Do you need a Health Plan or a Medical History if you ever going to use Colourpuncture to treat your anxious husband/your depressed wife, your child with learning difficulties or a dear friend who struggles with relationship problems? 

The answer is short and counterintuitive: YES, you do!

There are many reasons for this and one of them is that you are too close to this person. When we see somebody every day we tend to overlook (important) things, we tend to ignore (important) things just because ‘they always have been this way’ and so we come to dismiss certain things looking at them more as a behavioural traits, personality quirks or family ‘stuff’  – and not as a reflection of an imbalance in the flow of Qi (energy)/physiology functions.  

Treating your partner, a family member or a friend with Colourpuntrue is simple:

  • Step 1: You get/dust off Colourpuncture Perlux + take a Colourpuncture Short Workshop which targets a particular problem you want to resolve (frequent colds; digestive problems, tiredness/mood swings) or you book a 1:1 online consultation with us
  • Step 2: Make a plan which is realistic yet ambitious, detailed yet wholistic, targeting a particle problem yet in a long view; schedule it, start on it, get feedback from your ‘patient’, make adjustments 
  • Step 3: Plan for a continues support, input from us and Colourpuncture community (subscribe for our Newsletter (please see the box on the right hand side of the site, read our Colourpuncture blog, join us for FREE monthly Colourpuncture Q&A and/or free bi-annual 1:1 online Colorpuncture mini consultations, and book a 1:1 follow up online session with us at least 1/year to adjust your Health Plan and improve the progress). 

And… everyone who support their partner/family with Colorpuncture I’m sure relates – Colourpuncture helps you to bond deeper with and get to know better your significant other, your child, a family member or a close friend. Just remember to put your (OK, amateur) therapist hat on when you treat them 🙂 This sometimes means not taking things personally when they share what’s n their mind but putting it into (therapeutic) perspective. 

Many, many times something surprising will come up which you didn’t know to didn’t think about; you may hear an insightfully different side to a familiar story; discover somebody’s deep longing – Colourpuncture offers us abundant gifts.  

Contact us using the form below to get started with Colourpuncture to support an important person in your life. I’d be delighted to help you!


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