this progression.”

And as many of us experienced many times, very often a simple Colourpuncture treatment sequence repeated enough times, gives the best effect for most common complaints. Hope this article will refresh your knowledge as we often forget about keeping things simple and repeating basic steps for maximum effects. And if you are new to Colorpuncture, there is a beautiful, quick and simple form of Colorpuncture training: Short Workshops in Colourpuncture, from Allergies to Mood Swings and Fatigue.

So, the start in Colourpuncture is simple: you choose the one which you – or somebody close to you – you feel you/they need in this moment of time. You invest into Colourpuncture Perlux and attend the workshop you need. Three to four hours of learning, and you are all set to start practicing your Daily Self Care with Colourpuncture – and feeling wonderful being able to improve your health, help your partner with their pain or problem, help your child with exam stress or improve their focus and motivation and so on.

Any questions – reach out using the form below. I’d be happy to support you on your journey 🙂

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