Have you noticed that the longer the two people in a functional – and intentional! – relationship live together, the older they get, the more they exchange energy, the more they almost morph into each other and into the One. Remember the Energy Signature of a Relationship with a relationship being a separate ‘Being’ fed by both parties?

On our Colourpuncture Q&A in October this topic had an interesting and unusual development which stemmed from one of the questions. 

Relationships which stood the test of time

Last couple of years there were a lot of questions in the Clinic and the Cafe Self about all aspects of Relationships. The questions especially focused on either a crisis or an end stage of relationships as several of our patients were going through ‘Tornado’ life phases which were either triggered by or influenced by existing relationships problems. In some cases these relationships ended in a mutually agreed separation; in some, the whole dynamic was intentionally changed. On our October’s Colourpuncture Q&A one of the question originally was on use of Esogetic Crystals for mental and emotional health – and we ended up talking about relationships…This time it was a different category of relationships – relationships which stood the test of time. 

I happen to know/knew closely several couples in very long relationships. 

There are common denominators of such relationships and one of them is always a communication. Anther one is always a mutual and unconditional care about the other half. Typically, a very long term relationship tend to be peaceful at times; turbulent at times, but always full of rich history; unmistakably intense communication and exchange of views on a wide variety of subjects, from personal to philosophical; many activities taken together; just physical time spent tother; and an intention on practical nurturing of the Relationship. Which basically makes all of them, Intentional Relationships. 


Questions to the Soul…

Back to our Colourpuncture Q&A, the question was: 

  • ‘Which crystals to choose when you need calming down for one person and energising for another’. 

Both the person who asked the question and me initially thought that these were going to be different treatments and so, different crystals. 

Something prompted me to look a bit deeper – and I’m glad I did! 

I asked the person to close their eyes, take a nice deep breath and focus first on a question about their partner. The other party was not present at the Q&A and a choice had to be made; so we operated on a principle of a creative interpretation of our opening idea: ’the longer people live together (in a functional and intentional relationship), the better they feel each other and each other’s needs’. This was certainly true about this particular couple and so I asked: 

  • “What One Thing do you feel your partner needs to calm down – what the crystals would need to ‘do’ for the person in need of calming down – are there any images, words, felt senses, associations?”. The answer was: “Being in peace; peacefulness, including winding down from working so much (work used to be an outlet for channeling of emotional energy); coming to terms with a current conflict in the extended family, and developing an inner peace”. 
  • “And for you: what do YOU need help with around energising”. The answer was: “Curiously…to come from a place of calm and peacefulness to do things I want to do: walking, exploring places”.

What a beautiful and surprising answer – we realised that they both needed to create a place of calm and peace which would help one part of a couple to calm down and another one to get energised! I worked with several couples in the Clinic before – when people aiming for intentional relationships would decide to experience the same advanced therapies to keep on the same wavelength – but I haven’t come across this type of situation – the Yin and Yang indeed – when very different people happen to need the same treatment to sort out seemingly very different things. 

Here is a full answer, from a video transcript. 

The idea is to come to a place of calm and peace – and for one person this will be calming down and helping them to transition from too much work (as as a mean of self-expression; as a mean of making money; but also as a mean of distracting yourself in some way) to a place of being peaceful in the surroundings and within yourself. And for another person it will the same thing will energise them and let them explore and move and learn more and you know just enjoy life. Two things come to mind straight away – just very very simple treatments for in both situations – especially with the situation when person is trying to distract himself with work – there is a fantastic treatment with what is called ‘Element crystals’. There are four faceted crystals for Fire, Earth, Air and Water – which are in the same colours as ‘Soul Spirit colours’, they are Soul Spirit coloured crystals. And the treatment is called ‘Birth Rhythms’. So it is a version of ‘Prenatals’ if you wish but more directed on the birth process itself. And it’s not just for physical birth; obviously, this is to ‘reframe’ a physical birth and to remove trauma related to physical birth – whatever trauma might be – but it’s also about any ‘transition situations’. And there is a fantastic treatment where you can just attach those four crystals; obviously those are topographies for Prenatals so it will be familiar to you as Metamorphic Technique – from Metamorphic Technique. So there are particular points on ‘prenatal lines’ that you can put those crystals when it’s very very very easy. And it’s a different level; so because when you’re doing it with Colourpuncture you’re working on a level of Energy and Information – and you’re moving energy along the meridians and then you’re working on this level with crystals you’re working although you’re still on the meridian network you’re tapping more into informational level of the whole thing. And as I said it’s not only will help to reframe the birth situation but it will also help to to take differently, to approach differently all the situations of transitions. Because if you think of birth, what is birth? This is a transition, this is a transition from Water (element) to Air (element) and arguably this is a very uh stressful transition for a baby. So I think this this one is really something that can help because especially in a situation the person already received quite a lot of Metamorphic Technique and there was a good reaction to Metamorphic but as with any technique, as with any media there come a point when this we hit some invisible ceiling with our treatment. So our treatment helps with something and then there is some new level that we need to go for and in this situation Crystals is actually fantastic as um you know as a media. And another treatment I’m thinking about is called if I’m not mistaken it’s classic it’s really really one of the first treatments you will try with different set of Crystals which are called ‘Polarity crystals’ or Yin and Yang crystals we talked about last time and this is called ‘Centering’. And this is quite simple you put ‘Gold’ crystal on three positions, three major position on the face and the effect is amazing because basically what it does it it really connects this sort of logical mind and emotional mind; Yin and Yang and all. This is just you know it’s one of the classic treatments it’s really really simple and the effects are really really profound. If you want to work more on a level of for example if there is um if there are any um Kidney imbalances Kidney/Bladder imbalances – so for example if the same person has any problem with urination; problems or in case of men you know other sort of problems, then what you can do – you can try Polarity Crystals on ‘Kidney Poles’ or on ‘Adrenals’ positions. You can actually attach them to those positions and this is fantastic.Then again we go with the rule that more sensitive side gets a ‘Silver’ crystal and least sensitive side gets a ‘Gold’ crystal. So these are the most simple treatments I can think of.

  • What’s about you? What thoughts or associations or memories came up for you after reading/watching this little Q&A story?
  • What do you feel YOUR Relationships needs?
  • What do you need you may need help with in your Relationships?


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