Where to start when treating Addictions with Colourpuncture? While serious cases call for specific therapies, there are some simple first steps which we can take with basic treatments which can make a big difference and move the addiction situation towards the resolution. 

Addictions vary in severity and flavour and in chronic or stubborn cases present a complex issue so please get in touch for learning options (‘Addictions’ day seminar would be an ultimate choice but depending on the nature of addictions other courses may suit better – such as Conflict Resolution for example). Here are some ideas to get you started and several levels you may consider working. 

  • We start with the balancing of body Qi flow and generally start with Kidneys/Bladder and Fear (book your free mini consultation in November to learn ‘Fear treatment’) 
  • On the level of the elements we can work with a particular element depending on a nature of addiction (Part 5: ‘Five elements’)
  • Prenatal and Birth therapy (Part 6: ‘Conflict Resolution’ or other advanced Conflict Resolution seminars)
  • Colourpuncture equivalent of ‘Family Constellations’ (in ‘Addictions’ seminar)
  • Transmitter Relays based treatments (in ‘Addictions’ seminar)
  • ‘Passive Water’ treatments (in ‘Addictions’ seminar)
  • Sometimes a very simple solution is needed – such as Coordinations treatments (Part 1) or Endocrine (Part 2) for stress management!


Here is the video transcript:

“(Colourpuncture Q&A call) Question about habits: smoking in this case; compulsive behaviour – when the person cannot quite pinpoint what the origin of the problem is, or when you take their medical history and there is nothing obvious. I can give you several tips of where to start; on which levels you might consider working. The first level – again, coming back to physiology and body first because body needs to get stronger – is the level of the body. There are two treatments. One treatment is a very old treatment; it’s called ‘Fear treatment’ on the face. This is something that we don’t teach anymore in our Professional Training – or any other training. If you’re interested in learning this particular treatment – it’s a very short protocol, about seven points, but it’s extremely powerful and I love it really really much and I use it a lot – we are coming into November, in November I am doing 15 minutes FREE consultations in Colourpuncture. So if you’re interested in learning this particular protocol, connect with me and I would be happy to share this protocol because I think everybody needs to know it, it’s fantastic! So we start on the level of Kidneys/Bladder and then it is actually called ‘Fear treatment’ because fear emotion is an emotion connected with Kidneys/Bladder on a level of emotions and obviously any disturbances with urination; with reproduction; with our vitality; our Qi itself; our longevity – it’s all connected to the Kidneys system (TCM). So if you’re interested in this, please connect and we can learn it. And together with ‘Fear treatment’ I would use what is called ‘Spinal Stroke’ (Colourpuncture treatment). And Spinal Stroke is a treatment that everyone knows – this is probably in every (Colorpuncture) book; this is probably in every training that you do. We stroke the spine and we stroke Bladder Meridian around the spine and then we stroke the sacrum and then we stroke both sides of coccyx. I once gave this treatment to somebody and this is how I discovered that this combination works; then I did it for many other people. This is not a classic (Colourpuncture) combination but I was only starting and I had this patient with both addiction – it was actually smoking on a physical level but also on a psychological level this was addiction to some kind of unrealistic expectations and it manifested as a non-available relationship in this particular sense for this person. And I thought: “What can I do?”. Now, with the Spinal Stroke -remembering that “spine is the Soul” axis – one of the indication for the Spinal Stroke treatment is: you give it to somebody who you feel needs ‘to stand on their own two feet more’… and this could manifest on a very different level: child starting school who really needs to stand on their own feet first time without parents; or we can have somebody who for example is highly functioning, very very grown up but there is some level, at some levels there is immaturity; at some level they didn’t move on from some particular childhood age. So it may be that something happened – and not necessarily something happened like terrible psychologically -something happened like childhood disease; some severe flu which created a lot of upheaval for the body. And very often what happens – some part of this person gets almost ‘frozen’ at this stage. And sometimes you can really trace back origins of many diseases or many psychological problems to incidences like that. So I decided to do this combination. Every time there is an addiction, there is also these connotations that we need this external resource to rely on and without this external resource – and this resource could be smoking; it could be eating; it could be relationships; working, indulging into a lot of work as a mean of escape – and so what’s a substance or this activity does, it ‘numbs’ us temporarily so we don’t feel pain. And of course it doesn’t work long term because we end up with bigger problems – because while we are numbing ourselves with this, our problems are getting bigger bigger bigger and it doesn’t help! So I did this treatment and the effect was remarkable: first the psychological issue was gone and then smoking and it was a beautiful story. And I tried this combination for many people and it really worked. It (Colourpuncture ‘Fear treatment’, ‘Spinal Stroke and others) is to support Kidneys/Bladder system in any situation like that -first. And very often this will be enough.”

Here we also touch upon childhood events which affect our development and create lasting influence on us. Psychological traumas such as separation of parents or problems in school are frequent causes. But very often we largely dismiss or underestimate the influence of physical events and traumas on development of a child. Yet, a routine operation such as tonsils or appendix removal or a strong, ignored or mismanaged viral illness may leave not less but often more severe traces – both on our EEA picture and in our health, vitality, repeat patterns and physical or psychological endurance. There are Colourpuncture solutions to these problems too we can discuss it in future. 

Any questions – please get in touch using the form below; I’m happy to help!



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