There are several way to invite Colourpuncture into your life. You can experience Colourpuncture in the Clinic, and follow up with some homework. You can get a book on Colourpuncture and try it DIY, or you can take a formal training. In all cases you will need your Colourpuncture Perlux and a desire to learn – the rest will come with practice. With Colourpuncture being purely an experiential gift, we need to experience it more: both receive and give. Learning-wise, I found that we learn from experiencing Colourpuncture more than from learning about Colourpuncture. Sure, you need to know some basic principles; simple rules; the first do’s and don’ts – but at the very beginning, most of all we need practice.

There are many wonderful – and very advanced – Colourpuncture therapies. I personally feel that everybody needs to experience Prenatals (to release a birth trauma and tap into our sense of Self); Mother-Father Balance (to balance our Yin and Yang energies and release any negative imprints from our parental family); ‘Five Elements’ (to strengthen and optimise our bodily functions); Transmitter Relays (to do a thorough cleanse of our automatic patterns acquired during entire period of our formative years, from 0 to 25) and so on. These are one-off gifts you can experience in the hands of a well skilled therapist, as and when you are ready. These are deep and rewarding personal journeys.

However, many times, many therapists of Colourpuncture come to the same conclusion: some simple Colourpuncture treatment sequence repeated enough times, give most effect for most complaints. And this is where a simple form of training comes in: Short Workshops in Colourpuncture. From Allergies to Mood Swings and Fatigue, there is a lot to choose from.

So, the start in Colourpuncture is simple: you choose the one which you – or somebody close to you – you feel you/they need in this moment of time. You invest into Colourpuncture Perlux and attend the workshop you need. Three to four hours of learning, and you are all set to start practicing your Daily Self Care with Colourpuncture – and feeling wonderful being able to improve your health, help your partner with their pain or problem, help your child with exam stress or improve their focus and motivation and so on.

Any questions, reach out, I’d be happy to support you on your journey 🙂


P.S. Mood swings, tiredness and all…many people consider these ‘life problems’ rather than health problems when in fact many times while there is purely psycho-emotional part to it, there is an underlying imbalance of Qi, endocrine system, and so on. On the other side of a spectrum, joint and back pain which we mostly consider ‘health problem’ often have in background general rigidity, fear and so on. So, ‘life problem’ vs ‘health problem’ – the answer is a bit more multicoloured!

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