If there is the best way to explore 5 Elements of TCM, I feel it has to be the Module 5 of Professional Colourpuncture training! All the theory and main Acupuncture points for 5 Elements – but without needles: easy self care with Colourpuncture at home, often with immediate effects – what’s not to like? The results tend to be quick as the element out of balance is easy to find and treat; so each treatment is targeted and makes a great choice for body complaints. And while I highly value 5 Elements Colourpuncture treatments for physical complaints, I found them absolutely invaluable for working with emotional problems – each element of TCM has an emotion related to it (Ki/Bl: fear; Li/GB: anger; etc) and so every treatment provides a direct entry to immediate emotional regulation. 

Here we start with a direct ‘translation’ of Acupuncture into Colorpuncture with body treatments; then we learn therapy resistance options and so within the 5 elements Colourpuncture Module we also explore the effects of Soul Spirit colours and Grey colours. There is an extensive and fascinating theory of the elements and how they manifest in us and our lives from body, soul and sprit perspective. 

Learning Colourpuncture is a lot about learning – and even more so about experiencing it. With the Five Elements we also have this fascinating aspect of exploring the Elements; and not just in our health but also in our life: discovering our dominant elements; recognising the cycle of our emotions; seeing the connections and ultimately practicing to live with the seasonal energies, including seasons of our life. 

Here we also learn a really effective treatments based on classic vertebrae indications which were updated and again, related to the 5 elements and translated into Colorpuncture with spectral and grey colours by Peter Mandel. The more I work with Colourpuncture the more I find work with vertebras as informational barriers really helpful. Each vertebra has clear indications for physical problems as well as for obscure (and so usually hard to treat) psycho-emotional issues with deep roots; each vertebra forms an information barrier of a kind and so using short and simple Colourpuncture protocols here gives us a direct entry to all the indications for the area. 

Module 5 is totally self content – especially if you are already a therapist of any other modality. If you are an absolute beginner in therapies, then Module 1 – the Introduction to Colourpuncture – will work well with Module 5 and these two together will provide you with plenty of treatments for many aspects of health, from general balancing of energy (Qi), emotions and common body ailments to therapy resistance. In Module 1 we learn all the main diagnostic and ‘balancing’ treatments which are both simple to learn and very effective, as well as foundational Dreamwork. 

A word on balancing or coordination treatments: most of the time they will have just this effect: balancing. You will feel more relaxed, calmer, clearer, and generally more ‘together’. And the other way the balancing treatments work is that they can highlight what it is which is standing in between our everyday Self and our higher Self, our highest potential manifested in Body, Soul and Spirit. This will help us to understand the problem and so work on it. So here we also learn about how we react to Colorpuncture if this is our first training – and how to make Colourpuncture work for you. 

Here is the video transcript:

“Module 5 (Five Elements of Colourpuncture) is interesting: Module 5 is all about Five Elements of Chinese medicine. So we can ‘forget’ about Intro (Module 1); we can forget about three stages of the disease (Modules 2, 3 and 4). And if we just look at the connection with Acupuncture, Colourpuncture connection with Chinese medicine (TCM, traditional Chinese medicine), then we’re looking at the Module 5. And within just this one module you’re learning a lot of treatments: from very very basic treatments like body treatments in spectral colours – directly balancing the energies, direct translation from Acupuncture to Colorpuncture – and then we do much more sophisticated things with the Soul Spirit colours and the Grey colours. And then we do ‘Information Barrier’ (Colourpuncture treatments). So we treat the same dis-eases of Five Elements through ‘therapy resistance’ approach. So it’s really rich; totally self-content; you don’t need to know previous information from Colourpuncture if you want to start here. Of course, you would benefit at some point to going back and obviously learning about disease development but what I’m trying to highlight is that the Module 5 is totally self-content because it is based on Five Elements and Five Elements form this circle: so it’s a full circle of development – it is in a way also a map of disease development just through the Energy (Qi), traditional Chinese approach, something completely different. Coming back to Module 1. Module 1 is the Introduction (to Colorpuncture); Module 1 is where we learn all the diagnostics; and all the really really beautiful ‘balancing’ (‘Coordination’) treatments. However, when we are trying to restore the balance, whatever is not in the balance will actually surface – and then we can see what it is and we can address just this thing. I think I gave this example many many times: when you open the window and there is a big big pile of papers (and clutter) on your table, the wind will just take them all – and just lift what you need. And this is what happens when you do these balancing treatments. We learn Coordination treatments big time in the ‘Introduction’ module and so on. And so this is the obvious beginning; but again if you want to really focus on healing a concrete disease then you might want to look into Modules 2, 3 and 4 to begin with.”

Coming back to concept and benefits of Modular Colourpuncture: if you are a therapist, you can start at many points during training even if you are not familiar with Acupuncture and Reflex Zone networks. If, however, you are a total beginner in therapies, or simply want to learn Colorpuncture for your self care, your best choice is to start with Module 1 as this is where we really hold your hand and help you to take our first steps in practicing and experiencing Colourpuncture and making it a beautiful part of your life. 

Here is a summary of good options with Modular Colourpuncture (especially if you are not a therapist): 


Module 5: ‘Five Elements Colourpuncture’ is on the 9-10th of December – join us to explore the Five Elements in your health, and in your life. Please register using the form below if you are interested.

This video is a fragment from our October 2022 Colourpuncture Q&A – thank you for your great questions! Any questions – please reach out using the form below, I’m happy to help!

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