If you are serious about your health – and so thinking of a plan to resolve a health problem, do you think of a 1) treatment plan; 2) health plan or 3) life plan?

Before a Health Plan sounds too big and a Life Plan totally irrelevant ‘to fix just this little problem’, here is what you need to consider when we are talking about a successful resolution of a health problem or confidently, adequately, sustainably managing a condition and not just temporarily ‘getting better’.

I was lucky to receive a very good education in several therapies of Natural Medicine – I studied with inspired, knowledgeable and constantly developing their craft teachers, each of them a Master in their field. But what shaped my clinical practice the most and gave me ultimately practical tools and knowledge on creating treatment plans (and then health plans) has been my Clinic work. I have been looking into different options to help my patients: again, each of them unique in their Individuality, aspirations – and health challenges.

If you are interested in creating a Health Plan for yourself – or if you have any questions on what it involves – contact me using a form below, I’d be delighted to hear from you.

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